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  1. This is one of the immediate rap tracks I think of when it comes to the subject of heartbreak: That he does it in the usual thug persona just adds to why it’s so great. You get a sense that he’s fully self aware of the front he continually puts up.
  2. From 1:29-ish when he rides and pops all over that skittery trap take on the Roy Ayers sample up to where he says “hit you with that yoga flame” and the Dhalsim SF2 sample cuts in is about the flyest rap shit I’ve heard since Roc Marciano told y’all to twist one and slide off. I really dig how he’s able to switch up his flow depending on the beat. They say he’s one note but I think he’s crazy versatile technically. In terms of subject matter, he maybe doesn’t bring the same versatility but I think people maybe just make their mind up about that and don’t listen beyond the surface. Some of it is nihilistic gangsterism, some of it is harrowing stuff while some of it is funny as fuck. The subject remains the same but he delivers it tonally different enough between tracks to sustain my interest certainly.
  3. ^ An “atrocious” rapper, folks. Fucking love Gibbs, man.
  4. https://twitter.com/i/web/status/1151962117303623691
  5. Really intrigued to see how Killie do in general this season, but that result is lolsome tonight, particularly given their scenes when they clinched qualification for this stage that they’ve just utterly fucked.
  6. Holy fucking shit, what a song: Spent the final hour of my waking day just battering this out in Kiwami 2 karaoke on repeat. Good night!
  7. Kicking about the drizzly dull streets of Dobuita in Shenmue 1
  8. Cunt literally said that in his post mate
  9. Yeah, I’m loving story mode. I also have Mario Maker 3DS, and found the story mode equivalent in there really inspired me and had me hyped for creating on Maker 2, but I just haven’t mustered the energy or time yet. Maybe when the nights draw in and the weather gets worse? I put 100+ hours into level creating on Wii U MM1, maybe I just burnt myself out? Still loving the game, however. You could spam a limited group of objects and items around the play area and it would still be fun to play. I even enjoy just running and jumping around the seemingly randomly generated background levels that pop up on the title screen
  10. The second DLC is absolutely brilliant content - new shrines including one Divine Beast / Temple sized ultimate shrine which is essential. The first DLC had a nifty journey tracker for the map (which I’d recommend not using until well into your play through since it makes it too easy to see at a glance where you have and have not been, which would spoil the adventure / discovery aspect). Was it also the first DLC that added the Master Sword Trials - basically a combat enemy rush? I never really gave that a go. But I’d say the 2nd DLC is essential, particularly at a reduced price. Both sets of DLC offered new costumes and other interesting items as well.
  11. I haven’t played as much of MM2 as I did the first one, but even by this early stage I remember there were a fair bit more utterly shite levels being posted in the original compared to now. Anyone else feel similar? I also haven’t built or uploaded a stage yet, I just can’t muster the energy or the creativity. I think I spend all those juices in my line of work so by the time I sit down with Mario Maker, I just want to play. It’s been getting me down
  12. Gok’s levels been amazing since MM1. Love his work and that Emerald & Azure level is so lush and vibey. Nice mix of aesthetics, sweet little secrets, the eternally satisfying act of popping off underwater diagonal fireball shots and just a chilled level of challenge throughout.
  13. Just nailed Kiwami 2 for 15 banger in the digital sale. Yak 6 is going for 20 banger too. Possibly 0 and Kiwami 1 are also reduced, but I can’t tell cause already purchased innit.
  14. I’d love to be able to play RE7 in VR but it’s never gonna happen
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