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  1. take care and hope you are at peace now xx

  2. Rest easy, mate.

  3. Episode 4. Damn it's good. The "Jesus is our Saviour" scene was awesome.
  4. I heard nothing about this show until today. Just watched the first episode of Season 1 and loved it. Oh boy, I have some catching up to do.
  5. Loving this spot atm http://skatereel.ea.com/members/1/187149318/239994.aspx
  6. Same again, Books challenge took many tries this morning and only just finished the next big one. I need to play more online.
  7. Me too. I only landed about three tricks tonight. Great fun though, big gus and pricehack had some awesome runs.
  8. Ha, that was me. If anyone fancies a game my tag is helloalex. I only picked up Skate 2 yesterday but I played the old one a fair bit. Loving it so far, feels like a real improvement over the original.
  9. I just noticed a friend of mine has a gamerscore of over 52,000.
  10. After the initial disappointment, (wow, this really doesn't look much like Skate at all) I'm warming to it in a big way. During my first few tricks, I couldn't help thinking how Skate just went Tony Hawk, but I think my first impressions were wrong. 60fps is a huge improvement, after all you want fluidity in a skating game and sometimes Skate felt a bit too heavy/slow with certain tricks. The sacrifice in visual quality for 60fps is justified IMO, although there are nice details the game doesn't look as polished as the first one (player models especially, looking wack). Having said that I didn't like the framerate at first, but after warming up with a few tricks it's easy to see why far better to play. I haven't experienced any bugs yet but the biggest problem I found at the start was the camera angle. The shift means you're going to need to adjust your timing for performing tricks, for example, judging the distance to landing on a rail for a grind. After I got over this on the second playthrough I'm getting all those warm Skate vibes again that made me sink so many hours into the original demo, although the time limit prevents you from really doing that here. Getting off the board is great, as well as being able to move elements around and the marker system is pretty much instant (hopefully it won't be the same case as the first, where you need to wait a few seconds for it to load afterwards if you're out of the area). I managed to skip every cutscene too so a crap story isn't really an issue, it'll be all about the skating for me. I hope the hall of meat doesn't load every time you have a nasty fall, I don't like gameplay being interrupted to read stats... But all in all, I'm fucking excited for Skate 2.
  11. Wow, I wish it was possible to track this down. Apparently the soundtrack can be found on import... I watched Little Nezha last night on the 360. The colours are so vibrant and the vistas are incredible, the underwater kingdom in particular blew me away. Unfortunately that Youtube version seems to completely cut out the intro, which is a real shame. I'd suggest if you're going to watch it, there's a version with the original voice track and no subs, read this and just enjoy the visual delight for the hour or so of running time.
  12. The original version is amazing, the music makes it so relaxing to watch.
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