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  1. Pharah doesn't work on console I'd have though. She's Quake III the character.
  2. Tbh I've got no bones to pick with sheeran, sure he makes bland limp music, but at least he can write, play and (sort of) sing. He's worked hard and it's payed off. He didn't chase fame, he just made music and ended up a success, which is such a better story than expecting x-factor to lift you out of the gutter. Him having 9 singles in the what ever just goes to show what a diabolical state charted music is in.
  3. I'm guessing none of you played any starcraft 2 multiplayer? To jump up a bracket you have to be consistently beating people in the bracket above that. Their matchmaking and leveling assessment is very good, so I would stop worrying about it and just enjoy playing and encouraging teamwork.
  4. @Simmy Pharah is a good starting character too.
  5. Yes, I was alluding to that, but wasn't explicit. The vary nature of the times you exist in colours your experience, perception and output.
  6. @Radish You have to look past the initial veneer of the presentation and consider the times in which they are produced. When you consider art and literature throughout all ages, the tropes and themes that are contained are reflective of the culture, politics and thinking of the time. Often metaphor and symbolism are used to offer a social and political commentary, which otherwise would have been silenced or punished. To think that games are any different is, in my opinion, incredibly naive. There is definitely thinking behind these choices, as evidenced when Nintendo was challenged on the acceptance of gay relationships in one of their games. https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2014/may/08/nintendo-rejects-gay-relationships-tomodachi-life
  7. @Harrisown Yeah. That's the general idea. So for this month there is no stipulation, not constraints or restrictions, all you have to do is record something using the theme of love. Guitar focused, but if you've got other skills then show them
  8. The theme is love. Make of that what you will. Deadline is the end of the month (28th)
  9. Everyone games on a budget. You might not be aware of the budget, but everyone does ...
  10. I've had this on in the background for most of the day. It's a playlist of all the best of's starting from 1. It's excellent.
  11. Actually for me it would be better to have some constraints that are a bit more specific, either musical theory or technique. I had literally no idea how to make something sound christmasy. Hat's off to the guys who recorded though. I really like double stops, so ...
  12. Do I have to purchase the patch for survival separately in the store?
  13. Ah the best thing for about this thread is seeing your victim happy with their gifts
  14. Holy shit. Thank you Santa! Homefront the revolution - I know, I know, but I worked on this and wanted to know how it ended up. Total war warhammer Shadow warrior The Witcher 3 Thank you whoever you are.
  15. @JPR What time have you scheduled them for? Debating whether to stay up or go to bed
  16. I'm in. I just have to work out how to use cubase.
  17. I've found it the easiest to get kills with ....
  18. Ok, here's a crash course on playing fps games. 1. Don't run straight into battle. 2. Learn the maps. 3. Try to get a feel for how the battle is playing, where is the flow, where are there a lot of deaths happening - then choose to engage or not in those areas. 4. Keep an eye on where your team mates are, if they are alive the enemy is probably not there. 5. Move around the map slowly and stick to the edges. 6. Staying alive is better than dying, it's fine to run away. 7. Find a gun that feels good. At the moment I like the spitfire, it has good range and pulls up, so is easy to control or get headshots - go for the chest and let it kick up to the head.
  19. Thanks for the shout out, a friend came through with the goods. He'd bought it from Amazon last week.
  20. It's gone.
  21. I bought a pro. This is called moneybags.
  22. This is the reason why I bought a ps4. I said when it gets a release date I'll buy a PS3 4 and pre-order it. I have literally no interest in anyone else's opinion or reviews. I just want to sit down and play.
  23. I'd like a code if there's one going
  24. snowbind

    PS4 Pro

    This is my first PS 2,3 or indeed 4, but Battlefield looks good.
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