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  1. That's an appallingly edited loud trailer that made me feel like an old man, but if the script is good Johnson and Reynolds could be a really great double-act. They're both very charming and watchable
  2. Am I misremembering, or between the initial trailers and release did they tone down the physical likeness of Ellie in The Last of Us to Elliot Page? I clearly remember assuming he was playing her when I saw the first trailer, and a lot of his mannerisms are still in the character.
  3. Can’t remember now, but does she know about his road…accident? Nobody knows except Logan and Colin, his shady fixer. And possibly a couple of RoyCo security guys? @Timmo
  4. PK

    UK Garage

    This looks great
  5. Still so fucking amazing. From the new title sequence:
  6. I can't believe it's NEW SUCCESSION day. I've rewatched the first two series so many times just to try and pick up some new tiny nugget of gold that I previously missed, and there's going to be an hour of the stuff arriving within a matter of hours
  7. Cena was terrific in the film, really looking forward to this.
  8. The gold menu is blatantly just a pisstake targeted at fools willing to part with their cash, isn't it? The main menu on there looks like it's priced like any other premium restaurant selling wagyu.
  9. I like that the words to the main score appear to be "IT'S THE BATMAN, IT'S THE BATMAN, IT'S THE BATMAN"
  10. PK

    Squid Game

    Any recommendations?
  11. Fucking hell the was terrible
  12. PK

    Squid Game

    I used to enjoy the anime fan subs which would provide a literal translation but then have a brief explanation for the cultural context of any phrases that sounded odd in English appear at the top of the screen. Although I can't imagine I'd be able to parse it all as quickly now as my 15-year old brain used to.
  13. I think all the bacon substitutes are designed to be fried crunchy, like they do in the US, rather than eaten a bit softer. You're right though, none of them are very nice. Although your post has reminded me that a local company makes this: Which I shall buy this weekend and report back on! On a semi-related note, the Bury Black Pudding Co's black pudding is very nice. It obviously doesn't have anywhere near the same iron taste as the actual thing - it's made primarily from black beans - but it's lovely and peppery and has a decent umaminess to it.
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