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  1. I thought the Leia scenes were really unnerving, I just couldn't forget that they were working backwards from unused Carrie Fisher footage from the previous films, and nobody was acting opposite her. The way they built dialogue around clips they had left over from when she was alive was just a bit unsettling, particularly the 'do me a favour and be optimistic' bit. Every one of her scenes reminded me of the South Park episode they made just after Isaac Hayes quit in a scientologist huff
  2. I dunno, Abby's fine and she makes some good points about the games they discuss in the game 1 podcast, she's just way too loud in the mix.
  3. This was reasonably good, but it feels like two films jammed into one.
  4. Yeah fully agree the Captain Marvel episode of Half in the Bag was embarrassing. But I think it's specifically Mike who is the problem in that respect, rather than all of them. He's verging on MRA while Jay actually seems like he has his head screwed on properly.
  5. The level to which they've developed it is really impressive. If you find, say, some Level 2 armour that you don't need, you can ping it so that your teammates know where it is. Once you've done that, your teammates can press a button to 'bagsie' it, so they don't end up inadvertently fighting over loot. They can even press a button to un-bagsie it if they find something equal level or better before picking up the one you found. And all of this generates voice lines from your characters as well as creating an icon in-world and on the map. It's genius. I believe DotA 2 has a very similar system, but have never played it
  6. Apex Legends seems specifically designed to support people playing without voice comms. You can tell your teammates things like "I saw/can see an enemy here", "I need this type of armour/ammo/gun", "I'm moving over here to find loot" through crosshair placement and pressing one button. They've also got a sort of permanent chance-to-revive mechanic which encourages players to stay in the game even after they've died rather than immediately quitting and joining another one.
  7. 1) Chernobyl 2) Watchmen 3) Dublin Murders 4) The Expanse 5) The Boys Sorry Baz, but Watchmen is amazing
  8. The point of the protomolecule, which I can't remember if they've properly explained in the TV series, is that it's the foundation of the ring-builders entire technology; they can adapt it to their requirements, so depending on how they re-code it they can use it to build a wall, or a radio, or a weird crab made out of triangles or whatever. The version that is found on Eros completely revolutionises human understanding of science and decimates Ganymede & Ceres, but it turns out that all it was coded to do was essentially create one leg of an interstellar motorway - it's mundane to the race who created it, but cataclysmic to humans. The book that season 4 is based on is basically a small-scale frontier survival story plonked in the middle of the grand epic that they're telling. It's all about how difficult it is for humans to survive on the 'habitable' planets that have become available, and you basically hear nothing about the background stuff other than the revelations about the ring-builders which are in the TV series as well. It ties into a similar theme as the protomolecule because it's showing how despite there being thousands of 'habitable' planets, there are infinite ways that just being on them, interacting with locally mundane ecosystems, can kill us. And then hanging over all of that, accentuated by the end of the book/season, is the threat of (end of s4 spoiler) The book's definitely a dip in pace but I think you're meant to come away from it with a heightened sense of danger about humanity's future, rather than hope, which acts as an undercurrent for all the amazing shit that's about to come. I wasn't sure how it was going to turn out but I think this season was fantastic because of the smaller scale story; the main cast really seem to inhabit their characters perfectly now.
  9. Oh and non-fiction, definitely BBC 4's Spotlight On The Troubles. It's still on iPlayer
  10. 1) Chernobyl 2) Dublin Murders 3) The Expanse 4) The Boys 5) Barry Sounds like Watchmen and Beforeigners need watching. The Virtues exhausted me so I had to abandon it
  11. PK


    I love how N64 Zelda games never seem to stop providing crazy new strategies - Majora's Mask WR has reduced by about an hour in the past few months:
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