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  1. A Bunch of Amateurs (2022) - 5/5 Just been to see this at our local documentary film festival, it's absolutely wonderful. It's about the Bradford Movie Makers club, an amateur filmmaking society founded in 1932, and their various trials & tribulations as they try to carry on making films despite having no money and a dwindling membership. It's so, so lovely; very funny, very sad, and just a real delight to watch. This is the trailer: And this is the club's website Not sure what the plan for releasing it is, I got a bit anxious when the cinema lights came up so ran away from the Q&A 😅
  2. I think they only get sent it because 'he' reached level 100 in Call of Duty 35
  3. Sort of difficult to tell yet - it's set up a few things which have the potential to either be quite interesting, or stretched out so thinly over twenty-something episodes that they become massive irritations. It looks good, the performances are all solid and the two episodes so far have moved at a pretty good pace so I'm tentatively looking forward to more of it.
  4. I didn't particularly like Rogue One either, but this is really good. It's tugging at vague memories of the imaginary background I used to invent while playing TIE Fighter. Really enjoying how they're bothering to give us a bit of a backstory for characters who only appear in it for a few minutes, it makes the world feel real and complex and even a little overwhelming in its scale compared to ours - like it reminds you every one of the CGI cars flying past in droves in the background contains people with their own infinitely complicated stories and stresses, they're not just virtual set dressing. I absolutely love the set and costume design as well though! I hope they bring out some sort of art book accompaniment to the series.
  5. I play 2048 on my phone every single day. I've never made 2048 and I feel like Lisa trying to solve this
  6. If this isn't grabbing me after the first two episodes, is it probably not worth continuing with? Or does it shift gear?
  7. Thanks very much for having a listen! Yeah I know what you mean, to me it sounds almost like he's inserting a comma after most conjunctions which is a little jarring and breaks the spell of the story he's telling a bit.
  8. I don't see it as a threat to the lore, it was just a nagging thought I had in the back of my mind watching both things
  9. Oh my only niggle with this actually was something that I didn't like about Deadpool 2 either
  10. Just caught up with episodes 4 through 9 of this, as a week between episodes was doing my nut, and it's been so great, I really hope they make more of it. Particularly enjoyed all the minor superheroes and their various personality flaws and emotional issues, they felt very Venture Bros. (and made me desperately sad we don't have more Venture Bros.!) Absolutely loved as well. That's literally all I'm going to see in my head whenever anyone's discussing Marvel Studios' strategy and decision-making now
  11. A friend of mine would like to get into audiobook narration and has put up a recording of Lovecraft's The Music of Erich Zann. Just over 20 minutes, if anyone fancies a bit of unsettling viol-based horror
  12. Chip & Dale Rescue Rangers (2022) - 3.5/5 This is pretty good! Takes a little while to get going but once they're into the swing of things it's quite funny, John Mulaney and Andy Samberg are great picks for the lead voices. It looks great too. It unavoidably owes a lot to Who Framed Roger Rabbit (in fact I only watched it because RLM mentioned it in their re:View episode) but it does its own interesting thing too. Most of the humour is about Hollywood recycling old properties from the 80s and 90s so I do wonder how much kids would get out of that side of things but it's good fun nonetheless.
  13. I had to watch Sing Street (2016, 5/5) as emergency upbeat care after The Father. The latter is an incredible film but christ it's utterly heartbreaking
  14. Demo seems fine. Looks nice, the main mechanic is essentially Singularity which is entertaining but doesn't particularly wow you.I knew comparisons would be unavoidable but I'm actually a little surprised just how much they've directly lifted from the Portal games. It doesn't seem amazing but I think I'll get it when it comes out, I can see how the puzzles might get pretty head-scratching later down the line.
  15. It's because of his elbow isn't it? They've strayed a smidgen too far towards what an actual man with cylindrical arms would look like (ie, horrifying). It's a tiny drop of unnecessary realism that's completely spoiling the rest of him.
  16. Sorry you didn't enjoy it, I hope you weren't watching on my recommendation! I went to Newcastle uni and thought the characters were pretty good depictions of the sort of 'Rah' archetypes it was populated with
  17. From (2022) - 0/5 Shite. Gave up ten minutes into the second episode. Terrible writing and awful acting, life's too short.
  18. All My Friends Hate Me (2022)- 4/5 Really enjoyed this. Don't want to give too much away other than a man goes to a country house for a birthday party with his posh mates from uni, and strange stuff starts happening.
  19. PK

    Audio Club

    I meant to say, this is all really great advice, thank you. Especially the stuff about adding a human element; I've realised that's completely missing from what I'm doing, everything is just strictly quantised repeating patterns, like I'm an AI that's been fed a load of UK bass music And the last bit is something I'd never have actually noticed but it seems so obvious how much of a difference it makes to the track now you've pointed it out!
  20. PK

    Audio Club

    Might have gone a bit OTT with the Darkest Dungeon samples
  21. Someone sent me this on WhatsApp and I thought it really drove how just what an incredible piece of editing this series was - It was insane how much they packed into every episode.
  22. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990) - 5/5 Still as amazing as when I saw it at a sleepover at the age of 8 or 9 on a dodgy NTSC copy. Genuinely a well-shot, beautifully lit film with an entertaining script and fantastic animatronics & fight scenes.
  23. He clearly does say that, Lee misheard him (or, which I suppose might be more likely, pretended not to hear him a couple of times to think of something funnier). Tornado's really good, although the felt a bit out of place?
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