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  1. PK

    Red Dwarf

    Alright, in fairness I smirked at the door gag. Expectations are now up to 0.02%
  2. Mike's apocalypse beard is beautiful
  3. I don't know, that episode seemed really dodgy. You're obviously going to be able to build a compelling narrative for a documentary if you ask a load of people who dislike someone personally whether it's possible they killed her husband. They clearly didn't put very many of the allegations from the other interviewees to her and I imagine they looked at her slightly odd/irritating mannerisms and realised it wouldn't be too hard to turn an audience against her with the right number of slow motion shots and selective investigation. Like the restraining order a few months before his disappearance, for example - a massive revelation moment in the episode with the right musical sting, but then in her blog post she's saying that he was a hoarder and was filling their 40-acre land up with shite, and he took out a restraining order with exaggerated details to try to stop her from throwing it out whenever he was in Costa Rica having his end away. You can clearly see the restraining order starts to mention something about that, but obviously nobody read that bit out and it was out of focus because it messed with their narrative: And one of the main people being interviewed about her killing her husband was the assistant: No mention of that, because it ruins her tearful interview talking about how Don entrusted her with a copy of the restraining order etc
  4. They hacked it in quite an interesting way by drawing a flipped space through the 'portal' of the mirror, and then putting an invisible wall there so you couldn't enter it
  5. Three episodes in it's absolutely lovely. I'm amazed and delighted that such slow, intimate sci-fi has been allowed to be made. Everything about it is just marvelous
  6. A film of The Electric State with the same tone as this series would be great! Oh.
  7. Various streamers have been gushing about Riot' new competitive FPS in vague terms and the embargo has been lifted now. It looks interesting, like a combination of CSGO, Seige and Overwatch. It's a first-to-13 rounds 5v5 bomb planting-based setup, with a buy menu at the start of each round and heroes who all have different abilities. Currently the only way to get access to the beta is to link your Twitch and Riot accounts and then watch sponsored streams to get a key to drop, which makes it pretty clear what market they're aiming for. Here's some ex-CSGO pros playing it fairly tactically - it's really interesting to see how the abilities factor in; different characters are better at defending certain bombsites, for example: Looks interesting. It launches sometime this year.
  8. Also just in case anyone else had this - if you're on the Steam version and are getting weirdly poor performance, try turning the Steam FPS counter off if you've got it on. Known issue, instant 15-20fps boost!
  9. This might be a weird question, but does it feel vaguely reminiscent of a fighting game when you play it with a pad? I got the vague sense that the systems they're leaning into with this one are inspired by them, with all the emphasis on timed staggering, building up sequences of preset moves etc. I don't play fighting games though so I'm probably talking bollocks! edit: I just realised I mean fighting games not "beat 'em ups". I'm so old
  10. I do think the critical thing is you could play it all the way up to Nightmare without engaging with those systems, if you really wanted to, but they've completely removed the option to do that in this one. So if you like their gameplay systems you're going to have a blast, but if not then it's not going to grab you like the previous one.
  11. Aside from all that guff though there are some fucking baffling design decisions in this, like having a video pop up just before they introduce a new enemy or boss, showing you exactly how to kill them.
  12. Yeah it's an interesting gulf of opinion. The Metacritic user reviews (I know!) seem to generally all be centered around there being too many new systems, too many distractions from running and gunning, and too many breaks in the action. I think I'd probably agree with that sentiment, they've layered a lot of stuff on top of the previous game. The 2016 game straddled the old & new perfectly, but I think this one feels very much like a current, console-centric game - it's all about queuing and prioritising various mechanics to create a flow of movement in stages, rather than just running around the level at 100mph shooting stuff with your favourite guns like it's 1996. And that sort of thing is great for people who enjoy it, but you can't ignore those mechanics in the new game to the extent that you could in the 2016 one, so if that sort of event-queuing gameplay is not your bag, you're not really going to have that much fun because it's clearly how they want you to play it. I wonder if people in the games press are just more used to that type of gameplay, I can't imagine anyone enjoying being a games reviewer in 2020 if they weren't.
  13. All of these are amazing. Especially the tree one in the top ten
  14. Sell a load CS:GO skins and buy it for £8 was what to do. ~5 hours in and it's alright, but it's not as good as the 2016 game. It's still fun, and juggling everything on Ultra Violence is a nicely challenging pain in the arse so far, but I'm amazed that this is by the same team as the previous one. It reminds me of playing a Quake mod; it feels great because it's built on the same basic game, but the gameplay additions are gimmicky, it looks garish and the tone is all wrong. But it's alright!
  15. Oh god, I've been trying to resist buying this until it's dirt cheap because it sounds like they've fucked around with the formula too much, but Civvie is always spot on with his fps reviews. What to do!
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