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  1. Hope to fuck Gen Z were all posting and crying about Y can’t Metroid crawl.
  2. The atmosphere of Super will always carry it, even when later games play much more zippily.
  3. Dread is fucking class. But come on man. Behave.
  4. I thought I’d cunt him again tonight after finally getting 100%. Did him first go tonight, whereas the first time I beat him took 2 hours or something.
  5. Disagree. If they made that parry window larger those segments would become utterly rote. Get caught and parry reliably all the way to the exit. As it is, there’s always a pang of panic at being caught, and a moment of exhilaration and relief whenever you do manage to land a rare counter. It keeps being captured interesting. It’s something to test the player with while they feel like they’re essentially waiting to re-do the section.
  6. Do yourself a favour and nail that Castelvania Anniversary collection from the current sale!
  7. I like Odyssey, particularly the tighter little segments like the pixel art bits and the warp pipe challenge segments. See the big expansive Mexican desert level? Pretty shit. Galaxies and 3D World over that every time.
  8. Give me tighter Mario levels than expansive ones any fucking day.
  9. I ordered a pad but won’t be levelling up my sub until F-Zero X is on there. Felt I’d better secure the pad just in case scalper sales of them go tits as per usual.
  10. What's $49.99 in UK snids likely to be? Straight like for like conversion I suppose?
  11. I was going to say Shinsekai as well. Delightful wee game. One to check out if it’s particularly that other worldly sort of isolation vibe that people dig in their Metroid It’s Capcom doing an aquatic Metroidvania and it’s 70s prog as fuck. I don’t know why more people don’t bang on about it.
  12. I think it’s good. I was telling my TV to fuck off so much playing through SMB1 Challenge Mode on ‘Normal’ tonight, it was just like old times And I said it earlier, but the new soundtrack is banging. Really like it. I’m assuming cause it’s RGG Studio it’s the same musicians who composed all the big spangly bangers from Yakuza’s Hostess mini game ‘Fever Time’ bits and Yak 0’s disco dancing
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