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  1. Amazing, very helpful and informative. I can see me dabbling in some of that stuff for a long while once I’m fully caught up in MSQ business / Endwalker. It’s a great game to relax to after work, so the prospect of just having heaps more stuff to do makes me feel warm and fuzzy. It sometimes feels a bit overwhelming, or the prospect of levelling another job or whatever can feel daunting, but it’s something to chip away at while I unwind I suppose.
  2. Oh I’m not really concerned about not getting the references, I was just handpicking the above because they seemed particularly relevant for me to try. I saw references to Rabanastre and thought, oh I could go some 12 nostalgia, and I heard that Kefka was in there, and he’s my favourite series villain, so set out to do that, but there’s still a bit to get through before I can fight him. Parked it to focus on MSQ’s. Are the above indeed what would be classed as raids? They were unlocked following specific side quests, as I’m sure you all know. Remember, I’m the +350 hour-deep n00b who’s been living in this world all this past year and still hasn’t a fucking clue what any of it means
  3. What are some of the good raids to do away from the MSQ’s then? I looked up the Ivalice/Rabanastre stuff because I thought it would be some delicious FF12 fanservice, but it’s more about FF Tactics which I haven’t played (yet!). I also started out doing some stuff involving a cartoony Chocobo and teleporting to some realm where I fought FF5 bosses (again, lost on me having not yet played 5), but I’m lead to believe you get to fight Kefka from FF6 at the end of that whole thing, maybe potentially even only on a harder level, like an EX or something? Are those things even raids? I just did them with randoms for a bit, neither to completion. Tbh I was focusing on mainlining the MSQ’s with Endwalker looming, in the vein hope I might catch up with all the expansions in time to join everyone else when the new hotness hit, but I’m just now halfway through the Post-Shadowbringers patches, and definitely needing a break before I start Endwalker in the new year.
  4. I should say that those Castlevania collections add ease of life things like save states and the ability to rewind, help making them far more approachable for modern snowflake sensibilities
  5. Switch has the best Tetris in Tetris Effect and Tetris 99. Tetris Effect is a creative audiovisual synaesthesia type take on the game, from Tetsuya Mizuguchi (the Rez cunt) while Tetris 99 is an incredible 99-player Battle Royal multiplayer take. It’s available for free if you subscribe to Nintendo Switch Online (worth doing to play online games as well as access NES, SNES libraries, plus additional N64 and Megadrive games if you pay for the top tier membership). Puyo Puyo Tetris is supposedly also great, though I’ve never played it. There are two Castlevania Collections which are both worth getting. The Anniversary Collection has all / most of the NES, original Gameboy, SNES and Megadrive classic Vania games, while the Castlevania Advance collection has the Metroidvania style GBA trilogy and the SNES version of Dracula X.
  6. Got a link? I’m struggling to find it. Cheers
  7. Where are the stands and stools at for preorder??
  8. The thrill of the chase is a large part of the fun to me. It’s sport.
  9. Totally, how shit would this be? Shout out @geldra who originally posted this earlier in the thread.
  10. It's worth signing up for notifications from Stock Informer: https://www.stockinformer.co.uk/checker-ps5-playstation-5-console I managed to get one on behalf of my sister's bf earlier this week (sold by Very), and had notification later that same morning advising Game also had stock.
  11. Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey are essential and both packed with content. Those plus Mario Kart are probably the holy triumvirate of absolutely universal and eternal Switch essentials.
  12. Watching it again, it looks Earthboundy, hence why it went on my radar. Might finally nail it in that Switch sale.
  13. It’s an old, albeit postmodern, PS1 JRPG. I didn’t know about the original at the time but Rab’s review of the Switch version put it on my radar: I also see it’s half price in the current Switch sale
  14. You’d be mad not getting the OLED at this stage. Take it from someone with the standard version who really fucking wants the OLED but can’t really justify it.
  15. I hope Shellsuit Bob’s maw Scarlet is an unlockable character in River City Girls 2.
  16. Yeah, I mean I play everything, but if you come away with Zelda, chances are the other person lights up because of their nostalgia from playing Ocarina that Christmas, and then you can just have a jolly conversation about how fucking good that Christmas was playing Ocarina of Time.
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