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  1. I've not seen this and not read any posts in this thread for fear of spoilers. Can anyone answer this - on a Sorkin Melodrama Scale of 1-10, where does it land?
  2. Tremendous insight from this interview
  3. Good grief. What a joke. I'll be buying all three.
  4. The hard cut from wholesome sofa chat to Rorie hacking his way out of a dystopian gulag is amazing
  5. I thought the whole point of the campaign would be the finale of the pyramids stuff? Are they stretching that storyline out further?
  6. (also, for Rorie fans: I'm watching the Unprofessional Fridays that screenshot is from and at one point while they're all chatting Jeff exclaims "Matt Rorie is over there with his laptop!" and they cut to this shot, which made me laugh quite a bit for some reason)
  7. He talked about the Jeselnik episode on another podcast a couple of months before the episode aired, it wasn't put on. And then when the episode finally came out Jeselnik was a bit of a cunt about it. He apparently comes from the roast comedy scene in the US which seems to be entirely populated by them. What's interesting about it is it sounds completely fine as an episode, and like they're just doing a bit. You'd never guess Acaster completely hated it and had his confidence shattered by it. It's like the Stephen Merchant episode of RHLSTP.
  8. She'd be great, she riffs off Jeff really well. I'm in two minds about Abby leaving, she's really good with Vinny and Jeff B, and seeing her shit herself playing horror games never gets old. But she's so loud.
  9. Yes, just started playing this tonight - so far it's good! It scratches a very similar itch to Slay the Spire. You progress through a randomly generated map and hit encounters that drop items, or are fights. The fights are ring-shaped arrangements of cards that can be monsters, potions, treasure chests or the exit from the encounter, with two to choose from to play at any one time. The monsters have the usual att/def/int stats to consider, and you can choose to try to stealth past them which is a roll based on a stat that can be buffed with certain items. You coillect
  10. Some great recipes on https://pipingpotcurry.com/
  11. PK

    No More Jockeys

    Plop it over, worry about it later.
  12. That was great, I loved how absolutely terrible everybody was. I hope Richard Herring spends the whole series 'trying to impress dad'
  13. It's Taskmaster time! I really hope Rich is absolutely terrible at everything, it would be the perfect punchline to him pining to be on it for so long
  14. You could quite easily make a satirical sketch using those sets and puppets, highlighting how utterly ridiculous it is that being deeply passionate about watching strangers play football is completely socially acceptable, but being deeply passionate about preventing the world being ravaged by climate change is derided. But there's absolutely nothing satirical in their sketch. It's like their thought process was just "Greta......frowny.....passionate....passionate football fans....comedy"
  15. Come on, even you can concede that one.
  16. Oh also if anyone likes the sound of the Gauthier vegan tasting menu that @Gaz mentioned, you can now get their Vegan Box delivered, which is 8 courses for 'up to 4 people' for which you do a bit of light prep/reheating at home. It's £75, or £105 with two paired bottles of wine. The thing in the top left is their 'Faux Gras' which is amazing
  17. She's not wrong about tuna melts, they're incredible. The Daily Mail article was hilarious in its own right. It featured this wonderful combination of photo & caption A sober warning from NightOwl61 And a great point from Joy
  18. Yes! It's such an amazingly prescient book. If nothing else good comes of this adaptation, at least it's an excuse to re-read all the Watch novels.
  19. Every Watch book is structured like a detective TV series. These guys have no business adapting literature if that's genuinely what they thought.
  20. What a load of bollocks. https://www.theguardian.com/books/2020/oct/12/bbc-the-watch-shares-no-dna-with-terry-pratchett-work-daughter-rhianna
  21. I'm pretty sure she was doing a bit. I quite like her, she reminds me of a friend who is similarly eccentric and scatty and plays it up quite a bit. Her kids must have been mortified by her appearance though
  22. It's also highly frustrating in this specific case because there hasn't been a better time to faithfully adapt Guards! Guards! , a book in which a group of privileged traditionalists, dissatisfied with modern reform and multiculturalism and supported by bigoted idiots, install a moronic puppet king and summon a destructive force which they immediately lose control of.
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