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  1. You are spot on with the MGV comparison. I made this point last night with some friends, but as they've not played it, it fell on deaf ears. Rockstar games have always had terrible controls. I feel there is perhaps some inertia between the internal teams and fresh user testing. It was something I experienced when testing, rote repetition can really blindside you. The core controls have not changed since gta3, with each iteration adding more complexity. The whole system needs a redesign.
  2. Oh and if you hadn't realised you can just hold the menu button to make the map display. It's way easier than going through the menus.
  3. I don't think the intention for no HUD is that you play the game as if you had a HUD. It's more to play the game as if you were a cowboy. Riding off to find adventure, navigating via the land and setting up camp before your press on to an area you saw just past the ridge that looks cool. No HUD is purely about exploration and discovery, rather than being led.
  4. I have been musing on that very thought this afternoon and I think I agree. The gameplay is no different to GTA 3. It just looks fancier and the world is richer. That world though...
  5. One year I asked for CS:Source on my Xbox, when I didn't have live. That was a disappointing Christmas morning.
  6. Nah. I think it's here to stay for a good while. It's made Epic so much money they've reduced their cut on the Unreal store for content creators by 8% and back paid it for the last 4 years.
  7. Actually, as someone who hated the very idea of it, I've quite enjoyed it.
  8. It's funny, when Drew announced he was leaving and what he was leaving to do, I got the impression that Jeff didn't think it was that great of an idea.
  9. Can someone post that hulk critic post that was talking about this very thing and about 50 pages back?
  10. Could someone link to that Hulk Film Critic post that was a while back? I had put it in a tab to read later, but I appear to have lost it.
  11. Pubg with your mates and a few beers is the zenith of gaming experiences imho.
  12. @PopeSmokesDope Yeah, I've been enjoying it. It seemed pretty bad on Friday evening, but that's to be expected I think. It's been absolutely solid over the weekend though.
  13. So I heard this game had tits in it?
  14. Ikr! Fuck these dweebs, this looks great!
  15. snowbind

    Pearl Jam

    That's a shame. I saw Vedder last year in Cork and he was incredible.
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