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  1. Has anyone had any luck getting DS4Windows to work properly with this? The game detects my DS4 but the stick inputs are ridiculously sensitive and don't work at all in the menus, and going into the Controller settings to adjust them crashes the game
  2. They also said there'll be a final novella tying up some plot threads after Leviathan Falls, and they'll release all the novellas in a collection. I've not actually read any of them, are they worth it?
  3. PK

    art of rally

    In fairness I was using my keyboard, as the left stick on my controller has snapped. I'm sure the controls feel a lot better and are much easier when you're not using WASD
  4. PK

    art of rally

    This looks lovely and, judging from the demo, is ridiculously difficult to control. Can't wait to buy it and shout at it a lot.
  5. The Report (2019) - 4/5 Solid, engrossing film about the House Intelligence Committee's investigation into the CIA's use of torture. Adam Driver is great as usual. It'll leave you quite angry. It takes a direct shit on 24 and Zero Dark Thirty at points, which is gratifying. Prisoners (2013) - 3½/5 I'd forgotten how enormously entertaining this was. Hugh Jackman and Terrence Howard's daughters go missing, and Jackman and Jake Gyllenhall shout at each other and at other people to get them back. The Painted Bird (2019) - 4/5 Astonishing film about the human
  6. In fairness Doc Hammer was a paraplegic for quite a while after a spinal injury in 2017 or '18 which may have delayed the writing process somewhat
  7. The Assistant (2019) - 5/5 I loved this. Mesmirising and immersive mundanity, undercut with the deep dread that something terrible is happening. Which led me on to... Elephant (2003) - 4/5 Similarly immersive, with an even stronger sense of dread, only slightly let down by some dodgy improvised performances from a couple of the cast. I would have loved to have watched this without knowing what it was about, there's a moment about 25 minutes in which would be devastatingly impactful if you were in the dark about the subject matter. Would appreciate any r
  8. I'm fucking livid about this being cancelled. It's one of the best things that's ever been on TV. There's maybe an impossibly distant hope
  9. Agree with all of this, they should call it a day. I can't see how any media company would look at their output now and decide that they should buy their brand and pay them a salary. It's been quite surprising how half-arsed an attempt they've made to switch the site to home-stream setups and figure out how to make the best content out of a shit situation. There are teenagers doing much higher quality work on Youtube and Twitch. Although I hope Jeff becomes a full-time solo streamer, he's really good at it. There's a knack to making your viewers feel like they're hanging out with y
  11. I haven't used my PS4 for a long time - is Sony's digital pricing still bonkers? It was £60+ for games you could pick up on physical for £40 or less when I last checked. They're surely going to have to change that, if they haven't already, for a digital edition of the console to sell
  12. I hope it rotates on its base like a gigantic fidget spinner
  13. Yeah, all of this looks so much better in 4K. What a bizarre idea not to stream it that way.
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