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  1. I appreciate the sentiment, but some 3/DS and Wii U games would be tricky to emulate effectively given the dual screen hardware, camera / mic use and touch screen controls etc.
  2. I’m in the middle of buying an utter fucktonne of 3DS and Wii U eShop stuff currently 🙃 It’s pretty much all I’m reading about, spending money on and playing
  3. I’m not expecting to be unable to access my other GBA Virtual Console games that are installed on my Wii U when the Wii U eShop closes. No more or less than I’m worried (or not) about not being able to access, like, digital PS4 games in my library some time in the future 🤷🏻‍♂️ Not being able to transfer Wii software to Wii U doesn’t come into it. EDIT: doesn’t their statement that you quote actually confirm that folk are still able to access things they’ve already paid for?
  4. I mentioned it in the ‘eShop closing down’ thread, but the GBA versions of 1&2, and the DS game, are all on the Wii U Virtual Console for about £7 each or so. I’m swithering about whether or not to bite the bullet. I suppose I’ve got until March, so hopefully there’ll be some Switch remake closure one way or the other before then, surely tae fuck?
  5. That’s because the weight of his head causes him to fall backwards.
  6. Precisely. Doesn’t it all make perfect sense now?
  7. I can’t understand anyone not inverting the y-axis on an N64 pad. The dome of the stick is essentially Bond’s head on his neck. To look up, you crane your neck back the way.
  8. Although it’s got to the stage when I’m even inverting x in first person views 🙃 I used to have to set up alternate settings for third and first person perspectives, with first person non-inverted. That initially felt really natural to me, but then I took a break from first person games, and by the time I came back (Resi 7 probably) I was utterly confused. Now I just invert fucking everything.
  9. x has been inverted for me forever. Moving Lakitu with the C-buttons in Super Mario 64 taught me how to control a 3D camera. Inverted x-axis totally makes sense if you think of the camera as being a physical object that needs moved around a 3D space. A camera man needs to position himself over to the right in order to film what is happening on the left.
  10. The overworld will be mauled into an all new form, as familiar rock formations, mountains and forests will be torn from the land and moved into the sky, leaving an utterly altered landscape behind, with some cavities and craters leading to the Underworld, which will be a mix of tunnel networks, fiery pits and shimmering Ancient Tech shrine-like environments. Underground locations needn’t be dull. Look at Elden Ring. Siofra River and Nokron the Eternal City and all that good stuff. In fact, Nokron being revealed after the comet smashes into the landscape in one concentrated area, causing gnarly rocks to float about the entrance, will be a lot like how I’m imagining Hyrule to look in Tears of the Kingdom, only right across the entire map
  11. The leaked SwOLED special edition has designs on the joycons that allude to similar, the left con has that green digital ‘ancient tech’ type aesthetic, which the underground is gonna be rife with, while the right con has fluffy clouds on it because you’ll be up in the sky just as much as you’ll be digging around the underground:
  12. I reckon it will be “the same map” as BOTW, but with big fuck off chunks of land ripped out of it which are now floating islands, and the craters left where they once stood within the landscape now lead to an underground network of caves and mines. The verticality is gonna blow minds.
  13. Fuck. That thought has got me adding a whole load of Wii U Virtual Console GBA games to my fucking list now And a bunch of DS games too while I’m at it, fuckit 🤦🏻‍♂️ The dual screen thing means that buying those on Wii U Virtual Console in the limited time we have left is likely the only affordable alternative to playing these games on anything other than original DS carts, and we all know how that’ll be going soon 📈
  14. It just occurred to me that the original GBA versions of Advance Wars 1 & 2 might be decent shouts for getting on Wii U Virtual Console, since the Switch remake is nowhere to be seen, and the GBA versions are relatively cheap compared to the no-doubt full price Switch version, if and when it ever comes out. Just a thought.
  15. Always said dat Xbox needed more weird Japanese shit on it. It gets one and it’s all omfggoty
  16. First Xbox game I’ve quite liked the look of since Jet Set Radio Future.
  17. Here we go with these four fucking games man
  18. DARK VOID ZERO | DSiWARE | £4.49 | (2 hours to beat) This was originally intended as an April Fool's tie-in / promo-pisstake 8-bit style platforming de-make / prequel of the shite PS360 game Dark Void except it ended up apparently being quite fucking rad, since it was based on the conceit of being developed for a fictional 1980's two-screened arcade cabinet, as per 3/DS hardware. It was marketed as a long lost Capcom game from the 8-bit generation and takes inspiration from 2D Metroid, Castlevania and Contra games of that era, complete with pixel graphics and chiptune music, all of which is obviously tropey in the extreme these days, but still, I'm on a mission to burn money on weirdo 3DS, DSiWare and maybe even Wii U games before the eShop closes, so it's on my fucking list Surely a decent enough wee dossaround for a couple of hours, fuck it. It's out on iOS as well not out on iOS anymore, but surely it needs dat dual screen hardware config to truly get the good of it? Last chance to cop and play it the way it was originally intended.
  19. It’s a better pitch than the national stadium which is on some Worms Armageddon shit.
  20. Fucking brilliant. Most incredible Scottish Cup upset I’ve seen. Darvel play in the same league as my other team, fucking Pollok FC. Galaxies apart in football terms. Unreal result.
  21. You’ve reminded me that I heard someone mention a Dreamcast theme for 3DS on a podcast I listened to over summer. I meant to look it up, any ideas? It had an audio sample of the distinctive DC disc whirring noise on there apparently
  22. It was on My List of 3DS eShop exclusive games to get before the eShop closes, and I’ve spent the night playing the 3DS demo, getting hyped to buy it, but now I find out I can just play it on my phone I’m kinda gutted. I wanted it to be a particularly bright ember in my eShop closure money burning bonfire.
  23. I think What the Bat is gonna be the low-key sleeper hit of the bunch here. What the Golf was like top 3 game of whatever year it was that it came out.
  24. I don’t doubt it, but the very fact that you have it downloaded and installed for keeps on your device means your 3DS will be probably be worth circa-9k in the future 👍🏻
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