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  1. Nice! To win takes both aggression and tactics we have found. Pushing up and taking fights has seen our survival stats drastically increase. Not only because we're getting better at the winning part, but because we're clearing space for ourselves. This happened last night and it reduced me and my friend to tears. I wish I had the audio.
  2. I've been putting in the work with the squad since Vikendi launched and it's nice to see it paying off. Games have gone from 1-2 kills occasionally, to regularly hitting the 3-4 and then 5-6 range. Last night we won with me finishing on 8, which is my highest ever in squads. Happy days. Gotta keep pushing for the elusive double digits though.
  3. snowbind

    Gaming meet ups

    Nice! Where do you host, alt?
  4. This totally isn't clickbait. https://www.t3.com/news/ps5-and-xbox-two-just-got-called-out-by-a-powerful-new-next-gen-console But is there the potential for a new contender to the console market? Given the disruptive nature of Chinese companies taking on the big boys in the phone arena and the homogeneity consoles are arriving at with architecture, would it really take much more than cash and third party Dev kickbacks to play with the big boys?
  5. Valve's dead lads. Valve's dead.
  6. snowbind

    A new console contender appears...

    Yeah, that's basically the issue isn't it? Not hardware, just marketing. Microsoft spent an awful lot getting the Xbox brand recognised and you could argue they had a unique timing opportunity with the death of sega consoles to get them into living rooms. Valve have tried and it went terribly with both the steam links and their branded hardware, although their marketing push was none existent really.
  7. snowbind

    Black Mirror - Bandersnatch

    Just learnt the Bandersnatch author was Jeff Minter. Amaze.
  8. snowbind

    Mysterious Ubisoft Video

    Division 2 marketing?
  9. snowbind

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    This is great. I've spent a few nights at a mates playing with 4-8 of us. None of us are smash pros so we've just been picking randoms. I finished 12 ko's ahead today
  10. snowbind

    Measuring and defining "value for money"

    Time is a quantitative measurement, but value is qualitative.
  11. snowbind

    Black Mirror - Bandersnatch

    Which guy was Brucie then?
  12. snowbind

    Sh****st game you ever got bought

    At my own request cs source for the original Xbox, when I didn't have a Xbox live sub.
  13. snowbind

    Giant Bomb Fan Club

    GoW is game of the year though. By game of the year I mean, single player AAA game. I've played it over Xmas and it's actually reminded how good single player can be every now and again. Rdr isn't a patch on it in terms of gameplay. Actual game of the year is pubg though.
  14. snowbind

    Spending a year developing a game that sucks

    To echo @MarkN I've worked on a few games that were absolutely fucked by the publisher. Most notably I think was Haze. Ubi (I think) chose the weakest platform iteration purely because they wanted to market the game as a ps3 exclusive halo killer. It wasn't and they locked in the delivery date before talking to any developers, to hit the market before halo 3. None of the Devs we're happy with the game. There was also an outsourced writer who took creative lead who was awful, but featured in a lot of interviews. The game was almost universally panned. Frustratingly it had a pretty decent multiplayer.
  15. snowbind

    Steam Secret Santa 2018

    Ha, my bad. I got abzu - which I really wanted, it looks.like a very chill, trippy, underwater puzzle platformer/ exploration game. Hollow knight, which I have no idea what it is, but I have heard podcasters speaking very highly of it. Xcom 2, which was on my list and I'll be very happy to play. Thanks sants!
  16. snowbind

    Steam Secret Santa 2018

    They should be in your email account steam is attached too.
  17. snowbind

    Steam Secret Santa 2018

    Thank you very much santa.
  18. We got our first win on the new map this evening
  19. snowbind

    Better Graphics Spoil the Gameplay?

    Yes. No. Maybe. It depends.
  20. snowbind

    Steam Secret Santa 2018

    Excellent, I came in here to post the above. Yes, please make them public or bad rats it is.
  21. Stats are amazing. I was browsing mine the other day and found this one. I can't remember when or where I did it though....
  22. @Rob Rule Those were very enjoyable games. Same time next year? @Nathan Wind your story has travelled far and wide One more sleep lads.
  23. snowbind


    @VN1X can I has dawn of war code please?
  24. Yeah, that's exactly what it is. This is a move to slow down big companies from seperate good from the platform.

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