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  1. I'm guessing Wolves didn't want him, Palace & Everton decided they didn't want him either....sorry for piling in on the guy! he seems a nice guy but why is he at Tottenham?
  2. We probably should of won but not as frustrated or arsed as I used to be after that dismal shit 18 months in empty stadiums, pretty sure that wouldn't of happened in an empty stadium, great game! Cant say I like that kit, hopefully the White/Ecru next time
  3. Palace are probably the best team to play in January then, they will miss quite a few to AFCON aswell
  4. Why is this Series S (The White one) so cheap then? Its £50 cheaper than a PS4...? Ive just bought one! always been a much bigger Playstation fan but fed up of there being no PS5, looking forward to getting into Xbox
  5. Tiemoue Bakayoko is still at Chelsea after he signed for 40m in 2017, I only remember him because he was mentioned on one of the talksport phone ins the other day! on loan at AC Milan for the second time after being on loan at Napoli & Monaco aswell
  6. Erm I imagine if Liverpool did have easy draws they were earned by ranking? What have Man Utd done again?
  7. TEC 9 is the gun Michael Douglas had in Falling Down when he wanted breakfast.._just thought I would leave that here!
  8. Its hard to get excited though because he's as durable as Weetabix, Matip is the same. It was nice today though to have a stacked squad for once!
  9. Joe Cole just said we’ll miss Salah & Mane for up to 7 games in AFCoN, I figure if Egypt & Senegal are both in the final they’ll only miss 2 league games (Brentford & Palace)
  10. Daniel Farke looks like Roger Federer after 3 tours of ‘Nam’
  11. The 'Cheap' one is a normal replica shirt and the Expensive one is the shirt the players wear on the pitch I believe, made of better material....PS4 version or PS5 version maybe
  12. A good wind up opportunity for Real Madrid now with Messi, they would probably have to sell their stadium and half the team though!
  13. Some of the long jumpers will probably get in the zone, forget the stadiums empty and do that slow clapping thing
  14. Why are they so hated then? Im not from London or the south but ive gathered Chelsea, Arsenal, West Ham fans maybe other teams in London hate Tottenham the most, why?
  15. I’d say Breakthrough is best for beginners as the enemy is generally in front of you not all over the place like Conquest, especially if you’re on the defending team
  16. Italy have the UFWC title belt so it’s certainly a big game
  17. No idea how people can start drinking now and still be ok to watch an 8pm kick off with maybe Extra time & Penalties
  18. Im only half watching but that wasn't even a corner was it?
  19. Agree with first bit but certainly not winning them a trophy! Really?
  20. If there was no VAR Italy probably lose 1-0 last night The only other team that was impressive in the group stage Belgium will probably be rubbish later
  21. Dunno mate Its been around since 1965! Was it negative first legs before then and never since?
  22. Italy, France, Russia & Wales have best anthems, Scotlands is good aswell, Englands is fucking terrible
  23. Has anyone played 6v6 on Amsterdam? Ridiculous you may aswell not even move! just stand and shoot, it was good fun I’ve never played the Cold War campaign, who are these weirdo operators with masks who keep showing up every season? I’m guessing they’re from the campaign…
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