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  1. These sound right up my street...where did you watch them?
  2. Me and the wife just watched through the whole 5 seasons for the first time in the past few weeks. Amazing show, for me season 2 was probably the highlight but loved all of 1-4, and like others have said, season 5 was a bit of a low point, it just didn't feel as believable as the rest of it. Didn't mind the media focus, thought that was good actually and made sense to have a season focusing on it in the ways the other seasons focused on other issues or subjects, but the whole McNulty plotline really disappointed. Might give the Shield a go next after reading impressions in this thread!
  3. After my wife got hooked on your food prepping thread, I promised I would give these a go. And man, they were good! Absolutely perfect crunch and fluffy as hell in the middle. I only did them about 45 mins and they were spot on. So now, I need you to hook me up with an equally excellent method for the accompanying roast chicken. Pretty please?
  4. Downloaded this via Playstation Now sub (PS4) and I love it. I want to get some of the expansions to add some variety to it as the buildings etc can get a little samey, but there is so so much on the PS Store that I'm not sure where to turn. Are the Season Passes the best value for money? Anyone still playing this even?
  5. It definitely settles in to a rhythm and I would really recommend that you give the first episode a chance, and watch in full. It really is some gripping tv so far. I think even Winslett's accent seems perfect once your English ear adjusts to it.
  6. Does anyone know when Disney+ is gonna land in Central/Eastern Europe? I signed up for notifications ages ago but never received any information about it...all I found on the internet is '2021' which is rather vague..
  7. Yeah, it's really good so far. love this kind of slow, drip feed of information show. reminds me a bit of Sharp Objects but not nearly so dark and creepy. hoping it continues to deliver..
  8. Ninja Gaiden Black. The lunar staff. old game but great fun!
  9. Ah yes, this was one of, if not the first one I unlocked as well it is fun and effective! Any other good ones to install early on?
  10. And *bump* I'm really late to this party, but I bought a PS4 recently and just catching up on last-gen gaming. Blimey, this is a bit fun isn't it? It's like gaming crack to me, with all the gadgets, skills, collectables etc, not to mention the combat is actually FUN. I still haven't unlocked a few things, like the challenges, so I imagine I'm gonna be playing this for many many hours to come. It has really got me back in enjoying games again. Without going back through the entire thread, anyone got any tips for optimal/favourite suit/gadget set ups?
  11. I dont think i struggled with that one nearly as much as others to be honest but i didnt make a note of which levels stuck me. Is there any plan to release more levels or anything?
  12. I've just finished this game, really enjoyed it and there were 4 or 5 levels which kept me stuck for 10s and 10s of attempts. just wanted to say thanks and congrats to @carleton Hope the next one is on the way!
  13. Purchased because of trust in the forum downloading now!
  14. Please keep posting! The wife loves to read through this thread and she was particularly pleased to see you had made Hungarian meatballs and lecsó
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