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  1. Not that it matters in the grand scheme but that quoted text isn't from Jeff. As the gilesgoat tag suggests and the style of writing backs up, it's from his partner, Giles. In addition to the wording, anyone that's seen his posts on YakYak will quickly recognise the way quotation marks reflect how Giles puts emphasis in his forum posts. I'm glad to see things confirmed anyway. I had no idea what stage Tempest 4000 had reached on any platform and had a 'Wait a minute...' moment when I watched the video last night. It seemed an odd appearance after all of the linking to e
  2. Yeah, all true — except for the first reply in the thread by @Blu3Flame, which says: I think that final Ecco sequence took me months to beat and just to make it worse, that one time I did was so easy!
  3. Surely the launch for the announcement of a series of social media posts that get the World ready for AMAZING news of a future release of the video (after it's been uploaded from a phone had the 'Hollywood touch' and been ground into small parts that ultimately show nothing everything at its finest)?! [Date to be delayed confirmed.]
  4. Right down — up?! — to the height, you could be me, Nathan! Are the special moves anything like the Street Fighter type of combo or very simplistic? That's always given me pause for thought as I can't really do much beyond the odd button press or two. The simpler, the better really. I don't need to be good at the game and I'd be happy enough if I could still have a laugh from simple moves and proximity-based variants or specials. Anything Sensi-style would be fine with me!
  5. Do you know if the supply is okay, King? For a while, I thought my 360 wheel was broken or that its 'bodge' at feedback wasn't anything like old reviews had said. The PSU from my earlier PC wheel fixed all that despite the numbers on the third-party unit looking correct and it did a reasonable, if noisy job of suggesting what a car was doing. Just to eliminate another possibility, as odd as it may seem, I've also found USB 2.0 to be more compatible with my wheel. Depending on the game, it was iffy with a 360 pad at times too. Though it could be a quirk of my system,
  6. The Logitech supply for an older wheel of mine has the second set of figures on it. I don't know the output on a junk PSU that came with a similar wheel for the 360 but only the 24V/0.75A Logitech one results in feedback.
  7. That was going to be my question! I don't have a modern console and have seen no more than race footage on YouTube as a result. I've loved catching up in the thread for the pics as much as the opinions. However you've produced them, U-1, they're wonderful.
  8. Just posted that in Bargains... and then came to the thread! D'oh! Anyway, I'm in now too. I'll be back to moan at y'all if it's not up to scratch!
  9. I can't comment on how it's been with the consoles but what's frustrated me is that for the longest time during development it just worked! Though I've not bothered for months, it felt like I had to start fixing the controls again whenever returning to it following time with other sims. Even after using 'just right' settings that caused me to be positive here about CARS ahead of its release! A lot of that depended on the car too but I'd find myself floundering with the steering even desperately trying modern cars with traction control or whatever. Whether new or ver
  10. I wish it was all of the time from everyone at the moment but I was going to ask if you had anything planned. I'll PM you. [Edit] Mods, could Lorf's post with the video be copied at least to a new thread in Discussion so that it can be seen more?
  11. Do it, kiro. Back to 2015, I've been watching F1 less and less since early in the last decade and care sadly little for most of the circus in this era. There's a better world for me in bikes, Endurance, GT, V8s, DTM and the tech, sights, sounds, racing personalities and attitudes in some of those but I've always looked forward to your round-ups, Bob. Typos 'n' all, they've been fantastically entertaining year after year. Wouldn't have changed a thing! It's not often I get a chance, so I just wanted to jump in and say... thank you. Enjoy the racing!
  12. I've just registered with Ubi and used the third code. I'm surprised it worked after so long but thank you, VN1X!
  13. The name of Tim Hunkin kept ringing a bell for a minute or two until it clicked and evoked wonderful memories of what might now be an old and long-lost style of informative programme. No weird and over-the-top enunciation, no bizarre and constantly shifting pronunciation, no talking down to the audience, no 'vocal fry' and no non-stop music soundtrack or layers of post-processed effects, just engineers, a static camera and lots of content squeezed into twenty-five minutes! Oh, and memorable little animations that are a signature of the series! Given a recent thirty-year anniversary and a qui
  14. In case it's worth responding, that's not elitism on my part, Bob. Not that you could know via an occasional forum post and without knowing me but I don't do 'Us versus Them', look down on anyone or whatever else that might be a common part of being on-line or even an individual's personality. Rather than anything so negative, I want to see games shown at their best – which happens to mean seeing at least a reasonably clean run through a course in a racing game. 'Poor' driving or twitchy controls with a wheel quickly and near-constantly snapping left and right – something common with Project
  15. These are the first recordings from source that I've seen. They're fresh out of the oven as I type this – still warm anyway – and run with a wheel and someone that can drive too. Someone that can drive? Wait, what?! I think this Canada video is the only one to introduce the new menus so far. Dark! Cancel your orders! Grosjean overtaking someone without hitting them and then screaming it was their fault?! Come on, Codemasters! Come on! I suppose a Red Bull not going anywhere is something... Especially considering YouTube compression and what the team has had to reproduce with those
  16. Yep, one of the last of them as everyone that I knew that bought one with the later Sega GT 2002/Jet Set Radio Future pack had a couple of variants that were much quieter. It was an Xbox that needed a replacement power lead at the time of the recall, as at least one of their later revisions did. The DVD drives were better too as they played OutRun 2 more smoothly than my 'Box ever managed. On the flip side, I did soft mod it with the re-release of Splinter Cell that I owned and had read wouldn't work! I used a component cable too, so everything looked as well as it could and the occasional
  17. If I'm remembering correctly, that slow initial run is due to the game being cached to the hard drive. I think it worked for three games at a time. I've missed the great games on mine since the ever-rubbish DVD drive that it had took its last breath. Despite some years having passed, I do keep hoping that one day I can replace the drive and keep all of the game save files and patches to carry on where I left off, enjoying everything that I opened up like all of the PGR2 cars. A great piece of kit in terms of its games and features, just WAY TOO LOUD (and somewhat odd-looking and hefty)! All
  18. Well done, Shimmy – and gravy aside, congrats on seeing much of the race! Away from the event and Radio Le Mans, it's been fantastic dipping into a few forums and following reactions this year. 2015 really hit the spot! I'm looking forward to reviewing the day over the next few weeks and hearing and reading what'll hopefully be lot of race and tech analysis to furnish me with info as I try to understand more of everything (cars, racing, performance...). Plenty more (but never enough) WEC to go too!
  19. The golden hour is almost upon us. It's nice to see the light breaking through the clouds from time to time... Those Tréluyer and Bamber times have been notable in this stint – firstly for Tréluyer dropping his lap times and keeping them there, then for the matching times between them and now their back and forth around the 3:20 mark! Not bad going after over 14 hours! Er, make that sub-3:19 (Bamber)! Mmm, road becoming more visible...
  20. I think the phrase you were searching for was: one of the best racing experiences I've ever known and a year's too long to wait 'til the 84th event! How's the control centres doing, guys? PCs and tablets holding up? Status and photo updates needed! Still with us and ready to see off the next 11+ hours, post-nap or not?
  21. That's a question?! Should you still need guidance, you could go with every time that someone says 'point'. Alternatives are Audi, Porsche, Toyota, Dempsey, second, lead, lap, race, safety, fuel, curves, pit(s), P1, P2 or GT. Or pick a number... or three!
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