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  1. FATEone


    Thank you n'aaaaaaawwww Erm.. that wasn't what I was suggesting. In all seriousness, you need to force the owners out like the Scousers did. Unfortunately, the majority of my mates are Gooners, so don't use Autism levels of literal. Indeed, the delusion has died down a touch, but the not-having-a-clue is as strong as ever. mmmm... once again, missing the point. I'm saying, you are delusional if you think you have/had a realistic chance of getting Van Dijk from Southampton (sideways step) and even more so of getting Mbappe!
  2. Ah right yeah, of course you haven't. Southampton are doing all of those little clubs along the south coast and wherever else a huge service by regularly taking their prospects from them? You, in fact, have to fight off their approaches for you to take their players from them? Grow up, mate. Out here in the real world, Southampton are a stepping stone. You bully the clubs that are smaller than you, and then get bullied by the ones that are bigger than you. That's how the system works. And your owners are happy with that trust me. They're making money, and seemingly, like Arsenal, none of you a
  3. No, you have. You somehow manage to get an easy start to the season's fixtures, and easy group draw every year. But of course, that's just fans of other clubs being paranoid and jealous of your success, isn't it? Football isn't corrupt or presented as some kind of soap opera for bitches like tbb. That's a ridiculous thought.
  4. Origi = plan B? I don't think so mate. Surely even Mignolet as to be above him the striker pecking order at this point? In 6 weeks Solanke has achieved more at liverpool than Origi has in however many years you've had him now. You don't need Origi, but you really do need cover on the wings. Look at this fucking Manc rat. Every time I picture you I see Gary Neville's rat face. He's a multimillionaire and still looks like some little Moss Side rat. I'm coming to your thread now you little ratty bitch.
  5. FATEone


    When you typed this did you actually think you had a chance of signing Van Dijk. #SoArsenal Protect the fans you mean? Do you think they actually care about winning things? You're all just punters staying loyal to a brand that doesn't even give you a good service. Ozil and Sanchez are not even close to being the best players in the world in any position. This delusion that seems to go hand in hand with being an Arsenal fan is what facilitates the owners' abuse of you. Wake up and smell the coffee lads, your players are pretty shite on the whole, and w
  6. http://www.independent.co.uk/sport/football/premier-league/liverpool-transfer-news-philippe-coutinho-future-wont-leave-for-barcelona-real-madrid-a7749596.html
  7. are you actually serious? What you think he became heavyweight champion of the world and only then discovered drink and drugs? He's a traveller, at no point in his life has ever lived a clean lifestyle.
  8. 4 goals in 91 shots? 3 assists, 7 big chances created and 38 crosses out of 2139 passes, with a crossing accuracy of 18%!? 57 tackles and 60 fouls!!?? Hmm looks like everything I've seen with my own eyes is true. lot of sideways passing, selfishness, and fouling as Mourinho has instructed him to do. Silva: Also 35% shooting accuracy, so same as Pogba, 7 assists, 12 big chances created, and 119 crosses out of 1817 passes, with a crossing accuracy of 29%, 37 tackles, 27 fouls.
  9. Its supposed to signify that stating you have played 18 games more than Liverpool, like that justifies the tripe your most expensively assembled squad of all time produces every week, even though you have spent more than double what they've spent, almost 400 MILLION EURO more than they've spent, makes you a Top End, Straw-Clutching Prick. The position number on the left signifies where you are on the spending table, and how much you have under or over achieved is clearly stated by your actual League position. I'd say being given an idiotic contract at the age of 18 and being
  10. FATEone


    Its not a dive, he baited him into it, and he fell for it. The ACTUAL reason it shouldn't be a pen, and I've seen quite a few of these, is there's no way he's keeping that ball in if he doesn't get touched. That's what ref's need to keep an eye on a lot more, because if the touch away from the defender is going to keep him in control of the football, then he'd try to stay on his feet a lot more, if he knocks it away that hard and fast in the box, you know he's just trying to get a penalty.
  11. https://m.popkey.co/5587eb/0mlj8.gif If he had an all round game, consistent killer pass or gave a team balance he'd be able to play in a midfield 2, which he can't. Comparing him to Silva is ludicrous, he's not even close to being that effective in this league. http://reactiongifs.com/?p=15406
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