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  1. Hahaha you had to actually select delete to get to the icon then when selecting icon you get asked if youre sure you want to delete file
  2. JamesTW


    If we (LFC) are still unbeaten when we play you 3rd to last game I’m guessing that’ll be a huge game for your fans/players..?
  3. 17/18 season when that Buvac guy was around was actually better football, won loads of games 4,5 or 6, few 7s I think as well, not as successful then though obviously
  4. Gerrard slip, Loris Karius 2018, 97 points finishing 2nd(did you see the 'goal' that never crossed the line against City?) weve had some god awful bad luck the last few years
  5. I’m not going to google it but my memory is it was a piece of piss for most of it winning 3-0 or 4-1 and we had a bit of a late defensive collapse for 4-4, then Fowler scored the winner...
  6. I imagine it’ll be some youth players with the likes of Origi, Minamino, Ox, Adrian etc it’ll depend on how the Atletico first leg goes
  7. It’s great right now but never forget Blackpool at Home, Stoke 6-1, Sevilla final second half , Mario Balotelli, Roy Hodgson, That Chelsea game, Man Utd Champions, Paul Konchesky, Palace 3-3, Loris Karius, Aston Villa semi final, Milan Jovanovic and it’s even more great!
  8. 21 points to go, hopefully 18 by tomorrow, weve just finished above Arsenal btw on February 1st...
  9. 36 points clear off 5th and getting a top 4 place which was a big thing not too long ago mad
  10. Know what you mean but I’ll still take winning the league and that’s it, that trophy needs to be at Anfield finally I wouldn’t say no to the European cup though and fa cup and invincibles
  11. For someone who cant be arsed watching the videos has his games room been destroyed?
  12. What’s the bill kenwright thing lads? don’t read this forum as much as I used to
  13. Should of been less stressful that, they are even more rubbish than i thought, if youre old enough to remember the Roy Evans era like me this team is only 4 points off now from Evans title challengers in January and they were a good side
  14. Remember when Man Utd were bad a few years ago and then the fans suddenly thought they were going to win the Premier League & Champions League....Why? because they signed Morgan Schneiderlin
  15. Yeah let’s give this more context Allison Trent VVD Matip Robertson Fabinho Henderson Wijnaldum Salah Firmino Mane Didn’t play at all, it wasn’t some weakened side, it was a different team
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