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  1. Miss you so much, mate. I'm angry. I'm upset. But most of all I wish you were here so I could tell you that. 

  2. I'm still playing, loving it so far. Kicked myself so hard yesterday. I'd been way over-thinking a puzzle in an early-ish area which held an essential item to progress, 20 hours later and I know the rest of the dungeon like the back of my hand, got more weapons than I know what to do with and got a really really helpful weapon upgrade but i'm still only two bosses deep! So I went back seven or eight areas and under-thought a bit and lo and behold... some much needed forward progression and a good, hard kick in my over-thinking head. They totally set me up for that fall as well, the devious swines. I came very close to peeking at gamefaqs as well @revlob, still plugging away as nature intended, for now...
  3. Difficulty level is perfect so far, I'd agree. I couldn't begin to keep track of the layout of the ruins in my head, let alone the granular detail for puzzle solving. I'd say keeping a diary is essential. I've still not found sigil 2, but I have uncovered a bunch of new areas, some of which seem absolutely savage! I've also started re-checking the tablets and skeletons from the first few areas. I love the way fragments of the story stitch together as you gather evidence, it's so satisfying. This game is great. The best sequel to a Rick Dangerous clone ever.
  4. Anyone still playing this? I'm completely hooked, as per the original game. Music, difficulty and meticulous detail all present and correct. I've gone down multiple winding paths, opened up five or six new areas, beaten a few bosses. Got two ankh keys in the bag but can't reach any more ankhs. Have one sigil but can't find the second. I've murdered a squirrel three times. Filled three pages in my notebook in very small handwriting with tiny hand-drawn maps. I'm completely stuck but always have five things in my mind to check. Frustrated and swearing and living the dream. This is brilliant!
  5. I'm glad they put some CD levels in, it wouldn't be a true Sonic retrospective without some proper abstract zones. Sonic 2 and 3&K levels are very 'themed'; lava world, casino, sky fortress, ice world and so on, but the original game and CD were full of odd shit. What the hell is a Springyard, anyway?
  6. Thanks for the advice all, much appreciated.
  7. So. After a couple of years of deliberation, I have decided I want to get in on this NEC action. However, I am a complete PC Engine beginner and more than a little daunted by the sheer number of options out there. (I'm also a long-time lurker of this place so thought I'd risk a cheeky de-lurk to ask a little advice. Many thanks in advance for reading this.) I am looking to acquire a reliable PC Engine with maximum compatibility for CD and card games, RGB scart support for Framemeistering, multi-region support and that is everdrive compatible. (and, perhaps, the moon on a stick) Research has been pointing me toward DUO-R systems with a mod chip installed for RGB and region-lock, does that sound about right? Do any of you have recommendations for PC engine sellers and/or UK based console modders? I was looking at doujindance on eBay who sells pre-modified systems and has a good looking profile and loads of positive feedback, but then I found this post on another forum which details his work and it put me off. I also read somewhere that modded systems aren't always everdrive compatible as the cartridge port requires more power or something. Am I barking up the wrong tree with the DUO? Should I look into separate CD / card machines? Should I go NTSC-J or US? Any help would be very appreciated! Thank you kindly!
  8. I winced at that. Everything else though, yaaaaas
  9. If Pfeiffer counts, surely Michael Keaton is the king of them all?
  10. Yeah, I re-watched series 2 in that way. The last episode is incredible mind you, so make sure you watch that. There is a lovely hint that series 2 is about to go off a cliff when (season 2 mid-season spoiler above)
  11. Just caught up with this, completely blown away. I'm very glad I re-watched the end of series 2 and FWWM beforehand.
  12. The previous firmware had an iCade mode which presumably worked with iOS, but they removed it to make room for the Switch firmware. It's still available as a legacy download if you want to try it though.
  13. The 8-bit-do pads have a mode select when you turn them on with the start button. Start only - Android mode Start + X - Windows x-input Start + A - Mac Start + Y - Switch The SNES pad without analogs is pure class, I've had it for six months and use it all the time. Feels like the real thing. The Switch firmware has just elevated it further for me. And, they even do a SNES Bluetooth adaptor for using it with your old console. Most compatible pad I've ever owned!
  14. The SFC30 is just a straight SNES pad, so it's only good for single shoulder button games. So no Zelda. But everything else I have seems great. Tetris and Shovel Knight are an absolute pleasure on it. Home button is mapped to down + select.
  15. I updated the firmware on my SFC30 and paired it with the Switch last night and fuck me, it's amazing! What a bonus! Tetris, Shovel Knight and Neo Turf Masters all felt better to me with a Snes pad. Especially Tetris.
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