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  1. My tip is get Resi VIIIage if you haven’t already played it. It’s going cheap-ish most places in the sale just now, including the digital PS store, seeing as yer all loaded up with credit.
  2. Fuck, can’t find it now sorry. Maybe wherever it was have since bumped the price back up.
  3. Here, btw, stop. I think Curry’s or somewhere are selling the disc for £25-ish. Saw it when scoping around doing a bit of Christmas shopping…
  4. Any cheap Dualshock 4’s kicking about in any of the current sales at all?
  5. Yeah, latterly I've liked playing a JRPG during the run up to Christmas for maximum cosy vibes, but this year I might replay VIIIage. The snowy exteriors and the decadent, stately firelit interiors would definitely hit different at that time of year compared to when I played it at release. When was that, May?
  6. Resi VIIIage Cosy survival horror times. Doesn’t take too long to finish yet has good replay value, as per yer standard top tier Resident Evil. Still my game of the year
  7. That bit was the most bastarding hard bit of the whole game for me. It didn’t occur to me to use the item that everyone advises you use. Then once you do manage to get into the cave, it continues going fucking tonto with all the death and the dying. Fucking bliss.
  8. Ultimate Game of All Time category (lol what) nailed it at least.
  9. I’ve not played it but I hear it’s got big Beetle Adventure Racing energy. Mind that N64 game? Was some buzz.
  10. Lol. honestly, it sounds fucking berserk. Verging on disgraceful for a modern appliance. EDIT: It occurs to me that certain fucking loud washing machines fall under the modern appliance bracket. It sounds like a fucking loud washing machine.
  11. @Jamie John It is effectively Dark Souls 4, only this time he’s brought his open world. Expect nothing more or less.
  12. You missed the part where I said it shocks and stuns me every time it happens. It is fucking obscene.
  13. Mine is obscenely loud spinning discs. It shocks and stuns me every time it happens, which hasn’t been a while since I’ve mostly been playing downloaded games these past few months.
  14. Anycunt seen any peripherals in any Black Friday sales? Pads and headsets and that? I’m actually more in need of a replacement PS4 Dualshock than I am a PS5 Dualsense, so if anyone’s seen some of those kicking about with their arses slashed, lemme know.
  15. While I haven’t actually played IX yet (I’ve had it sitting on my Switch for a couple of years now) I must say the weird chibi character art is not appealing at all. I suppose look to Bravely Default for modern games in a similar (similarly unappealing) style? It’s the proportions in both IX and the BD series that are odd for me. Dwarvish doll things, often with sexy tits. It’s weird and unsettling. What if they went back to the character art style of XII? I felt that straddled a fine line between representation and stylisation very successfully. While not particularly Amano-looking, XII’s characters really felt evocative of Akihiko Yoshida’s concept art. Great faces in that game that still hold up despite being late PS2 era. Also, FWIW, although it certainly doesn’t have a watercoloury rendering style, I think XIV is the closest of all the games to resembling Amano’s designs. Particularly the architecture, armour, many of the enemies and all of the mechanical mounts. That whole game seems like a love letter to the entire series, so it feels appropriate that it should wear the Amano designs so prominently on its sleeve, albeit not so much in the character faces at all really. Give characters XII-ish Akihiko Yoshida-style faces going forward, and continue to dress, situate and transport them in Amano-looking fare and I’d be chuffed. In saying all that, why not just keep things going the way they have been, pushing tech and striving for fantastical realism, as per XV and VII:R, which are both frequently stunning games (VII:R Intergrade especially)?
  16. RE VIIIage got its arse slashed open for Black Friday. Can’t mind how much for but do remember just thinking “goddam, that’s it’s arse being slashed wide open for Black Friday.”
  17. All the Bloodstained games are on various degrees of sale. The main game as well as the two 8-bit style games. Might nail that sequel, been waiting for a sale.
  18. I’d love an off-line single-player 16-bit style de-make of FFXIV’s main story beats, as per Kazuko Shibuya’s pixelated Scion illustrations in the FF DOT book:
  19. The lighting in Type 4 is so evocative, it’s quite amazingly ‘real’ looking, despite being a low-poly PS1 game with low res textures. Just amazing art direction. The believability of skies, particularly sunsets, and artificial city lights, especially when driving through tunnels, are uncanny. Seriously impressed playing it this year, and that’s with having zero nostalgia for that particular game, or indeed the series in general. It’s got me wanting to mod the PS1 Classic so I can get some other entries on there.
  20. I only played this for the first time this year after picking up a cheap PS1 Classic Mini thing: It really holds up. I like throwing it on for a wee go before all the football starts on a Saturday. The final race that coincides with midnight on NYE ‘99 going into the new millennium gave me goosebumps when I first encountered it. Glorious.
  21. To be clear, up until now I’ve loved the living shite out of this game’s music. Particularly Heavensward (especially HW) and Stormblood.
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