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  1. Agreed about Reguilon - nice for Spurs that they got a brilliant player on the cheap, but how long will they actually hold onto him for? We do need to sign a right sided forward and Sancho absolutely isn't happening, have to move on to more realistic options. Looks like Liverpool are after Sarr. Honestly seems like the kind of player we should be in for. Does seem a tad raw, but I'd rather that over signing someone with no potential for growth, plus he can play on the right. His stats were good last season, particularly for a player in their first season in a new league, playing fo
  2. Yeah I'm really surprised to learn that HZD 2 particularly is going to be on PS4. Feels like it's going to be years until we get games that genuinely wouldn't have been possible on current gen consoles.
  3. 9.3L in volume. Series X is 6.86L, and S less than half that. My PC is about 7L. Of course the PS5 is less boxy that these, uh, boxes I'm comparing it to. But that won't help you fit it under the telly. I think there's a strong possibility that for the first few years of its lifespan, most PS5 owners will be playing it on TVs that cannot physically display the resolutions it will typically render at. Is that wasteful? I guess they will get some, possibly most, of the benefit through downsampling.
  4. I think the smart thing to do would be to undercut physical games. They don't need to pass all the savings from distribution etc to the customer, just some of it. They'll still be in the black at the end of the day. If they don't make the value proposition obvious then a lot of people will stick with physical - it's what they're used to and they'll still be able to play their old games. Then once everyone's got used to digital purchases, next gen they can just do away with physical releases entirely and properly bleed the customers dry.
  5. This is out on PC finally, only £6.50 on Steam, seems worth a punt? https://store.steampowered.com/app/1206430/The_Unfinished_Swan/ Wierdly it costs more on EGS. I thought that was illegal.
  6. The original game hasn't aged that badly I thought? Honestly not sure this is a visual upgrade. Yeah the graphics are technically better, but it does look a bit charmless by comparison. Maybe there will be some quality of life improvements - I'm sure they could polish the camera system, and some of the fights less of a slog. Generally though, doesn't look like a compelling upgrade. Oh and yes the original game was fab. I feel like a lot of games since have tried to "fix" issues it had which were actually strengths. For instance the almost total separati
  7. I feel like one / both of Ward Prowse or Mount had to start this game. Really samey midfield. Kalvin Philips is gamely trying to get into little pockets of space, but when the ball comes to him what's he supposed to do, suddenly become a completely different player?
  8. Consoles can do this because the OS doesn't run the games - it instead runs a virtual machine which, in turn runs the games. It's the same reason save states are pretty easy to implement in emulators - you can just pause execution at any point and dump everything in memory. PC gaming has no such clean divide between the thing running your game and the rest of your system - to save the game state and resume it at a later time, you essentially need to send the whole system to sleep. Even that doesn't work sometimes! Maybe Valve could sort something out using Proton. It's still not as
  9. Steam Controller was a good solution for some games. Honestly though even though I am mostly a couch gamer, for titles where it makes more sense I play at a desk. It doesn't need to be either / or.
  10. Apparently you started the previous topic too: Only 2015 when it was announced apparently? More short lived than I realised. I do use a Xbone controller for most things but it does have its uses. Touch-activated gyro aiming is brilliant, and I think it's such a shame that the new consoles aren't set up for that. For a game where you need precise aiming, but that would probably be awkward to play with a keyboard (most third person games imo, particularly ones where any driving is involved) it's ideal. Will break it out again for Cyberpunk I imagine. It's also rea
  11. Live sports don't require a complicated and costly post production pipeline, like TV and film often do. They also definitely don't require expensive hardware in the homes of everyone watching. Oh and it bears repeating that improvements in frame rate would be much more noticeable than improvements in resolution. I would probably rather watch football in 1080 / 60 instead of 4k / 30 for instance. Temporal resolution is very important in fast-moving content like sports! I don't think they will have "delayed" 8K? Particularly when it comes to gaming, I don't think we'll ever get a dis
  12. 4K is a stopgap? Most films are still mastered in 2K.
  13. Which is yet another way that Microsoft can make their money back from you in the long run, justifying this generous upfront price. I wonder if cheaper unofficial SSDs will pop up. The PS5 just lets you use off the shelf parts so that's not really an income stream for them, by comparison. Gigantically better CPU, much faster storage, more and faster RAM. In terms of GPU performance they're probably not very different. If you're gaming at 1080p there's no reason for you to care about that though. Also agree with people saying that Series X exclusives are defini
  14. There are graphs showing distances / display sizes at which each given resolution starts to matter. This is more applicable to TV / film than games though. I would suggest that even with a 1080p screen if you render to a higher resolution and downsample, you would be able to tell the difference. Having a 4K screen that isn't very big / that you sit quite far away from is kind of like IRL downsampling?
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