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  1. Tbf they don’t make bangers like this any more:
  2. How are you with turn based JRPG battling in general? I’m only a recent convert to them myself. I haven’t played Yak: LaD yet, so can’t exactly speak for it, but if it’s anything like the other JRPGs from which it supposedly takes inspiration, I’m pretty sure I’ll like it. I now think turn based JRPG battle is far more engaging than the type of combat seen in the many other Yakuza games, which wasn’t ever exactly strategic. Cathartic and visually arresting when the heat moves kick in, but really pretty simple if we’re being honest. Monotonous maybe even? With turn based bat
  3. I can’t believe that patter. It looked the best the series has ever looked, which is saying something.
  4. Someone in the comments is saying that Big Boss Rabbit beat is taken from a Nas tune. It’s Freddie either honouring or subliminally dissing Nas for being robbed of that Grammy him and Alchemist were definitely due. I’m with you on both these dudes. The longevity and consistency and continued progression throughout Alchemist’s career is pretty next level. Amongst the greats for sure by this point. He was always there or thereabouts, but now he’s still there and actually even beyond.
  5. It’s fucking fire. The strings in the beat man. Fucking me up. Freddie flows like water over it.
  6. Absolute fucking FLAMES, holy shit
  7. There’s another Resi showcase coming 15th of April, strangers! They said there’d be another demo before release, right? I’d assume one that includes some combat? I’m guessing that’ll be going up after this showcase.
  8. I beat up Manus on the Cairnryan to Belfast ferry and then went and immediately sorted out Kalameet on the same crossing. Pair of them were acting rowdy at the bar.
  9. Best smoke and mirrors I can think of in a game was the nightclub crowd in that level of the weird Goldeneye Wii game. Timestamped:
  10. Any Fantasian thoughts from anyone?
  11. Yet Manus still lives
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