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  1. It will definitely be PS5 but doubt I will this year as I’d have to get a new telly aswell, still got an old Panasonic Veira 32 Inch, it’s shite!!
  2. Battlefield 1 was the best game of this Generation, after that were talking Far Cry 4 or Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
  3. Looking forward to Sunshine & Galaxy, played about 75% of both of them at release, try and finish them this time! Ive never really give 64 a proper go, played 15-20 minutes way after release and just felt like it was running around some fields not doing much...bit basic
  4. I agree with Pockets, just got a feeling after all the effort could be 'burnout' this season unless we get 1 or 2 big signings in, i dont think the empty stadiums will help us in particular either, been fantastic since the second half of 17/18 season though, cant go on forever i guess
  5. Ah shit , i only skim read this topic on a phone, thought it was a remastered collection coming
  6. I’d probably go “er just that game....you know the one that was on the telly....hahahaha” or some awkward shit like that
  7. We (Liverpool) have a bit of a strange rivalry with Nottingham Forest i think...We sing a song about hating them and they hate us back apparently, I dont hate them or really know anything about them though
  8. JamesTW


    if you went to a rough school that’s the ‘school shirt on a Friday afternoon‘ look
  9. What’s actually going to happen now with fans watching their team if they can’t actually attend? the restart had every game live didn’t it? Say if Aston Villa are not shown first 5 games, are the fans just going on highlights? and that’s just premier league, what about a Rochdale fan? probably won’t even know who actually plays for their own team
  10. JamesTW

    Fall Guys

    This was great first day but after a week is just alright....glad i didnt pay money for it, playstation plus sub but you know what i mean
  11. All the young uns will buy that, it’s like our (LFC) new blue kit, will look crap on the pitch but 17 year olds will like it with jeans so will sell
  12. Go to a team like AC Milan, try and ‘do a Maradona’, might be a bit late now though
  13. I’ll Win £27.50 if Man Utd score a Penalty put a fiver on
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