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  1. Agreed. I can't see it changing a lot.
  2. I'm coming into this as a noob.. Do these kits come pre-painted or are they basically piecing them together? I have to say, hats off to you guys, whatever you're doing, these look awesome.
  3. Added Reach 2 - I'd love to get some games in with you guys.
  4. Well, guess Ill be picking that up for my Japanese Wii U then
  5. Depends what you mean. If you mean simultaneously, no. If you're on 360 when you boot the game it'll ask you which profile you want to be. The PS3 version will use the profile you booted the game with, same for WiiU. The 360 version for online supports Gold-guest, convert silver to Gold, etc. Probably because Miis under certain ages have various restrictions from the console level - we can't get access to the profile name if under a certain age. (At least that's what I recall.)
  6. Hi guys, relatively new to the sport - are there any legal, free ways I can watch highlights of recent games? (Or whole games?) Let me stress the legal part. Thanks in advance.
  7. Problem is you'd need Sega themselves to start the Kickstarter themselves due to the Kickstarter IP rules :'(
  8. Yep - mine's here - looks luvvverly!
  9. Just a warning, those of us with WoW annual pass - if you register the Collector's Edition, at the moment you'll be greeted with a 'An error has occurred message'. Apparently everyone is getting that error. :s
  10. You're blind, Peace Walker is there The difference between PO and PO+ is that PO+ has no single player story but more multiplayer options and 'skirmish' like missions. Go for the original imho. Yes you can! Hold your finger on the screen when the game is running and you can assign the second stick to the face buttons
  11. I find myself continually conflicted about what to do about all this. At the moment I'm thinking about a US account, it really is so much better and more frequently updated - but can't decide about 3G vs WiFi model..
  12. Crikey! 97p? I'd have some of those for work colleagues if I spot them..
  13. Zavvi have it for pre-order.. for £86.93.
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