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  1. I suppose it’s Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania, even though I play it pretty much every day and love the shit out of it in spite of it all The main game is fine and the new music is amazing, don’t @ me
  2. It all boils down to me loving the ever loving shite out of Hollow Knight forever while Hades and the discourse around it bores the tits off me. I haven’t played it.
  3. I think Animal Crossing won last year here. Hades was third I think? Last of Us 2 was second.
  4. Am I right in thinking Hollow Knight came out on PC a year prior to its release on Switch, when it finally blew up critically and commercially? I know we as a board proceeded to exalt HK on Switch as a GOTY, myself included, but that somehow felt different to folk still banging on about Hades, again. Hades has already been given its flowers and then some, whereas something like HK was more akin to a sleeper hit. See also Among Us, I guess, maybe? Never played it. Can’t stand the look of it. But still. Yeah.
  5. Tetris Effect is a Top Ten all-timer for me, but am I fuck voting it game of 2021
  6. The point of my post was that I wasn’t exactly thrilled at the prospect of more Hades Cyberpunk chat though
  7. No Switch port of 8, no. Don’t forget there’s that “HD-2D” remake of 3 on the way. Not sure if that’s been on your radar @CovisGod? It looks utterly stunning:
  8. Oh good. It’s going to be another Rllmuk GOTY thread full of Hades
  9. It’s fucking gorgeous too. The rolling skies above that chunky toy-town fantasy anime-style world, beautiful vistas throughout the landscape, the bright and colourful characters and monster designs etc all look incredible.
  10. It was never going to be more Super than Fusion. If you’re going into MercurySteam Metroid even entertaining the notion of that even being possible, then yeah, you’re going to be disappointed. And a mug. It’s not my GOTY, I too would have much preferred a less linear, more Super style experience, with more scope for getting impossibly lost and flummoxed, but those days are done and it was never going to be that. I expected Samus Returns 2, and got something quite a bit better. Impressively so. Sucks about your RSI. The controls should be customisable in this day and age. For me, Dread had no right being as good it was. I strongly kept my expectations in check and went out of my way to avoid previews and reviews and other impressions until I played it myself. I did similar with Resi VIIIage, which wound up being my actual GOTY, and no doubt some others’ Biggest Disappointment
  11. It’s often in the sales. I nailed it in a recent Nintendo eShop sale with the sole intent of playing it over Christmas for ultimate cosy vibes, which I have been doing, and fucking loving
  12. Just how fucking good were you expecting a MercurySteam Metroid to be? Dread had no right being as good as it was. If anything it utterly exceeded expectations and then some. I was stunned that they managed to nail it so hard. And I really quite liked Samus Returns.
  13. And the other best song in the series is the one that plays in the hostess club while you set up: The three best songs in the series are all in that side game. And it is the greatest side game. They should do a mobile version of it for real.
  14. I’ll be starting Dragon Quest XI on my new Switch OLED tomorrow. Needing some of that good ol’ timey cozy JRPG adventure comfort food badly this year. Hope you all have a good one
  15. I’ve figured it out. You need to state whether or not the account being transferred intends to still use the old console. You have to select no there.
  16. I brought over my existing user account but fuck all games or saves came over. I’m currently going through my cloud saves and downloading data for each title individually. Fucked it. Knew it.
  17. Completely and utterly. My PS5 pretty much is a PS4 Pro Pro.
  18. So I finally, inevitably buckled on the SwOLED Just setting it up now. Is there a painless tried and tested method for getting my entire library and save data transferred onto there from my old Switch? Right now it’s looking like I need to do it manually for every title
  19. https://www.argos.co.uk/product/8349000?$ja=tsid%3A11674|prd%3A5862730&utm_source=MEGIT+Ltd%2C+Michael+Green&utm_medium=affiliates&utm_campaign=www.argos.co.uk&utm_content=14023759&utm_custom1=5862730&utm_custom2=Other&cmpid=cojun&cjevent=0dc51ddd626211ec82f730120a18050f&cjdata=MXxZfDB8WXww&dclid=CPbNzPv_9PQCFcoFBgAdXoAP0Q Still there
  20. I was entertaining your opinion until you went to town on the T-spin
  21. Superb. Hopefully whenever my Steam Deck is delivered I can chip away at some of the above while I’m at work, fuck after work
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