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  1. Heard a rumour that as it’s Spurs Amazon are going to change the name to Nothing
  2. Surely Aguero or maybe even Collymore should be on that premier league moments thing
  3. Serbia beat Paraguay 1-0
  4. I was looking forward to some possible Man Utd comedy but then remembered they’re playing against Steve Bruce, ah well
  5. Fantastic film really liked it but why was this set in the 70s? or is that just me, looked like it was....
  6. Looks like the end of the road for this team and manager
  7. Reminds me a bit of Starfox adventures from way back , a lot of effort went into this but they forgot to put a game in
  8. JamesTW


    odd question do you lot call yourself ‘Reds’ and say ‘come on Reds’ at the match?, I dunno if I’ve ever heard Arsenal referred to as Reds
  9. Man Utd being rubbish never gets old, thanks David moyes!
  10. Not suprised about Suarez ,Some of the great players you would associate with them like Romario or Ronaldo didnt stay long for whatever reason
  11. I once yelled to a car full of people I was giving lift to ‘ye forgot ye boarding pass’ in an American accent, none of them got it though
  12. When exactly is he talking about? Shearer retired in 2006, Owen only joined that season and wasn’t souness manager....?
  13. Tottenham to balls this up I reckon
  14. and Neymar is welcome too, his transfer caused Coutinhos transfer, thanks Neymar mate!
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