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  1. Remember the stadio della alpi? Juventus were the best team in the world in the mid 90s but it always looked like about 10 people watched them play
  2. Battlefield 1 was the 'Best One' for Battlefield games, dont really like any of the others like Battlefield 3, 4, Bad Company the 'Better Ones' everyone else likes, Battlefield 1 was fun, felt more casual and like I actually contributed, not just running around for 30 seconds and getting shot dead I like CoD Cold War way more than Modern Warfare 2019 aswell!
  3. Without Liverpool the Premier League would of been like the Bundesliga and probably now will be until Newcastle get going
  4. Gerrards a 'dead man walking', Lampards doing a great job
  5. The best thing today was the celebrations from Coady and their fans, I knew full well it would be disallowed
  6. Shit 1-1 draw, Luis Diaz & Gray Tarkowski(?) & Darwin Nunez sent off, Milner booked
  7. Im sure Steve will manage Liverpool one day, I think even if he was useless for the next 15-20 years he would still get a pass from half of our fans
  8. We beat Crystal Palace 7-0 away and then everything went to shit for months, that was the weird Covid Season though when we lost 6 in a row(!) at Anfield and were playing a European Cup quarter final against Real Madrid at an empty training ground
  9. Fulham and Aston Villa at home for them next, should win 5 out of 5
  10. I bet they didn't even want him before the Brighton game
  11. When the hell did Perisic sign for Tottenham?
  12. Because they beat us in the Bangkok centenery cup, still getting over it now, City are just title rivals
  13. They'll be alright, they'll sell their stadium for 700m then rent it for a tenner a week
  14. Game Over! Everton wont score a goal ever with that frontline
  15. Title gone, congrats to City
  16. Its alright, its a bit Portugal looking though , no home kit will ever be better than 2017/18, that was perfect.
  17. I thought this was a joke...
  18. Even if England win on Sunday, its still 56 years without trophy for the England team in Qatar, unless you want to start saying the USA team in Qatar have won 4 World Cups
  19. Playstation 5 Xbox Series X (Ive got a Series S though) Xbox One (Any of them) Either Sega Saturn or Mega CD, my mates brother had one of them but cant remember which one I think they are the only ones from the 'Big 4' consoles Ive never used once ever since early 90s, Im not counting crap like Ngage or Barcode battler
  20. Thats better than the one last season, also they had a zig zag one and black with blue pinstripes recently all rubbish
  21. I've enjoyed this game overall but whats going on with the guns? They keep adding H4 Blixen, Marco 8, UGM? Wheres the M1 Carbine, Browning 1919, FG42, Vickers Gun, Lee Enfield, Springfield, grease gun, MG34? The MG34 actually made it into a Modern Warfare game but not WW2?
  22. Not very often no to be honest, they seem to get a lot of big names who are 30+, Im not a fan though so maybe Im wrong...
  23. Good player but loooks like theyre just going for 'names' again to me "get him then he'll do"
  24. Im glad hes signed, he had strange 21/22 though, World class in the Autumn but wasnt especially great in the run in March onwards
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