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  1. Theres a guy on here who posts about wanting traditional Tomb Raiders back and I agree, Tomb Raider original trilogy remade Id buy straight away, Tomb Raider Anniversary is now older than the original was when it was released 10 years after so they should do that again with the other two
  2. Yeah when I was at school in the 90s you could play through most of the season then talk about it the next day, now they must talk about 1 or 2 matches...that’s if they even play it now must be a bit boring
  3. I remember watching Fury with some women and when I said they need to attack the tiger tank at the back as that’s the weak spot and they then did it in the film they were impressed and thought I was a military expert
  4. My mates wouldnt let me play as E Honda because of the thousand hand thing, was told I had 'no skill' and 'shite'
  5. FIFA 95 I think, just shoot from the edge of the box = goal
  6. I read somewhere once that Leeds are great to watch if you hate Leeds
  7. One good thing is not being anxious all week every week about our game and City’s game, I still think we’ll get our act together for Top 4, I’m surprised we still have a decent position feels like we should be 13th of something
  8. JamesTW

    The Bookies

    Man U, Arsenal & Everton are 5/1 on paddy power, Everton are 21/20 as single home to Fulham, that’s generous
  9. I didn’t realise ninja perk made you silent, I thought it was just reduced noise but I just read up on it and getting contradictory information, I hear enemies all the time when I play so a good few people either aren’t using it or it’s not silent
  10. Calvert Lewin does a Steven Gerrard style celebration with his arms and kneeslide, bit weird
  11. The 'Night Stalker' scores against Everton again
  12. Honestly not that arsed about what happens Sunday! Empty non hostile Anfield will completely suit City, or even the Leipzig game, no fans and all the injuries, this season feels like 1 long Europa league group game or early league cup round Next season is a bit more normal hopefully! and we can start again
  13. The one at the beginning or the main story one? hate both of them
  14. When he’s played he’s been great! Even if he doesn’t make it for us I bet a team like Middlesbrough, Stoke or Burnley will buy him for about 40m
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