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  1. It must be nice to be completely invulnerable like De Klerk and be able to throw yourself at thundering horse's legs
  2. It doesn't come out til 4pm on PC! I was trying to find a picture of an angry-looking goose to accompany that information and discovered that geese are actually horrifying
  3. Every episodes is a masterpiece. Bastogne is probably my favourite, it's fucking terrifying. It's genius how during numerous battle scenes they leave you unsure whether you've just seen one of your favourites from the ensemble cast die, and you don't find out until after the chaos is over. I imagine that must be exactly what it's like for people fighting in wars alongside friends.
  4. I'm about to start it, but I already know it won't feature anything as funny as a poltergeist combine harvester.
  5. 10) 24 9) Happy Valley 8) The Thick of It 7) Arrested Development 6) The Wire 5) Justified 4) Band of Brothers 3) Deadwood 2) Him & Her 1) Bojack Horseman 1a) Masterchef The Professionals A simple list from a simpleton
  6. PK

    Xbox Game Pass

    Microsoft are posing an interesting thought experiment with it
  7. Just finished it, only 9 years late. Ended on a bit of a whimper but what a great game overall, reminded me of all the things I loved about Max Payne 2 and built on them tremendously well. I think I'll play through American Nightmare tomorrow. Thanks, this all makes Quantum Break sound right up my street, I'll pick it up now. I felt the same as the bolded part, something put me off and then the reception wasn't great so I never looked at it again. But if it's anywhere near the same standard as Alan Wake & Max Payne 2, with the added bonus of a time travel story (which I'm a complete sucker for) then I'm sure I'm going to love it. Maybe someday I'll catch up with Remedy's output!
  8. The "mythology" of Battlestar Galactica. Fucking hell.
  9. I've been playing it on PC this week for the first time, I've no idea why I never got round to it before. Such a great game. Do Quantum Break and Control go for the same sort of cheesy movie melodrama?
  10. This is out now in Early Access on Steam. Would love to comment on how it plays but they've fucked over a large proportion of their Kickstarter backers and not given us keys, which I'm not bitter about, despite having backed them from nearly day one at £50 compared to £15.49 for the Early Access purchase , which I'm also not bitter about. It still looks great and I am not bitter
  11. Yeah you have to whack the game speed up in the F5 menu in the original if you don't want the walk cycles to completely do your nut. I hadn't seen this video about the sequel before, there's a bit more about the game's systems:
  12. PK


    Same chap has done a video on Dishonored Any%
  13. The chicken soup brigade:
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