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  1. Just out of interest, what was your own imagined backstory for the engineer & aliens when you first saw Alien? Or did you not really care? I always thought he was like a gigantic alien space trucker whose ship had been infested en route somewhere, and he'd had his own unsuccessful version of the film play out until he'd had to ditch the ship and set a beacon to warn everyone else away.
  2. There was some really interesting Prometheus test footage with Rafe Spall as an android knocking about years ago which appears to have been scrubbed from the internet, seem to remember it made it look like there was a decent film in there at one point. His recent appearances really highlight what an outrageous waste they made of him in Prometheus.
  3. I quite like the premise of Prometheus. The idea of a group of bright-eyed optimistic scientists and dreamers making an epic voyage to follow a star map to meet our creator, only to find out for some completely inexplicable reason they hate us and want to kill us, could have been a really great fantasy/sci-fi horror film in the right hands. It's sort of bewilderingly horrifying, like an abusive parent feels to a child. It's just a shame it was buried in so much shite.
  4. Have you seen Evil Dead 2? Highly recommend you watch it if not, it's much much better. I'm with you to be honest, the original's always seemed pretty ropey to me - although I watched the sequel first, which may have something to do with it.
  5. A non-binary poster did this two pages back and was told "that's just stupid". I've deliberately not tagged them as I get the impression they don't want to continue being part of the discussion. I understand where you're coming from, but if we accept that purely by the nature of the system we find ourselves in, the end result of pretty much every purchase we make is 'shitty person got money from you', then I think it's also possible to see a case of "this person voices hatred for that group, I do not hate that group, I will not fund this person" as offering more of an opportunity - or, possibly, just an easier one - to exert your personal ethics than trying to navigate through a homogenous mass of corporate entities, which because of their size & position within the system are linked to morally reprehensible practices.
  6. I don't think I agree in this case. This is one of the few occasions when you can actually apply your ethics while consuming a product. All the whatabouttery comparing it to trying to avoid Nestle products or TenCent investments or the works of writers who are dead or musicians who are in prison are not really relevant - this is a relatively rare opportunity to be able trace a direct line from the money you spend to a royalty payment into the pocket of a single individual who is gleefully espousing hateful views about a marginalised group to an enormous audience, and encouraging that audience to do the same, and is apparently suspected of funding organised groups doing the same thing. And that presents an opportunity to divert your money elsewhere while still consuming a product that, for example, your kids are really excited about playing. You might not be able to fully separate the art from the artist but you can fairly easily avoid paying them if they're a hateful dickhead.
  7. I suppose depending on their age you could use it as a way to teach your kids about one of the few ways you have to consume ethically under capitalism. 'I know you like Harry Potter, but this is what the author is doing now, so here's how we can still play the game without giving her money' sort of thing
  8. Why doesn't anyone who wants to play the game, but not financially support a hateful bigot multi-millionaire who is actively campaigning for a marginalised group's lives to be made even harder than they already are, just buy it secondhand?
  9. Kevin Can Fuck Himself is pretty good, although it never quite makes the most of the excellent cast and the interesting premise. You do get a few glimpses of what an outstanding series it could've been and it's very watchable though. We have a thread!
  10. They referred to this on Half in the Bag as a remake of Charlie & the Chocolate Factory, which is amazingly spot-on
  11. Good film, although I think the effectiveness of scenes near the end are let down by the CG
  12. Disney+ , it's called The Rescue. It's fantastic, just as gripping as Thirteen Lives.
  14. Probably Christmas Day 1992 - in November me and my brother had given our dad a full sales presentation about why he should buy us an NES, one of the reasons being it was most reasonably priced as it was no long top of the range which we were FINE with. Turned out he hadn't listened and bought us a Mega Drive instead. Nearly shit myself with glee. We played Sonic until our eyes bled and then fought over the controller and both got a clip round the ear & it got packed away. Best day.
  15. Mike's definitely the most generally ignorant of the bunch and to be honest outside of his knowledge of the literal act of producing a film I find he's got very little of actual interest to say, he's just comic relief. Jay sitting there listening politely while he talks absolute shite for 3 minutes was very funny though. Tangentially related I really wish Jay would write about film or direct something of his own free of the "lol we're hack frauds" protective shtick. He's got such an obvious passion for it and the little tidbits of criticism and enthusiasm he occasionally writes on Twitter are always really interesting
  16. It's pretty light but I quite like it. It's a bit like a CBBC programme with some swearing and the occasional stabbing. Con O'Neill is great in it, it's hilarious how constantly seething with anger he is
  17. Yeah really enjoyed The Menu, 4/5. I wasn't expecting but it was highly entertaining nonsense. Also, at the end, am I imagining things or
  18. PK

    Creative Coding

    Thanks very much for linking this, I've always wanted to look into creating demos and this looks like a great place to start. I have absolutely zero coding experience apart from some QBASIC when I was 9 or 10 so I imagine it's going to take me a while 😅
  19. The is blatantly going to have some sort of apocalyptic breakdown. Can't wait!
  20. I had no idea this was coming back for a third series, the first episode was on tonight and is on iPlayer. Still brilliant, already some interesting threads and Sarah Lancashire is still amazing.
  21. Yeah it really did. My guess is they wanted to show it to someone at the charities? Mike's voiceover sounded like Dennis the Menace being made to wear a shirt and tie
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