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  1. Someone said to me the other day she looks like and I can't unsee it.
  2. Yeah, she's brilliant. I hope she's going to be in a few films, is she playing an established Marvel superhero in this?
  3. I'm not a particularly passionate Beatles fan but I've been completely enraptured by the first episode of this tonight. There's something quite incredible about feeling like you're hanging out with these semi-mythical figures. I'm glad it's so long, it would be a much less immersive experience if it was more heavily edited down.
  4. Completely forgot it was coming out yesterday! Time to charge the Kindle for the first time since the previous book came out
  5. Yes, it's remarkable. They're all such incredibly unlikeable people but you care so much about them. I can't think of another programme like it in that regard. Maybe Deadwood, I suppose?
  6. This game's absolutely brilliant. Me and my co-op mate finally beating the end boss is one of my gaming highlights of the last decade @Opinionated Ham Scarecrow you might also enjoy Roboquest. Essentially the same thing, but with robots and some light base building like Rogue Legacy
  7. The drink task was from here (10 minute mark in case it doesn't auto-start there) Guz's chocolate button task was from NMJ as well, sort of. That last episode was really good, the tasks were just low complexity opportunities for the cast to be funny. It's such a shame the rest of the series wasn't like that. Next series lineup has been announced, and according to replies they've got the studio audience back:
  8. This is SO good! Perfect rich, fruity beer to have at Christmas. Fig, Blueberry & Almond Porter from Brass Castle
  9. I'm trying to pace myself after smashing 5 seasons of it, I don't want to run out. I didn't realise until yesterday that it was originally a YouTube series: Language-wise it seems a bit more impenetrable than the TV show
  10. Yeah only joking, I'm sure it's not for everyone. I love it, I think it builds both a good sense of dread and frustration at the main character being such a div.
  11. Go back in time and stop yourself from making this post
  12. It's superb and IMO just gets better and better.
  13. That sounds like it could be great, have they said whether it's going to be Premium? edit:
  14. PK

    The Expanse

    I'd be careful following them on Twitter, Ty is quite free and easy with the spoilers.
  15. I was mildly obsessed with Keaton's films when I was a kid, highly recommend this excellent Thames Television documentary about him from the 80s Links to episode 2 and 3 are in the description.
  16. I really enjoyed the whole series. As others have said in this thread, the Empire stuff did feel like it was a cut above the other storylines,
  17. There's so many weird, wonderful things in this that half the time I don't even know why I'm laughing. Like Squirrely Dan going mental because of the 's' added to the end of sashimi. And whoever's choosing the tunes for the scenes in Stewart's basement is a genius. A Canadian sitcom is the last place I expected to hear Bad Company and Dillinja
  18. Not a recipe, but Gauthier's vegan 'faux gras' is fucking amazing and they're doing a 3 pack with a matched wine for £45 here: https://gauthierhome.store/products/gauthier-soho-faux-gras-terrine-3-pack-with-matched-wine
  19. Caught myself saying "Hard no" on a conference call yesterday. Thanks for bumping this thread @Phelan, this is brilliant.
  20. iPlayer, it's very good. Some of the interviewees open up a lot more to Nick Broomfield now that Suge Knight is in prison for the rest of his life. No Time To Die - 3/5. It's fine.
  21. PK

    The Expanse

    There's a lot in that trailer, if you'd prefer to go in reasonably cold.
  22. Oh my god, the world's most wholesome crossover!
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