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  1. Strange Days - 5/5 Can confirm, this is still brilliant.
  2. PK

    Squid Game

    @TwinbeeIt's reasonably violent. General spoilers about violent content etc:
  3. She presents Only Connect on BBC4 and is on a lot of panel shows. She used to be a professional poker player as well. Her comedy persona is a kind of gently condescending/aloof character so I think it'll be quite funny throwing that type of act into the Taskmaster chaos.
  4. PK

    Squid Game

    It's fucking GREAT isn't it?!
  5. PK

    Squid Game

    It's great, I've accidentally watched all of it already Loved everything about it, even though (last 2 episodes spoilers)
  6. PK

    Squid Game

    Anyone watching this Korean programme on Netflix? 4 episodes in and it's very good so far. 400 people with severe debts accept an invitation to play games for money, and it all goes a bit Battle Royale edit - I've just realised that the trailer reveals most of the 'games', so I've spoilered it. You're better going in cold!
  7. He wrote a 40k book called Horus Rising which is fucking incredible. I tried reading some of the other authors' books in the same series and they were like fanfiction by comparison.
  8. I think it's pretty spot on as a review. The film is a very odd mishmash of horror styles and is full of terrible, cliched writing and ridiculous performances, and you're left only about 75% certain that it's all deliberately so.
  9. In case anyone's worried that there are spoilers about allegiances in that promo image, they did three of them
  10. PK

    Xbox Game Pass

    Sorry if this is a stupid question, but - I've got a Game Pass Ultimate subscription, should I be able to access Cloud Gaming in the Windows Xbox App yet? https://news.xbox.com/en-us/2021/09/14/new-updates-to-xbox-app-on-windows-10/ It sounds like I should, but there's no Cloud Gaming button in my app.
  11. PK


    I spent the first 15 minutes of this waiting for it to pull out and reveal it was a cheesy movie-within-a-movie. Once it's clear they're deliberately going for complete shlock it's loads of fun.
  12. I suppose the logical thing is for everyone plugged into the matrix to be a clone, isn't it? That's never even occurred to me before
  13. Anyone caught any of the VCT Berlin Masters going on this week? The level of play is absolutely insane. The pre-tourny press conference also featured this gem from Benkai of Paper Rex
  14. https://www.theguardian.com/business/2021/sep/10/latest-toy-craze-sweeps-uk-as-fidgety-britons-buy-in-to-pop-its
  15. I found this thread quite interesting regarding the first film being a trans allegory: Avoid reading the replies, obviously.
  16. Thanks @Art Vandelay & @SweatyTravolta, Late Night Big Breakfast is amazing! Leigh's sub-second expressions of panic every now and then are so good.
  17. Yeah I didn't think he died at the end of Revolutions. The Oracle says "We'll see him again one day" and they show this right after a close up of his face, which I assumed was his consciousness hooked into the machines' network
  18. Yeah, they did. He makes a deal with them - he's the only one who can stop Smith, but he wants Zion protected. The giant baby made of nanomachines agrees, then they pick him up and plug him into the matrix so that he can fight Smith.
  19. They put him back into the Matrix at the end of the third film, he did a deal with the machines.
  20. I love that they appear to have given a prominent female character blue hair
  21. I'll be honest, 5 seconds into that trailer 16 year old me burst out from somewhere deep in my subconscious and screamed OH MY GOD IT'S A NEW MATRIX FILM
  22. Sorry I edited my post because it sounded really snarky phrasing it as a question! He karate chops his way into the guy's consciousness:
  23. In fairness the concept of an AI overwriting the consciousness of a human isn't a particularly unusual one in sci-fi
  24. The ending musical sting is bizarre as well. DUM-DUM-DUUUUUUUM! I watched the sequels again recently and I enjoyed them a lot more than I did at release. I like the concepts that they were reaching for, even though they present them in a really messy way. And they're infinitely more engaging and interesting than the generic sci-fi/fantasy action films of the last 10+ years. I hope they try loads more mad incomprehensibly convoluted shit in this new one.
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