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  2. I haven't used my PS4 for a long time - is Sony's digital pricing still bonkers? It was £60+ for games you could pick up on physical for £40 or less when I last checked. They're surely going to have to change that, if they haven't already, for a digital edition of the console to sell
  3. I hope it rotates on its base like a gigantic fidget spinner
  4. Yeah, all of this looks so much better in 4K. What a bizarre idea not to stream it that way.
  5. If you play as the cat I will buy the console for that alone
  6. That looks like a fun take on a destruction derby game, which are always boring
  7. If this is a game where you play as a cat in a robot world I will buy a PS5 to play it
  8. Does this GT look any better than the last GT?
  9. I didnt expect it to be a room-sized cube, bold design choice
  10. It was more to do with turning him in the public`s eye into a shit set of catchphrases which idiots then shouted at him in the street. He had a mini-breakdown about it and left the country, he`s mentioned it in a few interviews. It wasn`t specifically racist in that case. Although having said that, Craig David`s line "When the crowd say "Bo! Selecta!" is a reference to black musical culture going back about 30 years, so turning that into the name of your show which contains a load of horrible racist caricatures is a bit fucking fishy.
  11. This is great fun in co-op. We`re still not past 2-4 but every death is because we did something wrong or late, it never feels cheap. Elemental fusion is a cool system: You can create the first two as the cat by using your smoke grenade to apply Decay and then whatever elemental gun to add Shock or Burn. The dog can just dual wield guns which have the relevant elemental effect. We also just realised that when you discard scrolls in co-op they drop on the ground and the other player can pick them up, so you can work together to create some strong character builds for each other.
  12. I loved the Forsaken campaign so much. I was under-levelled when I played through it so it was really, really challenging and the structure of hunting down each Scorn badman is great.
  13. Theres a really cool horror game called No Players Online which pretends to be an old multiplayer FPS that nobody plays any more
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