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  1. It's exceptionally good. It's the first time any of this stuff has actually explored what living under the space fash would be like. Although (last episode)
  2. https://coldcutshotwax.uk/collections/new-vinyl/products/sky-joose-jungle-mayhem My word
  3. Until this series I'd always assumed the first bit of 'Mon Mothma' was a prefix to her family name, like 'Von Trappe' or 'Van Damme' etc. It's really weird hearing people call her Mon
  4. Amelia Dimoldenberg is very funny, although the format of her show means it's really dependent on her guest. This one's great
  5. Completely agree. It's got loads of elements that I feel should make me love it but it's just not holding my attention.
  6. Yeah I tried to watch that after a recommendation on here from someone whose recommendations are usually flawless and I nearly wrote them a strongly worded PM of complaint three quarters of the way through episode one. It's shite.
  7. PK

    Illustration Club

    @SpagMasterSwiftwhat are you using to ink the drawings in your most recent posts? They look fantastic
  8. A Bunch of Amateurs is on general release now, it's great stuff. It's about the Bradford Movie Makers Club, the oldest amateur filmmaking society in the UK. Lovely doc.
  9. PK

    The Expanse

    It seemed odd that they showed the two Laconian children in the last season given that they're meant to
  10. Yeah it's a shame because all the bits which are just Alex and the band are great, but everything else is just a bit rubbish. Those bits in the rehearsal room you're talking about @spork are basically what their podcast is. I wish they'd just adapted that into a half hour programme with a different guest each week - the framing of it as a sitcom seems like something that's been tacked on by outside influence, probably from C4? Whoever decided on it as the format, it doesn't work at all.
  11. Completely agree! The feverish building of objects with no discernible point or use, completely cut-off from the natural world and eating things with unknown industrial origin felt like both an analogy of where a lot of us are and a prediction of where our whole species is heading. And yet I have no doubt is how I'd feel if the revolution ever comes within my lifetime. I've spent too long diligently fulfilling my role in a system that I know is an illogically cruel waste of life. I've honed survival skills that are only applicable to survival within the system. This is such good telly I almost can't believe it's been allowed to exist.
  12. No. And there's little to no infantile "look! remember that toy?" nonsense or references to obscure characters from dreadful books. All you need to know is it's set a few years before the first film, before the rebels have got their act together. To be honest in a way the star wars setting is irrelevant. It's tense, atmospheric, beautifully shot sci-fi about standing up to fascism.
  13. I don't know why but something about his reaction to the makes me really want to see him in a 40K adaptation. He'd be a fucking terrifying space marine
  14. When Andor is being shipped out to the prison they're asking everyone where they're from and segregating them by race. I don't know how accurate the history is behind it, but someone on reddit posited an interesting theory that this is a roundabout reference to a serious mistake the British made in Ireland when they imprisoned rebels from all over the country together; supposedly they'd had no really effective way of forming connections with each other before that, and they were able to build more of a literal rebel alliance from the links that being locked up together established between previously disparate groups.
  15. Him & Her, it's all on iPlayer and is a masterpiece. It's about a couple in their early 20s who loaf around their flat. Doesn't sound great from the premise but every episode is like a perfect little play.
  16. It works better if they never expand on it. They're just stuck for years in a windowless prison where the floor can kill you at any second, feverishly building endless reproductions of the same object that has no discernible use or importance.
  17. That's all on YouTube! Thanks for all the suggestions. Completely forgot the Bioforge series as well
  18. I'm still on the first film but it's already the funniest Halloween episode they've ever put out
  19. PK


    Walsh has died 40's no age.
  20. I think I'm going to resub this weekend to download some favourite Premium series before they inevitably become streaming-only or disappear altogether, off the top of your head can anyone think of any absolute classics? So far I'm going to grab: - Contradiction - Early UPFs - Most of Vinnyvania - Save Our Last Souls - Metal Gear Scanlon (maybe - I fell off it a bit when it was originally on) - Any flight sims that Drew, Dave and Vinny played together I should add that I'm not a fan of Alex or our tall friend whose name must not be uttered in vain lest it incur the Wrath of Raf A'Qat
  21. It's here, with links to buy tickets: https://www.metfilmdistribution.co.uk/a-bunch-of-amateurs
  22. PK

    Boomer Shooters

    I never played FEAR, I think I was under the impression that it was a straight horror game rather than a Chow Yun Fat simulator. Looks like I missed a fantastic game because of that misconception! Although 2005 would've been approaching the peak of my Counter Strike obsession so it might not have got a look in anyway
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