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  1. PK

    Titanfall 2

    Also, I think it says a lot about how amazing that sequence is that I still get the urge to spoiler any reference to it, just in case even one person is considering playing it and hasn't experienced the bit.
  2. PK

    Titanfall 2

    Sorry, yes, it's not drawing them simultaneously. They're different areas of one large map. Misunderstood what you meant by 'running'.
  3. PK

    Titanfall 2

    It is, isn't it? I thought I read that the way it works is there are two copies of the level, one positioned just above the other in the map, and every time you use the gauntlet it teleports the player and the corpses either up or down depending on which direction in time you're going.
  4. What a lovely game! Me and a mate have just accidentally spent 6 hours playing it. Love the art style so much. In fact, it's been a while since I've played any game which is this atmospheric. It's brilliant.
  5. Yeah, they almost completely ruined the good work Hemsworth and Waititi had done in Ragnarok. He regresses back to the same character from the previous films in Infinity War, which sees him looking for a weapon to channel his power which he'd just spent the whole of Ragnarok learning he didn't need a weapon to channel, just so they could get to their epic "You should have gone for the head!" moment. Sticking in one line saying "it could even hypothetically channel the bifrost!" or whatever was clearly a hurried edit to account for that. And then in Endgame - "Oh, he's a comedy cha
  6. Today's Sue Perkins episode is quite something.
  7. I also went down a bit of a rabbit hole last night and discovered that there are a surprising number of organised knight fighting tournaments still going on
  8. It's on BLAZE TV, according to their website you can "WATCH ONLINE, MOBILE, FREEVIEW 63, SKY 164, FREESAT 162 AND VIRGIN 216"
  9. PK

    No More Jockeys

    In case anyone's interested, there's a fan Discord here which was set up during the live show:
  10. If they do a crossover with Forged In Fire everybody can just stop making TV, because it'll have peaked.
  11. I've just been made aware of KNIGHT FIGHT, which I haven't watched yet but is clearly the greatest TV programme ever made
  12. Are there any good articles about that? I'd love to know the full background story, it certainly felt a bit like it had been cut to ribbons. A bit like one of the DC films, just sort of shapeless and un-engaging.
  13. PK

    Titanfall 2

    I quite enjoyed Infinite Warfare. The usual CoD military hoorah shite is easier to stomach when it's in a sci-fi setting, and the story is gloriously melodramatic and has some fun set pieces. It also features some emotional scenes with a robot pal, although they're not a patch on TF2's.
  14. Yeah, it was beautiful. This is a very interesting article by Tobias Lindholm about his intentions behind the series' focus:. https://www.theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/2021/jan/18/the-investigation-drama-kim-wall-killer-tobias-lindholm Thanks again for the recommendation, finished it tonight and was an absolute mess by the end!
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