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  1. - Best NDS Game - The World Ends with you.

    - Bet PC Game - Left4Dead

    - Best PS3 Game - Metal Gear Solid 4

    - Best Xbox 360 Game - Fable 2

    - Best Online Experience - Left4Dead

    - Best Technical Achievement (software) - Gears its looks so good

    - Best Technical Achievement (Hardware) - Ion Drum Kit

    - Best Developer - Valve

    - Best Publisher - Valve (steam)

    - Hall of Shame - Rockstar GTA IV

    - Most Wanted Game Of 2009 - Dawn of war 2 / Resident evil 5

    - Best Overall Game of the Year - Left4Dead

  2. Apparently you just did.


    That's what I hate about this forum. Most people have a case of chronic case of hyperbolia. "It's absolutely bloody horrible - seven out of ten." Why can't people here have a mild dislike of something? Why does it always have to be WIN or EPIC FUCKING FAIL?

    Anyway, the stuff you're complaining about seems like it could be levelled at just about every zombie film ever made. Certainly I can't think of many memorable characters outside of Shaun of the Dead, considering how many there have been. Even Charlie Brooker's survivors in Dead Set were mostly non-descript, especially considering they were Big Brother freaks.

    Anyway, there's a wide pool of characters in The Walking Dead and yes, most of them aren't that great . . . at the beginning. The more you read the more they're developed. One of the main points of the series is that these characters are thrown together by circumstance and don't know one another at all. At the start They're bound to be moving about looking for somewhere safe because they're refugees and, well, that's what refugees do. Have you got to the prison yet? That's where the series comes into its own and all (both) the criticisms you level at the series are ironed out. At the start the series feels a bit safe. This is the writer lying to you, deceiving you so that when the shit hits the fan - and I don't mean zombies show up and everyone has to move on - it really hits the fan.

    The 7/10 is probably a reference to onelifeleft

  3. I discussed this in the ‘Zombie Marathon’ thread, but I feel so strongly about it that I thought I would say something about it here.

    Who in the name of FUCK said that ‘The Walking Dead’ was any good? Jesus H Beale, it’s absolutely bloody awful. I don’t think I’ve ever read or seen or heard or smelled or imagined anything with worse dialogue; it’s not even so-bad-it’s-good like Max Payne or Resident Evil, it’s just unrelentingly banal and clichéd. Virtually every single character speaks in the exact same voice, at great length, about the same things. The dialogue is almost surreally repetitive, given that about half of all conversations appear to be apologies – on almost every page, you’ll get the same thing:

    “Gee, I’m uh, sorry I was such a dick before.”

    “That’s no problem, things are kinda hard at the moment.”

    “We really appreciate you letting us stay here, I don’t know what we” would have done without you.”

    “That’s OK, it’s good to have some people around. It was getting kinda lonely here without more folk.”

    “Pretty dangerous with those things wandering around, too.”

    “I hear you.”

    …only twice as long and twice as verbose and twice as free of actual information and you hear a tapping sound and realise you’re trying to smash your skull against the radiator to end the tedium. Every single page is filled with dialogue that says nothing and uses scores of words to do it. It’s like the writer has never heard real people speak; or rather, he’s never watched or read fiction that has interesting dialogue. Toys with pull-out strings generally have more interesting things to say than the characters in ‘The Walking Dead’. The zombie characters have more quotable dialogue. I’ve had more engaging conversations with unconscious people. I mean, for fuck’s sake – there’s a bit at the start where the main character returns to his house to find a man and his son camped out there, where every line of dialogue may as well say “PLACEHOLDER” for all the character and story that it relays to the reader.

    The plot? Don’t get me fucking started on the plot; a ’28 Days Later’ “homage” (i.e. a rip-off of a rip-off) is our introduction to tedious cop cliché #1, who is our protagonist. He awakes from his coma, having missed the collapse of society i.e. the interesting bit of the story, and sets off to Atlanta to find his wife – the only information he has on here whereabouts is that she may have gone to Atlanta, a city of half a million people. Through pure chance, he bumps into a survivor, who just happens to be holed up in a camp with tedious cop cliché #1’s wife. Well, that was pretty fucking easy.

    Once this exciting storyline has been cleverly tied up, we move into the next episode, where everything appears to be great for a bit, until loads of zombies turn up, someone gets killed, and they move onto the next location. Here, the plot takes a different tack, in that everything seems great for a bit, some zombies turn up, someone gets killed, and they hit the road again. In the exciting climax to the second volume, the writer blows the top off this whole zombie shit, and has a pulse-pounding storyline where they arrive at a new place, everything seems great, then some zombies turn up, kill someone, and fuck everything up.

    Then Simon Pegg turns up with his smug, Cornish face to write an grotesque, ass-kissing coda that just made me want to commit murder.

    Overall, I would give ‘The Walking Dead’ 7/10.


    I just finished reading HC books 1-3 and they are fucking excellent. I think personally they are really well written. The characters do furfil some archetypes, but the development of most characters is well done.

    The whole point of the series is that its MEANT to continue after the films, after day of the dead and to a lesser extend 28 days later, if we ignore 28 weeks. I think its excellent. I think you are misguided.

  4. Yeah I saw it for £19.99 in Game Station on the weekend, this was the Gloucester branch so not sure if it is nationwide.

    Yeah it is, game station are doing a different game half price each week and then one cheap on the website everyday. At the moment its battlefield £20

  5. This game is genius. I am having soooo much fun. Im kinda sad that I have just the last quest to go. First thing I did in the game was get my Blacksmith and Barskills up to 5 stars. Took about an hour, maybe more. But it made me minted. I bought loads of stuff. At the moment I get just under 7k every five minuates so I am buying up everything. I have heard you can buy fair fax castle :ph34r:

    I started off trying to be good. But after marrying lots of whores and trying to move them all into a gypsy caravan park next to each other, being bad proved to be more fun. In the game I am still 90% pure but 100% corrupted. I got some master weapons pretty early on which made the game pretty easy. Also got the Diaus Katana which is fucking awesome.

    I can perfect every round in the crucible apart from the troll, which just seems to take time. I have level 5 for all skill, but its still hard. Got a second place on the shooting range aswell. I think I have found ten of the artifacts and 22 silver keys.

    At the moment im looking for Gargoyles. Which I was initailly hesitent to do, as I missed being in the GTA IV 100% club because of 2, yes 2 fucking pidgeons. But its pretty good and I want the legendary treasure that is in the cave.

    Can not wait for the DLC.

    This game has really ignited the kid in me.

    edit : best crucible time is 777

    2nd edit : just had an idea does slow time stop/slow the clock. The times on the leader board are sub half mine.

    3rd edit : just checked my stats, 12 STDs giggity.

  6. Cheers Duckula!

    Does the character you pick have any bearing on things? They're all a bit shit looking tbh :lol:

    No they are purely cosmetic, with a bit of t&a thrown in to stop it being a complete sausage fest

  7. Has anyone used the sniper rifle? I picked it up once, but realised I'd just be handicapping myself as I'd never have time/space to use it.

    I suppose it could be very useful in the hands of a well-cordinated team defending the sniper from the hordes.

    Head shotting tanks, you can take them down pretty quickly with it. But your right you need the protection of your team.

  8. Played five games on the 360, two where excellent. Was the only brit, but everyone worked together, had a laugh and had some fun. Three games I played no one else had mic's and they just wandered off. Two of them where on expert and we only got past the first safe room. It was really frustrating as people kept just fucking off and not helping anyone.

    Stand out moments;

    "What ever you do don't shoot the car !"

    "What ?"


    Woop Woop Woop


    Entering the last room

    "Don't open the door yet"



    But the best moment was after we cleared the last room, no one wanted it to end so we just stayed popping of the zombie waves. Till one guy shot one of our own team dead. So we piss around for a bit then end up back in the subway, where the dead guy has returned as a survivor. As soon as we open the door, everyone let rips and all four of us are on the floor is some weird disabled Mexican stand off, shooting the fuck out of each other till we all die, laughing all the way.

    Good fucking times.

    Definately a game relient on having decent people to play with. One for the PC I think, as once people get to grips with modding it, it'll be endless fun. Can't wait to play as a Zombie either.

  9. Got my beta key today, so i thought i would start a thread up, see whose in and what you think ?

    Only played for half an hour, so will report back later when i've given everything a proper go.


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