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  1. PK

    UK Garage

    Hatcha is doing a 24 hour stream at the moment and is playing some phenomenal tunes
  2. Ha yeah that's true, 'looking TV-ish' is pretty meaningless nowadays isn't it.
  3. Really? There's always been something about the way they're lit which feels a bit TV-ish to me. I don't really know enough film terminology to articulate what, exactly, but it's like they're very bright, flatly lit and neutrally coloured a lot of the time. Normally the exposition scenes rather than the action stuff.
  4. PK


    Rusko and (to a slightly lesser extent) Caspa happened to dubstep. Soon as the US audience heard their stuff it was all over. (Hyperbole aside he makes some really good points in that, particularly about the smoking ban. There were more people outside Plastic People than inside when that came in, and it was massive tearout tunes that brought you running back down the stairs).
  5. PK


    A great lineup for this charity stream starting tomorrow: https://www.twitch.tv/phasetransition
  6. Genuinely have no recollection of Sean Connery dying
  7. I got so worried when They've done some really great work establishing the characters and their relationships. It's a shame it's only 7 episodes, I really hope there's scope for more seasons
  8. Great news! Everybody buy three copies so they'll start making the series again!
  9. Yep, this is great, definitely hooked after the first two episodes! The cast are all cracking. It's very reminiscent of Happy Valley and Broadchurch.
  10. This is so good. Ridiculously tangy 6.9% farmhouse ale
  11. Brad's travelled back from the future to tell us it's all going to be ok
  12. PK

    No More Jockeys

    It's the live show decider tonight. One a piece in the series, winner takes all!
  13. That's actually a little heartbreaking. Poor Big Jeffrey
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