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  1. Good luck Play off A winner!
  2. JamesTW


    Bruce Rioch is available, it was meant to be
  3. So what should people have done and what would be better?
  4. I think Tottenham will get their act together and get top 4 now, still 3rd best team with a very good manager, the meltdown will be in another 18 months
  5. Silva has to go surely, that’s a shocking result, Emery is gone, said he looked totally unarsed on Soccer Saturday
  6. I don’t think VR is even that good, nothing to see here lads
  7. Amnesia Collection, Assassins Creed Freedom Cry, Batman Arkham Knight, Beyond Two Souls, Bloodborne, Borderlands The Handsome Collection, Conan Exiles, Darksiders 2 & 3, Detroit Become Human, Deus Ex Mankind Divided, For Honor, Friday the 13th The Game, God of War 3 Remastered, Heavy Rain, Injustice God’s Among Us, Just Cause 3, Knack, Life is Strange, Mad Max, Mafia 3, Nioh, Outlast 2, Ratchet & Clank, Rayman Legends, Rime, Sniper Elite 4, Soma, Steep, The Witness, Trackmania Turbo, Tropico 5, Wipeout Omega Collection, Worms Battlegrounds, Yakuza Kiwami & Zombi Thats my unplayed PS Plus games... Last few years it’s been all Battlefront 1 & 2, Battlefield 1 & V & Modern Warfare Online, with a bit of Red Dead, Far Cry & Tomb Raider Single player in between
  8. Rodgers is a good manager, generally done well at last 4 clubs but some daft interviews when things fell apart at Liverpool made him a bit of a joke figure, aswell as that tv series with his potrait at his house
  9. Maybe Battlefield V...wouldn’t be surprised if we got some daft Santa outfit to purchase going on previous form
  10. JamesTW

    Unable to kill

    People no problem, if it’s a choice to kill, knock out or let go I’ll kill them most of the time, Animals Just the giant tortoises in Far Cry 3 i refused to kill, but I’m a tortoise owner, I killed all the other stuff though, I killed all the buffalo in RDR1 aswell
  11. ‘Kings of the Premier League’ on sky, looks like filmed in a studio from 1992, got shit tinny music aswell
  12. I’ve seen a photograph looked like Auriers fault if anyone’s...
  13. Dunno how many times but 2005 Champions League final was 3-2 on penalties after 3-3 draw
  14. An opposition goalkeeper better looking than Allison? must be first time ever
  15. Southampton should of shut up shop but apparently Hassenhutl kept saying nein nein nein at half time
  16. I wonder how this will work interface wise? The factions now are Allies & Axis which already includes some American uniform and Italian uniform, will the Japanese just be lumped in with Axis so you could have a Japanese soldier in Narvik or a German in the Pacific...
  17. Heard a rumour that as it’s Spurs Amazon are going to change the name to Nothing
  18. Surely Aguero or maybe even Collymore should be on that premier league moments thing
  19. I was looking forward to some possible Man Utd comedy but then remembered they’re playing against Steve Bruce, ah well
  20. Fantastic film really liked it but why was this set in the 70s? or is that just me, looked like it was....
  21. Looks like the end of the road for this team and manager
  22. Reminds me a bit of Starfox adventures from way back , a lot of effort went into this but they forgot to put a game in
  23. JamesTW


    odd question do you lot call yourself ‘Reds’ and say ‘come on Reds’ at the match?, I dunno if I’ve ever heard Arsenal referred to as Reds
  24. Man Utd being rubbish never gets old, thanks David moyes!
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