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  1. I've played a few hours of his today and it's been up and down. The first hour I considered getting a refund as it felt paper thin. Then I eased into it and it's beautiful. It is boring as fuck and that's what makes it great. It's the prefect kind of meditative gaming. Just enough metal activity to keep you distracted, but very little stress
  2. The first Halo is an epoch in console fps games.
  3. The next big thing in tv, for console gaming at least, will be the inclusion of freesync.
  4. Yeah, I should have been more specific. Right at the end Phil is thanking the guys and it cuts out. Did anyone catch it live? Geoff does apologise, so I wonder if the whole stream went down. Ah
  5. Did anyone catch what Phil Spencer said when it was live? Or was it all totally lost?
  6. There probably is to be honest. I imagine you could create a hierarchy of privileges. Which I would assume would be situational, rather than absolute.
  7. Okay. Thank you for your post. edit: upon reflection you are probably right, perhaps. But you're hating a player, in their home stadium, whilst frothing at the mouth. What were you trying to achieve or at least what is the end game? If we establish that Dan is only where he is because of white privilege, what do we do now?
  8. I disagree. I think dan just grafted and hustled. He worked a full time review job whilst at college, whilst also hustling his peers. He cleared all of his college debt before he left. He grew up poor and took risks. There are probably 1000 people that did the same, that it didn't pay off for, but it did for him. I think it's really dangerous to write all of it off as white privilege.
  9. What if each death resulted in a PT escape room. Bam. Kojima.
  10. The walking dead game looks like it could be a new l4d.
  11. Tell me about your price ranges. ...Expensive.
  12. Is their claim not based on code? Edit: Actually details of the lawsuit haven't been made public yet. So I'll state my case. If it is anything other than tech/code related then I don't care.
  13. As I have always said. It creates a dangerous precedent. Please use the Unreal engine, but if it's good we'll steal your idea and beat you to market. It is my understanding they wrote and worked on very specific netcode are the request of Bluehole to support the genre.
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