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  1. Italy, France, Russia & Wales have best anthems, Scotlands is good aswell, Englands is fucking terrible
  2. Has anyone played 6v6 on Amsterdam? Ridiculous you may aswell not even move! just stand and shoot, it was good fun I’ve never played the Cold War campaign, who are these weirdo operators with masks who keep showing up every season? I’m guessing they’re from the campaign…
  3. I think Bruno Fernandes needs to go back playing against Fulham & Crystal Palace by the looks of things
  4. I’m glad today they seem to have gone back to proper traditional kits colours and not that all light v all dark rubbish
  5. England / Southgate are probably just going for the manipulating the group positions trick they did last time to get further in the tournament, avoid anyone decent for as long as possible tactic
  6. Before the game Shearer tipped Turkey to do well... I bet this is the first time hes seen them play
  7. He sounds like Shampoo or Aftershave , I wondered who he was, didn’t realise he was the Lille manager who just won the league and then resigned
  8. Ive got through the snowy bit twice but quit at that first town twice, boring setting boring game, reminded me of watching some daytime western tv movie crap at my nans house when I was a kid
  9. John Terry are you ready?
  10. Joe Cole just said it’s a ‘free hit’ for Chelsea tonight, they might not get to a European cup final for another 20 years, of course it isn’t a free hit, now or maybe never
  11. Or Man Utd in a cup final for being rubbish getting spanked by Istanbul Beskthar (or whatever)and Red Bull Leipzig
  12. Thank god for that! I dont know what on earth happened in January, February & March
  13. Don’t want to alarm anyone but Allardyce for Wolves? Isn’t he from there and a fan hahaha
  14. and the moon landing sounding commentary, think that was still around in early 90s when English teams played Spartak/Dynamo someone
  15. Id love it if it ended up getting played somewhere like Bolton or Middlesbrough, imagine having Middlesbrough '21 on a flag
  16. PSG might end up not winning the league, you can take the lad out of Tottenham...
  17. Goal but wasnt arsed, this is the bad thing about VAR now it was way onside on replay but dont know at the time and always think its 50 50 if itll be allowed
  18. Looking at fixtures of both teams it’ll be hard to fit in though, they’ll be in Europa final
  19. I bought the F1 2020 ‘Schumacher Deluxe edition’ when I was on furlough, I think it was £65 ?! and I haven’t even played it lol, in fact I’ll play it this weekend on principle
  20. JamesTW

    The Spurs Thread

    When hes had a chance World Cup 2018, Champions league 2019 and today hes been terrible
  21. Isnt there that shitty new vauxhall conference euro cup thing aswell? Is that 8th to avoid?
  22. I think were having a crack at Arsenal for the banter title
  23. The pppish41 or whatever it’s called is rubbish even at close range, doesn’t drop anyone! I bought the battlepass with 25 tier skips this time so got that gun straight away, I never get anywhere tier 100, this will force me to try and get money’s worth maybe... The 2 new 6v6 maps are pretty decent I reckon
  24. Im the same and agree, It goes a bit quiet after 9pm I think though, you get those lobbies with about 4 people, I only play Regional
  25. Rubbish should be beating teams in the lower divisions
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