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  1. PUBG Mobile

    It plays impressively well. First run. edit: oh
  2. Giant Bomb Fan Club

    Abby has really grown on me. I think the change in dynamic for the east crew is good. I especially like her and Vinnie's interactions. The sims series she's making is really good. Also, yes, Backalar is fantastic.
  3. Giant Bomb Fan Club

    @yix the same thing happened to me, so I emailed them. Rory actually replied and refunded me the difference.
  4. @Dave White Sorry for the other night. I took a break and when I returned my usual squad had assembled in discord.
  5. Steam Secret Santa 2017

    I am so happy right now. Thank you very much Santa!
  6. Steam Secret Santa 2017

    Sadly, it doesn't look like they have arrived yet.
  7. V 1.0 releases tonight. Happy days!
  8. Steam Secret Santa 2017

    Oh shit. I'm in!
  9. Star Wars Battlefront 2

  10. DOOM - Rip and Tear... Anywhere

    After getting a new gpu I've been playing through this again on my pc. It's fucking excellent.
  11. I bought an Xbox one s while drunk, should I keep it?

    It doesn't have one. The caddy is just filled with a small piece of the ashes from J Allard's jacket hoodie combo.
  12. I bought an Xbox one s while drunk, should I keep it?

    I bought a pro after I bought the one. I use it way more than the bone, but I should have just bought a standard one. It wasn't worth the extra £100. Although I do load into battlefield games 30-60 seconds before my mate
  13. I bought an Xbox one s while drunk, should I keep it?

    At least you were drunk. I was sober when I bought my bone. It's a donkey of a system.
  14. I know, I even start my first sentence establishing that.
  15. It's not as bad as the Sonos owners clique. Play with mates and it'll be the best thing you've ever played.

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