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  1. snowbind

    Dead Or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation

    Ikr! Fuck these dweebs, this looks great!
  2. snowbind

    Overwatch - anniversary event now live

    This is awesome.
  3. snowbind

    Pearl Jam

    That's a shame. I saw Vedder last year in Cork and he was incredible.
  4. snowbind

    B@sea was right then lol mobile gaming

    I buy my phones outright also.
  5. snowbind

    Death Stranding - Kojima at it again

    MGS 3 ain't all that.
  6. I've played a few hours of his today and it's been up and down. The first hour I considered getting a refund as it felt paper thin. Then I eased into it and it's beautiful. It is boring as fuck and that's what makes it great. It's the prefect kind of meditative gaming. Just enough metal activity to keep you distracted, but very little stress
  7. snowbind

    Halo Infinite

    I'll take that.
  8. snowbind

    Halo Infinite

    The first Halo is an epoch in console fps games.
  9. snowbind

    PlayStation 5

    The next big thing in tv, for console gaming at least, will be the inclusion of freesync.
  10. snowbind

    Giant Bomb Fan Club

    The first few mins
  11. snowbind

    Giant Bomb Fan Club

    Yeah, I should have been more specific. Right at the end Phil is thanking the guys and it cuts out. Did anyone catch it live? Geoff does apologise, so I wonder if the whole stream went down. Ah
  12. snowbind

    Giant Bomb Fan Club

    Did anyone catch what Phil Spencer said when it was live? Or was it all totally lost?
  13. snowbind

    Giant Bomb Fan Club

    There probably is to be honest. I imagine you could create a hierarchy of privileges. Which I would assume would be situational, rather than absolute.
  14. snowbind

    Giant Bomb Fan Club


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