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  1. Ha, same here. I rewatched it in HD recently for the first time in 25+ years and it was bizarre not hearing the music all warped It's such a great film.
  2. What's the best age to start getting into Discworld, dyou think? I can't remember when I started them, although I'm reasonably sure I read the bromiad trilogy first. Reason I ask is my mate's 8 year old daughter absolutely loves reading / being read to. My friend's just about to finish reading the Harry Potter books to her and is planning to start Redwall next, and I was thinking of buying her a load of Pratchett books for Christmas but I really don't want to time it badly and make her bounce off them & never go back
  3. I was listening to his appearance on RHLSTP and he mentioned being in a sitcom called Top Coppers which was on BBC3 just before the channel died. I'm not familiar with it but from this clip it looks like it might be amazing.
  4. PK

    Bob's Burgers

    God I love December. Every year I forget a new series of Bob's Burgers has started, and so have between 5 and 10 episodes to catch up on
  5. PK

    Babylon 5

    Having rewatched it all myself recently I'm thoroughly excited to read your reactions, especially to when things shifts gear into overdrive @Sprite Machine Very jealous of you getting to watch it all for the first time!
  6. Just caught up with the latest series and I think it might be one of the best ones? Absolutely perfect selection of contestants, Fearn and John were so wonderfully bizarre without it seeming forced. John had me in stitches more than I think any guest has. His twitter is good value as well Even Munya was quite endearing in how completely lame he was, like a school kid trying to be cool but who you know deep down has a heart of gold. It came as absolutely no surprise to read that he was head boy at a catholic school By the end it definitely had the quality that all the best series of this show had when they finished - I'm thinking series 4 & 5, and TMNZ series 2 - a sort of warm contentment but also a fair bit of sadness that you can't just watch the same little group faffing about and lightly taking the piss out of each other for about another 2 or 3 series. Great stuff
  7. Yeah that's a shame they're switching up the formula already. I'd quite happily have liked two more series of him just turning up somewhere out the blue and beating up various bewildered strangers
  8. It's outrageously good isn't it? God I'd do anything to be able to experience the Watch books for the first time again
  9. Oh is it a similar sort of thing?
  10. Yeah exactly. A mad Nazi commandant-scientist-cultist in an Indiana Jones film is the role he was born to play.
  11. Delighted to find out this morning that the first three series of the 1980s stop motion The Wind in the Willows, and the feature length film which preceded them, are on Prime if you take out a free Britbox 7-day trial. Film: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Wind-Willows-Film-N/dp/B0B2JXR7VF/ Series: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/video/detail/B0B5LZ1SGT/ref=atv_dp_season_select_s1 The voice cast is superb - Michael Hordern, Richard Pearson, Peter Sallis and David Jason - and it's such a lovely programme Genuinely considering calling in sick tomorrow to watch it all under a blanket
  12. Yeah I literally have no idea from any of that what the fuck has happened
  13. Don't think I've ever pictured them wearing denim dungarees. I always thought they had these things on
  14. PK

    Dredd 3D

    God he looks like such a dweeb there doesn't he? Fresh out of the academy with his idealistic Defence of the Law bullshit. Just one month later, after being out on the streets wading through the thick of Mega City One's chaotic human gumbo, he considered himself the law and his chin was four and a half foot long
  15. Yeah I thought it was good fun. It was mainly fan service but this multiverse stuff was always going to be like that wasn't it? It was worth watching just for Andrew Garfield, he was great. "Spiderman 3 🤷‍♂️"
  16. And from that set: Ridiculous
  17. Luke Vibert at the Boiler Room festival in Amsterdam last night. I'm only 20 minutes in but so far it's 👌🏼
  18. PK

    Boomer Shooters

    I like the look of that! Seems pretty hectic and I really like the Deep Rock Galactic art style
  19. Yeah this is a fantastic film. Cage and Pascal are a great double-act, I'd love a sequel or something else with them in the leads
  20. It's honestly nothing like any other Marvel or Star Wars show, it's more like a Cold War thriller set in space. It's superb. 5/5
  21. It's exceptionally good. It's the first time any of this stuff has actually explored what living under the space fash would be like. Although (last episode)
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