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  1. Not star-ray or x-out. Don't think its any of the r-types either. Went onto gamespot and searched through the category of shoot 'em ups' under platform of pc but did not find anything so have well and truly given up. Thanks all the same guys.
  2. Nope, the game i remember had better graphics, so judging by the release dates, probably mid 90s. Not katakis either, though r-type final looks pretty cool. Might give that a look instead.
  3. Isn't the one, the game i remember had better graphics. Close though, it could have been a sequel of it or a spin-off. The ship was slightly bigger too. Not menace either. I cant believe there are so many out there, i should just quit being too fussy and try out some of the close-matches. Cheers again.
  4. I have a feeling the game doesn't exist, it could have been a demo that came with the "computer shopper" magazine that didn't end up on the shelves. Sorry if that's the case!
  5. It had a realistic feel to it, but because it was old it wasn't too realistic, certainly wasn't toony. It might have been on the verge of 3d which would mean it isnt that old of a game. Was more likely to be out of space then underwater, but i remember fish like monsters or aliens, no robotical enemies or spaceships to shoot. Thanks though.
  6. I specifically remember the ship being yellow. It shot out stars too, think they were called pulses. It might not have been underwater, my memory could be playing tricks on me. Thanks anyway
  7. Hey, Im looking for the title of an old game like xenon 2, but it had a yellow ship. It was also side scrolling, going from left to right unlike xenon which goes from the bottom up. It might have been a submarine because i can remember fish. Like xenon, you could upgrade the ship, even the engine! I posted the same question to yahoo but no luck so will see what you guys come up with. It was probably for the pc though. Thanks in advance, Taketh
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