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  1. I dont think i struggled with that one nearly as much as others to be honest but i didnt make a note of which levels stuck me. Is there any plan to release more levels or anything?
  2. I've just finished this game, really enjoyed it and there were 4 or 5 levels which kept me stuck for 10s and 10s of attempts. just wanted to say thanks and congrats to @carleton Hope the next one is on the way!
  3. Purchased because of trust in the forum downloading now!
  4. Please keep posting! The wife loves to read through this thread and she was particularly pleased to see you had made Hungarian meatballs and lecsó
  5. Had been having some fun playing mario kart at a friend's recently so traded in the pile of shame from my 360 and ps3 and picked up a wii u with mk8 and sm3dw. I love this machine right now! Already played loads with the wife, far more than I played anything in years. Now I have a huge wishlist of titles (splatoon, botw, nsmbu, etc etc) I wanna pick up as well as additional wiimote and pro controller. I just cant believe how much these things still go for, considering how 'unsuccessful' the console was during its lifetime! Sure is nice to jump in now though rather than have to wait for ne
  6. Anyone know where I might be able to view series 7? I am outside the uk and the usual sources dont seem to have this available..
  7. This is a bit of a long shot, but does anyone know of any good documentaries about Amish life? Thanks in advance if you do!
  8. I really enjoyed the White Stripes doc 'Under Great White Northern Lights'...it came as a DVD with the album if I recall correctly
  9. Just started playing this...how do you use the scope on the sniper rifle? I'm sure it was up/down on the d-pad on the first game. Apologies if this seems like a dumb question...
  10. criminal


    Hey Dont know where you're based but I bought tickets to see them play in Brighton in October. Bought the tickets through Rounder Records in Brighton, if that's any help to you. Cheers, Mike
  11. I have a track called 'work in progress' on there that I've had some good feedback on. Not finished with the aesthetics but it's playable, and pretty tough. Add me up if you fancy a go, GT is criminal mikey. Same goes for all you other Triallers.
  12. Won't be a popular choice but...Ninja Gaiden Black. Most satisfying game ever.
  13. Are there friend's leaderboards for created tracks? I haven't played any yet... Feel free to add me if you need more competition - gt is criminal mikey
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