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  1. I am so happy right now. Thank you very much Santa!
  2. Sadly, it doesn't look like they have arrived yet.
  3. After getting a new gpu I've been playing through this again on my pc. It's fucking excellent.
  4. It doesn't have one. The caddy is just filled with a small piece of the ashes from J Allard's jacket hoodie combo.
  5. I bought a pro after I bought the one. I use it way more than the bone, but I should have just bought a standard one. It wasn't worth the extra £100. Although I do load into battlefield games 30-60 seconds before my mate
  6. At least you were drunk. I was sober when I bought my bone. It's a donkey of a system.
  7. It's not as bad as the Sonos owners clique. Play with mates and it'll be the best thing you've ever played.
  8. Ok, this is why I think that the Fortnite version as a concept is bad and is shameful on Epic for putting to market. Bluehole and Epic are partners. Bluehole licenced the Unreal Engine and worked closely with Epic to make changes to accommodate the game mode. Brendan Greene the head designer of Pubg created the DayZ:Battle Royale mod, himself. He is arguably the genus of this entire genre. Yes it is true that the game isn't original in design, but it is authentic and that is very key. That's where my issue lies. Epic wholesale lifted what they had learnt from Pubg and crowbarred it into their relatively lacklustre game. It's not authentic, it wasn't part of the Fortnite roadmap. It's an opportunistic move to make Fortnite relevant. The worst part is the precedent this sets. Epic is a massive company that have produced average games of late. They do serve the community massively by continuing to produce Engines and support to teams looking to implement them, but from now on it looks like if you come up with an awesome idea and they can get away with it, they'll steal it. And that is fucking bullshit.
  9. At no point have I said neither can't exist. I'm simply telling you why your opinions are wrong.
  10. Ok, shall we not mention that Bluehole worked very closely with Epic to help build Pubg and that the Fortnite addition is basically a rushed out hack job designed to capitalise on the momentum Pubg built, using the insider knowledge they had? I'm not agreeing to that. Fortnite is bad.
  11. It is terrible though. Being able to build completely undermines one of the core mechanics of pubg.
  12. Me and some friends have really got into this in the last few months. Its been great as it pulled a few of my console mates into pc gaming. It also forced me to upgrade my computer. Two g-sync monitors and a 1070 have made me very happy. Since my upgrades I've clocked 56 hours on this in two weeks. The chicken dinner ever elusive, until tonight. Hurrah. Here's a few highlights from #boatsquad and my win
  13. @Oz There's a link on the previous page.
  14. I've liked everything I've heard with Ben so far. He's a good fit with the crew.
  15. Got a revolver, got shot at from inside a house. Walked around the house opening the doors, looped around then went in and headshoted him. Got his ak and made my way into the circle. Ran into another guy hiding in a building, got a good angle and killed him, took his scar. Made my way in and up a hill. I waited in a good position and saw a guy coming up the hill, gatted him. This game is immense. I'm running it in a 4770k and 670 and it's really playable. Textures and draw distance aren't great though.
  16. Just purchased this. Well excited. Will join the discord in the evening
  17. This came around quick...
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