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  1. Thumbcandy

    Video Game Baftas

    This is bollocks, I'm sure. I can imagine the scene now, when Molyneux meets Ross and Brooker: Moly: I'd really, really like you to do one of the voices in the next version of Fable. In fact, I'd like to create a character based on you, just like Groening does in the Simpsons. Brooker/Ross: That sounds great, Peter. Count me in. Chances are, like most other such conversations that occur in the heat of the moment, it will never happen. And to be honest, even if it did 'slip out', so what - is it such big news that after Fables 1 and 2, there may be a third in the pipeline?
  2. Thumbcandy

    Video Game Baftas

    They didn't - the 360 one was judged, and showed in the ceremony on the night. The Beeb, in their wisdom, decided to use this footage.
  3. Thumbcandy

    Cheese on Toast

    Dunno, maybe I just had some rubbish ones
  4. Thumbcandy

    Cheese on Toast

    WTF is so special about truffles anyway? I had some once, and it was just kinda chewy and fairly tasteless. Is it just the cuisinary equivalent of that gem iPhone app that cost 1000 dollars - only desirable to certain people because it costs so much?
  5. Thumbcandy

    Obscure song identification time...

    "7 seconds" by Youssou N'dour and Neneh Cherry? No, that's not it either. 99 Red Balloons?
  6. Thumbcandy

    Obscure song identification time...

    I imagine it was ironic, given they're also non-english and they repeat numbers in the 70s rather than 20s Good though, sound like early Mercury Rev.
  7. Thumbcandy

    Lego Batman

    I played it for a little while the other day, and I found it refreshingly less shit than Indiana Jones. The main reasons I didn't like LIJ were: - Few recognisable characters (compared with LSW) so not as much scope for comedy. And not as much comedy. - FAR too many unforgiving areas of landscape that can easily be fallen into by accident, losing chunks of money in the process. LBM has far more of the former, and although there are still areas to fall into and die, they are much more clearly delineated. It's also pretty fun, in my limited experience, but not as laugh-out-loud-funny as LSW was.
  8. Thumbcandy

    Obscure song identification time...

    Pet Shop Boys, Two Divided By Zero? Edit: with a bit of Googling, I found "Heart Attack at 23" by then little-known Tori Amos' band Y Kant Tori Read. ?
  9. Thumbcandy

    Xbox Live unavailable 29/30 Sept

    Eh? Are you talking about conceptually, or did your 360 actually do something different when you switched it on? Mine's just logged in, no fanfares, messages or anything - just business as usual.
  10. Thumbcandy

    Xbox Live unavailable 29/30 Sept

    Won't let me log in yet to find out
  11. Thumbcandy

    Digital Distribution roundup!

    £31.95 through Sky Again UK-centric though
  12. Thumbcandy

    Fable 2

    Not this. Not by any means. Auto-update is a godsend for players, and both positive and negative for developers. With previous generations of console, and PC before the internet, pressure to release a game on time would mean co-op either over live or would have been omitted and would never have made it. I've been there, and there's little more crushing than working for years on a game with some fantastically awesome feature that isn't "core", only to find that you've run out of time and/or money and you're faced with a decision to ship without the feature or risk going bust or having your publisher's marketing commitments slashed. Auto-update means players get extra features that previously they wouldn't have, simple as that. They get bug fixes that would have gone unfixed, they get those promised features once they've been made stable, and best of all they get publisher and developer commitment to support the games you pay good money for after release.
  13. Thumbcandy

    Little Big Planet

    Worked fine for me, PSN looks a bit flaky at the moment though. Finally got LBP installed and running this morning. Spent a very happy 30 minutes with my three-year-old boy going through the first levels, making a couple of sackboys, sticking stuff around, making faces, generally doodling. The interface is impressive, and well explained - my son listened to Fry talking and picked up what he was saying to the extent he was messing around with the poppit within seconds. He and I laughed out loud a few times. Good start, looking forward to making some levels later - on my own
  14. Thumbcandy

    Might be getting a cab!

    Good story. This bit reminds me of buying my Defender cab, which was in a bit of a state when I got it. Three of us lugged it from its home to ours, got it through the door and up the stairs, with a few near-accidents along the way because it was so goddamn heavy. We sited it in one of the bedrooms up there, and then I proceeded to drill the lock to have a look inside. And I found some PCBs and... about a dozen house bricks
  15. Thumbcandy

    Might be getting a cab!

    If it's a half-decent cab and the monitor's in reasonable shape, that's a good price.

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