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  1. They pushed an update the other night which was intended to fix some of the day one network issues, so it's very likely this was the first time you could connect for any duration of time. 

  2. 43 minutes ago, Boothjan said:

    A few more ranked matches earlier - I really do think that if the campaign impresses as much as I hope it will, and with some tweaking to some aspects of the multiplayer, this could be a solid contender for my GOTY.


    It just feels brilliant - I know it's still basically a beta but so much of it already feels right. 


    I am with you here. After all the delays I gave up on any hope the campaign would be any good, but fuck me is the mp spot on. It's rekindled some hope that 343 aren't absolute trash merchants. 

  3. I thought the premium upgrade seemed reasonable. Two dlc packs, a load of cars, extra wheelspins and I got to play it early. I got my game pass through the Xbox live months conversion thing, so I might have felt differently if I was paying monthly. 

  4. 23 minutes ago, HarryBizzle said:

    Keep getting a few odd bugs. One where all the NPC cars disappear and the world is suddenly empty, and one where the car just suddenly comes to an abrupt stop without braking, even while you’re flooring it. 

    Anyone else?


    These are all network related. I assume they're working through the bugs. It's been way worse today that yesterday.


    I've clocked 16 hours on this so far and am itching to go play more.

  5. 45 minutes ago, PK said:


    I found this thread quite interesting regarding the first film being a trans allegory: 



    Avoid reading the replies, obviously.




    Oh shit, you've settled a long standing argument between me and a friend. I have always argued that, given the Wachowski's transitioning, there was no way there aren't heavy gender identity themes within the Matrix. Even if they weren't deliberate or apparent to the writers at the time. The world is a manifestation of their thought, so of course those themes will form part of that construct. My friend has always argue this isn't the case. 

  6. 11 hours ago, Smoothy said:

    Yeah, the Matrix rebooted at the end of Revolutions, didn't it?


    Yes it did. And there is always a Neo. I always got the vibe that Neo and Trin's love was the anomaly in the iteration we watched, rather than it specifically being Neo alone. And the trailer seems to suggest that's the carry forward. The trailer has a very Sense8 feeling to it, which is no bad thing.

  7. 1 hour ago, davejm said:


    It's great to have both, as they're fundamentally different games. 


    The wealth of mods on offer for AC means it's the ultimate sandbox driving/racing game.   I often just pick a car and track combo and go for a drive, and some of the free roam tracks are brilliant for that.  And we've had some really fun races with some cool car and track combos.


    ACC is more tightly focussed (being the official SRO game for GT World Challenge) and is amazing.  But if you pick up AC too you'll be covered with all sorts of fun options.


    Fantastic, this is actually what I needed to hear. I do want to race, but the sandbox appeals loads. 

    49 minutes ago, Valver said:


    Are you on PC?  On PC, the original AC is pretty much the gold standard sim, due top its frankly ludicrously good mod scene.  e.g.  https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/categories/assetto-corsa.1/


    So much choice in cars and tracks. 


    It can be a bit of a steep learning curve to get everything up and running - but Content Manager helps with that a lot, and comes highly recommended:





    Yeah PC my dude. 


    Does AC have VR support? 

  8. So I have a wheel arriving on Tuesday and bought acc, should I also pick up the og AC? It was only a tenne for the ultimate edition. Will it give me more racing options?

  9. From my perspective it means I don't have to ever buy another xbox console, nor buy another first party game. I can play them all on my PC with the three years of game pass I bought for £90. I've also been able to play a load of games that I took a passing interest in, but I'd never actually pay to play. It's basically netflix for games.

  10. We did the fourth boss this evening. It was fun. And today I finally got my first house in a workable state. It's taken me so long to finish it as every task ends up with me getting distracted by something else. 


    For example today I wanted to take the portal to the mountain, to get some obsidian, to make arrows, to fight the aforementioned boss. I head to the mountain and get attacked, but I can't fight back as I've got not even got any basic arrows. So I pop home and am need of a bit of wood. I head out into the forrest and to cut a long story short, three hours later I've built a pig farm and have trapped several boar. 


    Still genuinely loving every moment of this. 

  11. We took out our third boss last night.


    Me and a friend filled long boat with iron. We sailed it back to his house, I out my half on a cart and I headed home. Well, the cart was having none of it and I took a wrong turn down the side of a steep cliff in the dark Forrest. 

    So I set up camp, stashed it, went home, got the stuff for my own ship and wedged the cart on the ship and set off. The sail home was a nightmare. The ship was at a 45degree a hole, the sail caused the cart to vibrate and I was fearful of everything. 


    I managed to get near to my base, only to be killed by a troll as I got off the ship. A few corpse runs and expletives later and I killed the troll and floated the cart home down the edge of a river.


    The whole thing probably took 5 hours. 


    Still. 260ish iron to smelt.

  12. On 30/11/2020 at 10:08, rafaqat said:


    And it's that sort of stuff I liked Abby bringing to the group

    Late to the party but it's worth pointing out Vinnie backed dream daddies and abby in that debate as well. He really went to bat for it. I definitely found Abby annoying at times, but I really miss her interactions with him as I feel like she brought out a really interesting side of Vinnie that can get lost a little in the banter.

  13. @idiwa god damn, that is a good looking build. 


    So you're right extensions are just straight cables that run from the end of the manufacturers cable to the component. They are a nightmare to hide in the back. The only other alternative are custom cables specific for your psu. The reason being the pin out from the psu, doesn't map 1:1 to where you plug it into a component. There's usually some cross over and in the case of the 24 pin, capacitors, splits and other fun stuff. 


    If you want to get a tighter bend on your existing cable, let it sit on a warm radiator for a while, until it loosens up. Then form it and hold it whilst it cools. 

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