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  1. it probably is a bit bad for gaming that the Wii is dominating, its not a step forward is it? if Sony & MS copied them, released loads of party/recipe/quiz games and a handful of decent games with 2003 standard graphics it would be horrendous
  2. it takes 1 minute 38 seconds to load on my PS3 version
  3. hes not joking, hes just lying
  4. er, when you say on the way out, what do you mean? stop making them? because i doubt in Japan they give a shit whats going on in England
  5. Ive never played Goldeye Singleplayer, played multiplayer at my mates a few times thats it never played any Madden NFL Game never played any Ninja Gaiden Game never played any Silent Hill Game never played any Starfox Game never played any Pikmin Game never got past Los Santos on GTA San Andreas
  6. M60 with red dot sight - CoD 4 Sniper Rifle - Resistance Needle Gun - Halo Broken Butterfly - RE4
  7. i love normal difficulty games like GTA4, Uncharted & Mario Galaxy some games are too hard like Ninja Gaiden and GTA Vice City and some are too easy like Lego Star Wars
  8. and you would know?rllmukforum doesnt really represent normal social people, i think most of the PS3 community are very happy with the games out
  9. but thats just you, ive got a backlog of PS3 games to play you want to scrap the PS3 because you yourself don't think their are enough good games 1 1/2 years after its released
  10. No because England is nothing, not selling as much as they thought in England means nothing, The PS3 will be miles ahead of the 360 in 2 years time anyway
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