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  1. I suppose a massive bombastic celebratory ceremony would have been in quite poor taste though, wouldn't it?
  2. PK

    No More Jockeys

    Contacts is apparently very good, I've bought it but haven't got around to reading it yet. Said this a few pages ago but I thoroughly recommend Tim Key's book about lockdown. It's incredible. I know what you mean about the earlier ones being mild - going back and watching the first set it's markedly different to how it is now. I think the editing is a lot less tight so it has a much more leisurely pace.
  3. PK

    No More Jockeys

    Controversial finish to this week's game. Not sure how the fans in the stands are going to react to this.
  4. Yeah I'm not a fan when it's the star of the show but the tiniest echo of nutmeg elevates creamed spinach so much. A pinch of a pinch. A homeopathic micron.
  5. Great choices! Really good creamed spinach with a hint of nutmeg is a thing of beauty. Have you ever had squid and black pudding? I had that in a pintxos place in Barcelona and it's definitely the best tapas/pintxos I've ever eaten. And @K you can't just drive-by post and not give us your menu
  6. They're great! Really good cast and tasks again. (episode 2 spoiler)
  7. Hadn't seen this before. It's quite something!
  8. My account, which I set up to install Half Life 2 on release day.
  9. Truly bizarre. Somehow they've managed to make them taste of absolutely nothing at all. All there is to them is dust and heat
  10. If they made one they'd definitely lock it down as an Xbox, rather than as a PC with full Windows access, don't you think?
  11. What I like is the implications for 'our' Loki in the next set of movies. I was expecting they'd ruin or regress the characterisation work they did for him in Ragnarok but they've actually improved on it, by now making him someone with genuinely good intentions who everybody else will still think is a scheming little shit. I think it'll be really entertaining seeing him try to convince the superheroes that the multiverse threat is real, and not something he's cooked up to become King of the Universe or whatever.
  12. If I pop the 512GB one in my Wishlist will someone get it for me in this year's Steam Secret Santa?
  13. Yeah that's how I interpreted it, having never read the comics.
  14. No proof of dodgy odds, but it's fairly well known that a lot of the streamers are pretending to be using their own money. The gambling sites load their accounts with 'cash' to make the streams more dramatic and thus give their advertising a larger audience with a higher conversion chance. They've been doing it for years and Twitch don't give a fuck.
  15. PK

    Rick and Morty

    Yeah, I made that same comparison while I was watching it. I'm finding the structure of episodes this seasons feels off somehow. More traditionally paced rather than the usual frenetic madness. Did they change writing staff recently?
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