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  1. Hmm, that is odd. I have 144hz monitors and g-sync enabled. Which thinking about I should probably turn off.
  2. 9900k and 1080ti. Everything is set on enhanced. Yeah, but not a lot, I've got about 20 hours spread out over various saves. I started a new game in VR though.
  3. I finally fired this up in VR today. Good lord it is beautiful. Runs like a dream for me too
  4. Peak cs is now.
  5. CS:go is f2p now.
  6. I just use the wrist, but I do notice that sometimes the tiny movements aren't great. I've been playing around this afternoon with some lower settings and it feels good. Gonna keep working my way down and practicing.
  7. I was playing some wing man cs with a friend the other day and he happened to ask what dpi I play at. It's not something I know numerically, I just set it to what feels right and play, so upon checking I play at 1500 with a 2.5x multiplier in cs. My friend was astonished. Most of the group I play with play at around 400 with a .8 multiplier. So it got me thinking why. Which I can only assume is down to my classic Microsoft mouse and gaming on a tiny table. Regardless I can still hit flick headshots and 180 with ease. Am I alone in this high sensitivity or is it just an age thing? Or am I doing it very very wrong and I should practice with a lower sensitivity?
  8. I no longer feel bad about knocking you to get a crate now.
  9. How many usb ports does the s need?
  10. Gotta get some use out of that rice cooker Benny?
  11. Yeah. I've been experimenting using my phone to emulate a headset and Asgard is the one's that got me hover over the Rift S button.
  12. Asgard's wrath looks good.
  13. Got it, link went to a 48 second trailer.
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