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  1. If it’s heavy handed police in a Latin country against Rangers, expect a right fucking mess
  2. The Glasgow producer / DJ / illustrator/ animator Konx-Om-Pax once made some edits of tracks from that soundtrack: https://m.soundcloud.com/konx-om-pax/wolverine-edits-cyber https://m.soundcloud.com/konx-om-pax/wolverine-edits-dark-queen He’s since gone on to DJ at various Kode9 curated ‘Digging in the Carts’ type events in places like Tokyo alongside muthaflippin Yuzo Koshiro, so the boy dun good. He also once abruptly pardoned himself from a conversation with my mate at a party because he “needed a jobby.” I also once saw his beer belly knock a turntable needle off Toto’s Africa at the drop because he was dancing too hard. Total ledge.
  3. Is that like Starfox but with illegible handwriting instead of distorto-gobbledygook speech?
  4. Get with it mate. How can you have no idea who is or isn’t John ‘Legendary’ Linneman Alex the German cunt from DF? Ubergeek-serial-Rllmuk-poster status revoked plz
  5. It’s the legendary Richard Leadbetter John Linneman ripping the cunt out of German Alex’s pronunciation of ‘Wolfenstein’ which has become become a low-key DF meme. This is the geekiest knowledge that I have attained in a lifetime of it. EDIT: Corrected ‘Richard Leadbetter’ as Big John, although not because either is non-legendary. Quite the opposite. When I read the Wolfenstein pronunciation posts I assumed it was discussion about a Rich vid from a couple of weeks back, where he hit out with the same pronunciation. The fact this is actually a new vid and it’s John ripping the cunt this time confirms DF meme status. Fucksake.
  6. I think they dropped the E as a nod of respect to that druggy actor guy that they had to patch.
  7. I had some and played some great VR games with them, which unfortunately never ever worked flawlessly since the actual controllers themselves are pretty shite and outmoded. I eventually sold them on and would massively resent buying a pair again for the amount they now seem to command. End of PS3 life-cycle, clogging up CEX and covered in bogey sort of prices, sure. I had hoped there'd be updated versions of the Moves by now, with analogue sticks built in etc, but fuck buying some crappy last gen controllers at this point when I already had and sold a set. Like you say, maybe there'll be an updated version in time for next-gen.
  8. Really wanna play this but really don’t wanna have to buy a set of Moves.
  9. ‘Blockbuster’ sale happening this week. https://mobile.twitter.com/NintendoEurope/status/1227185572449595393 The comments thread is all Nintendo Direct memes.
  10. I don’t even remember posting that
  11. Story mode has been really great. I’ve just been nailing two or three levels at a time from it, every few weeks. I don’t want it to end. I recognise that the whole idea of Mario Maker, effectively, is never-ending Mario levels on tap, but the user content rarely comes near the Nintendo standard. Still, it’s a great fucking game and a good mix of both worlds.
  12. Like, I was googling around for that cool denim jacket trick that Martin Sheen does in Terrence Malick’s Badlands so that I could post it on social media as a tribute to Kirk Douglas, and make out like I totally know my shit. Fucksake
  13. I’ve just realised that I’ve confused Kirk Douglas and Martin Sheen my whole life. In my mind they’re the one symbiotic entity. Michael Douglas and Charlie Sheen are perhaps also similarly intertwined as an extension of this, but I’m too full of wine to even know what time it is or what I’m supposed to be doing tomorrow.
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