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  1. Not sure about Calvert Lewin gets lots of headers/tap ins, not much finesse, at least hes not Eddie Nketiah though!
  2. I remember Minamino missing a good chance so that’s at least 8 shots..
  3. Hope we get 7, when I started watching that kit reminded me of the Villa debacle
  4. RIP Gerard, his cup treble is probably a bit underrated in football history really, it’s hard to win 1 cup! and qualified for Champions League aswell Edit: That UEFA cup was bloody hard thing to win back then
  5. JamesTW


    I’ve only had last 5 minutes on but are your fans real?!seriously just look cardboard not moving/singing/nothing
  6. I’ve noticed you’ve played all the ‘Big 6’ at home already except us (LFC) that is unusual and might explain why you’re not very good at home but great away appalling game and couldn’t decide if I wanted you to win or not
  7. dont worry about going down, just remember Sheffield Utd, West Brom, Arsenal & Fulham are in the Premier League
  8. I play Mario Kart online sometimes and you come across guys/girls with thousands and thousands of points and they win every single race but I’m not that sure what they get out of it..? I’m pretty sure i have more fun than them finishing 4th-9th, Mario Kart is more fun in the mid positions getting people with all the items than way out in front, that must be like playing single player
  9. Sorry but Tottenham are dogshit to watch play, no need to play like this at home against rubbish like Arsenal
  10. Love the multiplayer 80s lobby music, so cheesy
  11. Western probably(just prefer Battlefield V to Mario Kart 8) but would be maybe fairer to ask American, Canadian, European or Japanese, Western is a bit stacked
  12. Sheffield United have 1 point from 10 games, 5 points worse than Derby in 2007/08
  13. More an unfortunate thing, out with Covid and then that bellend trying to end his career in the derby
  14. I did ‘alright’ with the Stoner LMG but mostly played cautious so was already ADS when enemies came to me, but yeah playing aggressively I got zapped, dead before you can aim!
  15. They add more guns right? theres only 3 LMGs....I play Heavy Support in BFV and they have about 12!
  16. City getting beat 2-0 by Tottenham, is this good or bad...? City dropping any points has been good for about 3 years but you wouldn't know this season, not that confident for our game tommorow for obvious reasons
  17. If the keeper dives the other way Lookman would be getting praised for having the balls to do that in the 98th minute...has to be second only to Henry/Pires for ending up looking like a twat, but again that would of looked good if it worked
  18. Vice City release is further back in time now than the 1986 setting at the time, weird that as 1986 felt ancient history then but 2002 doesn’t really now
  19. I bought F1 2020 Schumacher deluxe edition for PS4 and literally havent even played it yet, when was that out, August? Fucking Battlefield V
  20. didn’t he post a rant video at 3am in the morning or something? calm down a bit!! It’s football
  21. Sounds like a nuisance to me
  22. Thats 2 players for us now, both of them new players
  23. Exactly I didn’t mind them getting top 4 last season, you want them to be shit but not too shit, I worry eventually they’ll get someone in who knows what they're actually supposed to be doing, they’ve appointed 2 terrible managers and 2 has beens since Ferguson left
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