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  1. Mau

    Destiny 2 PC players

    yes i'll be on that's half a pizza for later on then!
  2. Mau

    Destiny 2 PC players

    Been summoned to dinner by mil so wont be home till later, gonna have to sit this out sorry, will see where u are up to when i get back
  3. Mau

    Destiny 2 PC players

    Sorry just had a last min change and could be arriving home anytime between 9 and 10. I can join once i get back but probably better to bench. Anyone else free to raid?
  4. Mau

    Destiny 2 PC players

    nice one, always look forward to these write ups Looking forward to do more raids, i'm sure we can shave an hr or 2 off the next run! Happy to be sub if others need to do it
  5. Hi, requested to join clan, bnet Zerakles#2802 cheers
  6. Mau

    Destiny 2 PC players

    Sorry something came up for Sunday, so Tuesday better for me, or i could join the subs
  7. Mau

    Destiny 2 PC players

    Came across this map of the pleasure gardens, might be useful to for dealing with those pesky dogs. Although we were starting starting to get used to our naming conventions - og, mid right, the rock, dog 1,dog 2! https://m.imgur.com/oCEK6EK
  8. Mau

    Destiny 2 PC players

    Nice write up @Jonzo, wish we had recorded the session now!
  9. Mau

    Destiny 2 PC players

    Done! Battlenet: Zerakles#2802 Discord: dcfodder
  10. Mau

    Destiny 2 PC players

    Id love to give the raid a go, if you're ok putting up with a noob! Never done it before, but been watching some YouTube vids to clue up on it. Im about 282 now on titan and warlock Battlenet: Zerakles#2802
  11. Vowed not to play another MMO having spent too much time on FFXI a few years ago.....but i cant resist! So, standard or collectors edition?
  12. Mau

    Nintendo 3DS

    Managed to bag myself a new vita + soul sacrifice (Game deal) and a new 3DS XL (tesco deal) + luigis Mansion 2 (excellent so far) this week using all my tesco/nectar points and unused vouchers, well chuffed! quesion about the nintendo so many games and monster hunter offer. I have LM2, and i plan to buy Fire Emblem. If i also get hold of a monster hunter recommendation code (im open to donations! ), does that mean i qualify for a 4th game from the eligible list + another MH recommedation code? If that works that would be ace! Also do people mostly play MH using the circle pad pro or does it play ok without? I decided to test the streetpass function today and walked around covent garden for an hr or so and got nothing but a few gold coins. Do i have to be in the mii plaza app before i go into sleep mode for streetpass to work? cheers
  13. Anyone doing a SSFIV AE four pack i can gatecrash in on?
  14. Hi, i just came back from HK and had a dish literally called "Golden bucket money chicken", not sure how they came up with that but it was delish! So i tried to make it tonight! Didnt really take any measurements: 1. I used 4 chicken thighs although you can use what ever cut you like, preferably with bone for more flavour. Marinate with light soy sauce, salt, pepper, sugar and Shaoshing (sp?) wine. Normal cooking white wine will be ok. 2. In a baking container (i used a pyrex dish i use for crumbles) spread some sliced raw onions, sliced spring onions, strips of celery and slices of ginger on the base. Dont hold back on the ginger, it gives it a great taste, i think i had about 15-20 slices of it in there. 3. Heat a pan and seal off the chicken thighs until brown and crisp. Add a sliced shallot and a couple cloves of crush garlic towards the end to get some flavours going. I also added some oyster sauce then for added flavour. 4. Transfer the chicken thighs and the rest of the juicy bits from the pan onto the raw veg in the baking dish. cover with tin foil and bake for about 45 mins at 200 degrees. Serve with steamed rice. And thats it! Literally 10-15 mins preparation. The onions and celery still had some bite in them and the chicken was nice and juicy. Wish i tool a pic of it now before i ate it. hope you enjoy!
  15. Updated to 2.36 but still same problem May need to send to sony...
  16. Nope i am just tapping it. Tried starting the PS3 via pad too and same problem. Its like the PS3 doesnt shut down or boot up properly and requires a hard reset to put things straight again.
  17. Hi, New PS3 owner here and looking for help in getting my PS3 working properly. I have it connected via HDMI to my toshiba wlt66 tv and i have set it to PS3 video settings to 720p and it works fine. However when i switch the system off (standby), the next time i switch it on, i dont get any video signal (blank screen) and the 4 lights repeatedly flash on the controller. The only way to rectify the problem is to switch off and on the PS3 power using the on/off switch on the back, only then do i get a picture and the controller syncs properly. Other than this the PS3 is great and am enjoying my way thru GTA4 Thanks
  18. I have ordered this without knowing fully what it can do but i hope it will help me improve my japanese which is currently restricted to hiragana. A couple questions: 1. If i enter the english word, will it translate it to hiragana and play pronouciation for it? 2. Can you input Hiragana writing? Thanks D
  19. Mau

    Lan Gaming 360s

    Does anyone know if the 360 will support linking with other 360s for multiplayer gaming ? i.e. on PGR say, being able to hook up 2 360s so you can use 2 individual monitors instead of the usual split screen. Will a link cable be made available , or better still, will this work over a LAN ?
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