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  1. This result is worth it for all the salt from weirdo Messi haters, if nothing else.
  2. I actually don’t know what to do with myself right now. Wanted to chill out and play games tonight but I’m too hyped.
  3. Remember Saudi Arabia beat Argentina? 😅
  4. I was just saying a minute before the pen that I wish this match would just end now. The French looked like they felt similar. Fuck me man.
  5. Nocunt tell the Rangers Da’ who sits next to me that there’s a team playing 442 who are bossing the 2022 World Cup final 🤫
  6. I’ve preordered the extortionate big fuck-off anniversary tat edition 🤦🏻‍♂️ 🙈
  7. I’m currently playing through the only FF1 remake that matters, incidentally:
  8. I played through 1 on my mini NES classic last year and had a great time. In that version there’s a trick that lets you fight monsters above your level to grind massive EXP (something along the lines of they’re all on some island that you shouldn’t yet be able to access, but if you stand on a specific tile on the map just across the water from it you can trick the game into spawning them in.) I think the NES version has loads of broken things in its code, spells that don’t work the way they should, weird unintentional multipliers and shit that you can exploit, all that sort of stuff, but I doubt any of it survived the Pixel Remaster. I’m guessing these new versions also have QoL stuff too, so I doubt they’d be as grindy as originally intended. I actually didn’t mind the grind. I found it relaxing after work. Which is ironic.
  9. I want all that tat, and would maybe even stump up the £250, but the fonts and UI have fucked the whole deal into the bin. At least on Steam it’s possible to mod the fonts into something decent.
  10. I only got into them within the past few years, and even then, I’m playing on easy and spamming continues and memorising no patterns whatsoever, but the pixels and the sounds and the animation and the unrelenting button pounding all adds up to a whole heap of brilliant fun.
  11. You never played a Metal Slug?
  12. I was listening to Dandy Old Man as I read your reply there. If that’s not a sign to sod your family then I don’t know what is. Santa has arrived on Dobuita High Street today 🎅🏻 🫡
  13. I know that. Hence not knowing if the soundtrack was any good or not.
  14. I forgot to add Atari 50 to the list of games I'll be playing over Christmas. The retroness will hopefully make the whole experience very reminiscent of classic bygone Christmas gaming of yore. On that subject, best gaming Christmases: Whenever my cousins got their Commodore 64 and I was able to go round there and CONTROL WHAT WAS HAPPENING ON THE TV 🤯 Whenever my cousins got their NES with Super Mario Bros and that brutal Turtles game by Konami. "IT'S JUST LIKE PLAYING THE CARTOONS" 😂 Whenever I got Super Mario Bros 3 for my own NES "HE CAN FLY?! 🤯 CHECK THE HIP-HOP REMIX OF THE UNDERGROUND THEME" 😎 Whatever year it was Super Mario Kart came out on the SNES "MASCOTS IN GO-KARTS, PELTING EACH OTHER WITH MARIO POWER-UPS?" 😮 Goldeneye, Diddy Kong Racing, "Lylat Wars" triple-threat holy triumvirate, with added rumble-pack feedback no less! Smoking that first guy with the silenced "PP7" 🤤👌 Trousers would be sprinkled in laughter-induced pish playing dat multiplayer before schools went back that year, let me tell you Ocarina of Time, the most definitive, magical gaming experience of my life, at Christmas time or otherwise. Been chasing that dragon ever since 🥲 What's more, we even had motherfucking F-ZERO X as the multiplayer side game. WHAT?! 🤯
  15. My favourite bit of Tetris Effect in VR was the fireworks level, funnily enough, but mostly because the tune was teh bangingz0rz. The tune in that Fantabawz trailer is shite though. Did it have a good soundtrack originally?
  16. Yuss. Looking forward to searing my eyebawz with some hot vector emulation on dat OLED this Christmas.
  17. Is that different to Battlezone on PSVR? That was also great, but made me feel funny
  18. I think Jess tried to dress up the Sam Barlow hate by making his work out to be misogynistic in some sort of woke-pandering strategy, but failed to read the room in that, actually, arty intellectual (i.e. woke) people tend to see a lot of merit in his work, and she's just doubled down in a ball of flames. She does my nut in, and her "rise" is pretty much why I've bailed. I kinda like a good few folk still on it, but can't stand her at all. I guess it's another thing she can put on her bio besides "I really like Silent Hill, me." But then I come in here and find out it's probably because of Silent Hill anyway
  19. Yas, Tomato Convenience store finally got this classic tape in. Merry Christmas to me! 🕺
  20. Oh no? The RE Engine Resi games control like sumptuous butter. The very act of just moving about feels gorgeous 😞
  21. Fawckin’ classics: Incredible taste in games, man 🤌🏻 👏🏻
  22. I wanna play that Live A Live real bad, was quite torn on making it my Christmas game, but I’ve had Triangle Strategy in its shrink wrap since May, I think I’d like to play that first and don’t wanna overdose on the HD-2D splendour. So it’s the DS version of Dragon Quest V for all my cosy Christmas JRPG vibes this year 👍🏻
  23. How do-able is this in a week btw? It’s a week I intend to do sweet FA except play games solidly, eat mince pies, sink bevvy and chill tf out fwiw
  24. I finish up for work this Friday coming. I’m currently (trying to) play one cyber day of Shenmue 1 per IRL day on my Steam Deck, with my in game calendar synchronised with my IRL calendar, because you’ll all remember that Shenmue 1 is set at this time of year 😅 I say “trying to” cause it’s pretty mental at work this week before finishing up, so Ryo’s only still on December 10th with a bit of catching up to do. I’ll probably only keep this up til Christmas Day IRL / Christmas Day in Dobuita, which will be plenty cosy enough for now as far as Shenmue goes. I’m also finally managing to play the odd hour here and there of Final Fantasy Origins: Stranger of Paradise 😬 Had it burning a hole in my backlog since it came out, so I thought I’d try and cram in 2022’s best 6.5-out-of-tenner before the year’s done. Will aim to smash right through it over a couple of days once I’m properly off work. Just playing it on Story Mode, running through it and auto-equipping the best loot out of morbid curiosity really. I’m quite liking it quite a lot. Depending on how I get on clearing that, I thought I might spend my week off before Christmas finally playing the entirety of Death Stranding. Another one from the backlog that I’ve not played yet, I’ve actually got the Director’s Cut version installed and ready to go on my PS5, and figured the lonely desolate wintry landscape would make for the perfect melancholic accompaniment for my personal circumstances in the period right before Christmas this year 😢 But then I’m going back to my mum’s because my sister’s down with her wee daughter for actual Christmas through til new year, when I’m going to be playing muthaflippin DRAGON QUEST V for the first time ever via muthaflippin NINTENDO DS BACKWARDS COMPATIBILITY on my muthaflippin NINTENDO 3DS XL, and the cosy vibes will be maximum intensified. Gentle adventuring with swords, sorcery and all that good stuff is perfect for this time of year, even though I know this is largely just me chasing the dragon of Christmas 98 spent playing Ocarina of Time Can’t wait to continue / start / finish / abandon all/some of the above this Christmas
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