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  1. 18 hours ago, FiveFootNinja said:


    If it's coming from far away I tend to just go full speed and jink left and right, however 9 times out of 10 I just wait until it's close (the red arrows come in either side of your target reticle) and when nearby fire the countermeasures (not sure on the pad button for that as I'm on HOTAS, think it's R3). It's more problematic on multiplayer when you more often get two locks in quick succession and the countermeasure hasn't recharged in which case if I hear the lock going I try and find some scenery to fly around.

    Yeah, this method works, but you only have so many counter measures. Ideally you want to be doing sharp 90 and 180 degree turns, using sceanary if you can. Boost your engines for the evasion and if you're a rebel flip your shields to reverse.

  2. Exactly. If AMD come with a strong message of on par fps, a competitive price and have 100k units ready to ship. Then they might score big here. Nvidia have created a massive demand, but just aren't able to fill it. It all I think depends on how AMD have built their supply line. If it is pushed to the limits because of the consoles they may be a bit fucked, but if they've built in that capacity, then christ the turns may table. 

  3. The game doesn't really sign post it, but when you first load into it, do the character creation, kick off the first mission and then escape to the main menu. In multiplayer there's a practice mode and you can use it to map your controls on the fly. The horses support is shit, especially in comparison to flight sim, but it only took me a few mins to get the core ones set up. 

  4. 5 minutes ago, Lying Cat said:

    Ignoring the class war for a moment (which I will be up for tomorrow, joining whichever side looks to be winning), how do people feel about Ultrawide monitors? I think they look super fantastic and all that, but I'm painfully aware that when I'm playing games, I'm pretty focused on what's directly ahead of me, and I'm not sure whether I'll be taking in details of the "wider" scene.


    Anyone got any experience?


    They look fantastic until they tear. G-sync or high end freesync is a must. 

  5. 8 hours ago, dfq23 said:

    My 5700xt I got october last year does not like Flight Sim 2020 at all and even with custom fan curve and under volt Wattman keeps resetting my system. It has now started with Project Cars 3 as well.

    Email to Amazon France and told to return it for full refund of the 340 quid I paid for it. May stretch to a 3080 now instead of a 3070


    My friend had this issue and replacing his PSU resolved the issue. Buuuut if you can rma it get a 3080.

  6. 56 minutes ago, Doctor Shark said:

    I don't think mine is too bad...it's a grey and black softweave material.



    I wasn't going to get a bright yellow and green cyberpunk one or the bright pink and white D-Va from overwatch one. Some of them are frigging ugly, no doubt. The ones that look like they belong in a rally car, for example.



    I have this as the titan and I have to be honest I wish I'd bought an aeron or other ergonomic chair. They're a step up from what I was on before, but they aren't the most ergonomic options out there. 

  7. 1 hour ago, HarryBizzle said:

    I'm kind of amazed by people's apparent willingness to spend £600+ on a graphics card when you can save a good bit and still get better performance than a 2080Ti. I guess the price of cards over the past few years makes it look totally reasonable.


    I'm very interested to see what the 3060 brings.


    I built my new pc 2 years ago. At the time I had enough to get a 2080ti or a 1080ti and water cool the whole thing. I took the latter option and have been saving a little stash for a new card since. I've easily had 1000's of hours of gaming fun with my mates on my PC in that time, alongside a few hundred hours of vr. So for me the value proposition of a new card, that is effectively double the power of my current one seems great. I got my 1080ti for £400 and it'll go into my gf's pc. I think it was very well played by Nvidia. They leaked the 3090 price which did indicate a continuation of the 2080ti pricing, knowing full well the 3080 is a great value proposition. It may sound dumb but the 3080 has saved me £700 as I was geared up to buy the 3090 regardless.

  8. 1 hour ago, Doctor Shark said:

    Ah ok, thanks. So there's no rush to buy the founders one from Nvidia, just wait for the equivalent third party version to come out. I think I saw someone say EVGA are the best?


    The founders editions and other select cards get the best slices of silicon, so should be the best for overclocking on a reference board. I'm intending to put a new card in my loop so I want a fe.

  9. 16 hours ago, Isaac said:


    No this is pretty typical of new kit, there will be an embargo on benchmarks and reviews until nearer the launch date.


    Notice how in DF's video they could just quote percentage improvement, not specific fps numbers yet.


    Yeah, but for the first game he said the 2080tis avg FPS at the start. I'm also pretty sure those numbers will be on their site. 

  10. I remember seeing this at MS' summer event and being really intrigued by it, so it was a nice surprise to see it released and on the game pass. I played for about 20 mins earlier and it's beautiful. I'm excited to jump in. 

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