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  1. There's a setting to make the crosshair gap behave like the old CS one and grow as you're firing but I think it involves a fair bit of tinkering with cfg settings - there'll be lots of guides for those though. Incidentally, unlike old CS the recoil pattern is always exactly the same per gun, instead of each gun having three/four patterns it can choose from, eg the AK is always this: I imagine it makes the opposite mouse movements easier to learn for recoil control if you want to. I tend to just draw a lower case J and hope for the best! And yeah I still think the game feels brilliant to play. I've been playing CS in one form or another for 20 years now which is madness but best of 30 rounds of 5v5 on a DE map is still my favourite form of gaming
  2. They place those restrictions on new accounts in competitive in order to stop people who've been playing it for ages from creating new accounts (smurfing). The cooldown is intended to slow the process down so that it's a pain in the arse and a deterrent for someone who's trying to level a 2nd/3rd/4th account up to whatever rank they want in competitive. You have to play a few competitive games, then wait for the cooldown while playing other game modes, play a few more competitive games and wait for another cool down, and then eventually it will assign your account a competitive rank based on your performance in the games so far, from which point you can just play whenever you want. If you and your friend are assigned a drastically different rank you might not be able to play together, but that's unlikely. From a skim read this seems an alright overview of the different game modes: https://www.metabomb.net/csgo/gameplay-guides/csgo-game-modes-guide These are the ranks: This is a decent reddit post linking to various resources for understanding/playing the game better:
  3. And none of them ever experience the Mandela Effect for massive events or notable, well known quotes. Unless Neil Armstrong is the only constant across all the infinite multiverses, surely he'd have got his line right in one of them
  4. I mean....objectively speaking the guy has demonstrated racist behaviour on his stream, hasn't he? He's done a full on Benny Hill style racist Chinese accent. What is it you're expecting Nequests not to be right about?
  5. Good stuff, I really like both of the previous ones. Not amazingly good films but solid entertainment. Quite happy to have another one that sticks to the formula of RDJ being a prick to Jude Law, occasionally freezing time to plan out a fight. Fingers crossed there won't be a dodgy CGI Hound of the Baskervilles making an appearance.
  6. Memory works in odd ways. I thought he said "What if I told you.." as well, but apparently not.
  7. The finest example for me was the start of 'Nite 1' from their E3 2019 shows. After a slightly strange trailer for the Avengers game in Square Enix's press conference which didn't really explain what sort of game it was, Ben was tasked with going to see it, and asked to explain what it was: I'm sure he's probably a nice guy but he's laughably bad at his job
  8. In case you've nothing else to do this afternoon, Astralis vs Vitality in the semifinals of ESL One is currently on the third map and it's an amazing match; the second map went down to double overtime and pretty much every round is getting won by some ridiculously amazing play Also Vitality have a player (ALEX) from the UK, which is the closest we get to having a top-level presence in the game. IT'S COMING HOME, etc
  9. PK

    Old School Rave and Jungle

    Steve Gurley breakfast He should really get an OBE for services to jungle and garage
  10. She has this skill whereby if you keep emptying your magazine without manually reloading you get a DMG buff that stacks (I think) infinitely, if you combine it with an SMG with a tiny magazine and some other skills about ammo reserves and reload speeds (and, in my case, re-binding the Reload key to something the other side of the keyboard so that you don't habitually press it and ruin the stack) she just melts everything
  11. I'm sure someone else can give you much more detailed advice but don't do Tiny Tina's Assault On Dragon Keep until you beat the main story. It's an amazing DLC but it's set after the main game.
  12. There's a book called Sea of Rust in which the first truly sentient AI spends about an hour talking to humans and ruminating on humanity's position in the universe before realising that we cannot be saved, shutting down all communication and spending the next twenty years planning the hastening of our demise so that AIs can take over the Earth and eventually the rest of the cosmos. I suspect that interview's going to go along the same lines
  13. PK


    This Titanfall 2 run is top notch. Amazing movement and really great commentary from the runner VOD here, really worth a watch: http://twitch.tv/videos/443157318?t=29h20m14s
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