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  1. I think the only reason I want to watch it now is to see if they surpass "H is four dots in Morse code!!!!" in terms of absolute fucking stupidity.
  2. Amazingly good defence from England all game. Ireland haven't been able to find a single crack, and on the one occasion they do it gets held up.
  3. PK

    No More Jockeys

    Yeah it's a shame really, in some ways that's quite an important part of the game.
  4. Yeah, when the Imperial officer said something about "you'll be well rewarded in the new era" I assumed she was talking about what would eventually become the First Order
  5. PK

    No More Jockeys

    He's playing 4-D chess in the most recent episode
  6. There was a shot looking out from the cockpit of the Mandalorian's ship when he was approaching the town that I could have sworn was a model as well.
  7. PK


    Complex problems
  8. Gosh, I'm so jealous. To experience for those for the first time again would be wonderful. And especially given what's happened in current affairs since their publication! Could you let us know what you think of them, when you get to them?
  9. I love this series' commitment to awkward-looking animatronics over CGI aliens. It's so nostalgic
  10. PK

    No More Jockeys

    At least one more long set confirmed!
  11. Latest UK episode spoiler
  12. https://www.channel4.com/press/news/taskmaster-festive-special-announced I've never really enjoyed panel shows which feature celebrities rather than comedians as contestants, so a bit dubious about this. And given the financial hit the comedy world has taken from lockdown it seems a shame that they wouldn't use this as an opportunity to help some of them out. I wonder if it's at C4's insistence.
  13. Heck's 'Ultimate Vegan Burger' tastes to me like it's try to emulate sausagemeat rather than beef. It's very nice
  14. Episode 5 of the NZ series was today: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1sfQQAMy2pqukwqeJ6kWzaBdafqzCC-98/view Continues to be great!
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