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  1. I’d be interested in jumping through hoops in order to procure PT for my console and then never play it because I’m far too shit scared.
  2. How did / does the multiplayer work on Switch Hyrule Warriors? I know it’s local co-op only, but can it be played on separate Switches (obviously requiring two separate Switches - and potentially copies of the game, or not)? Or is it split screen on the telly if you’ve only got one Switch / copy of the game? Are both set-ups maybe even an option? I’m thinking this could be an excellent game to co-op with my sister when I go home for Christmas. She seemed interested in the original Hyrule Warriors but not enough to actually play it. She’s more inclined towards this one because of th
  3. Kinda wish the whole UI was like the black / gold start up screen throughout: Just give me that, with the wee sparkly bits gently floating about behind some nice crisp thumbnails arranged in a row that show me my games and apps. Get all the social media noise and game-specific splash screen wallpaper bollocks to fuck.
  4. She was down. Had the Yoshi t-shirt and everything.
  5. I’m starting to think deactivating all accounts wouldn’t even affect however the old PSP was set up anyway. Fuck it, hopefully the new owner is a decent sort. If it was me buying a second hand machine and there was still a trace of the previous owner’s account activity, I’d do a factory reset immediately.
  6. Honestly can’t remember. But as @deerokus says, PSN may well be a thing of the past on PSP. In fact, I totally think it is. Maybe the worst thing that can come of this is the dude has free access to a couple of games I downloaded onto it, and potentially (but hopefully not) being able to access my account via the web browser, or however it was I was able to buy and download MGS recently. I was quite pished at the time
  7. I bought Metal Gear Solid 1 on it somehow some way when I was steaming during lockdown, but now that you mention it I don’t think it was a straight forward process. It is still possible but not via the PSN shop app equivalent ‘hingmy. I think I maybe I did it through the PSP’s archaic web browser. Do we think it’s possible for the guy to see my deets and order shit with my account or anything like that? I’ve got 2FA set up for any purchases so maybe I’m all good. Might not be worth the hassle of deactivating my account on all devices. Hmm.
  8. Bumping since I now need to do this. Just posted my PSP out to an ebayer and suddenly realised I’d completely forgotten to factory reset the fucker before doing so. So I have to take off and nuke the site from orbit (deactivate all Playstation systems)? Is this the only way to be sure? Obviously this will also nuke my PS4 account. How painful is reactivating my account on there and getting all my games and save data etc back in there going to be? I won’t lose anything, will I?
  9. I wonder if you can crash into the street-spanning Christmas lights while web-slinging. I simultaneously hope so / hope not
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