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  1. Have same case, would be very interested to know how well it works once you get it. I have a vague feeling that a cooler with vertical fins might be slightly better, and flow-through designs may be counterproductive, as the card just directly backs onto the PSU of course. Any AIB card is likely going to be better than the FE though, because of the way the sides of that card are blocked off by the (admittedly very nice looking) metal trim. Looked to me like the PNY models could've worked well, never saw a buy button for them though. I think I'm going to remove the plastic divider, s
  2. Uhh, you and me remember the ending to the first one differently... Surely they're more limited by man-hours than anything else already? It's not technical constraints that are stopping other developers from creating games on a similar level, in terms of the graphical flourish and attention to detail. Maybe it will be easier for them to execute their vision, because of less need to spend time on smoke and mirrors (managing asset loading, baking lighting, etc) but tbh if that is the case, I hope they use the extra time to give their employees better work-life balance, inst
  3. If your GPU has an open design, the heat will be pushed into the case either way, and some of it into the CPU cooler. There's a big difference between hot to touch vs actually dangerous for components, too. 50 degrees is not "cooking", at least when it comes to most solid-state electrical components.
  4. Why is this stupid? I think it makes sense, makes sure the fans don't turn on unless you're actually using it. e.g. I use my PC as a work machine too sometimes, I don't want the fans to be spinning when I've just got Teams and Chrome open. I think my current GPU doesn't turn on until 60 degrees. Wouldn't make any difference to performance if they turned on before that, as that's well below the temperatures that could affect boost clocks.
  5. If you fancy donating to a good cause this Christmas and want to make your money go a little further, could do a lot worse: Fergie is a man who's done brilliantly in life, but never forgot where he came from, or how differently things could've turned out. I'm sure he sees a lot of himself in Marcus in that regard.
  6. Is there enough low-level access to the hardware to make something like RPCS3 work? I imagine the machine is probably powerful enough, so it would mainly be a question of how much overhead is added by the measures Microsoft will have put in place to prevent jailbreaking / piracy. Regardless, very nice of them to bother adding this mode at all. I find it a little strange that there are so many comparisons between PS5 and Series X, and so few between them and the previous gen consoles. After all, there are games being released across the two generations, and I would've thought it wou
  7. Feels like we have a front three on the pitch all with a bit too much of a point to prove. All trying to force the issue, rarely seeing the best option, and generally not playing like we're two up and aren't desperate for another goal.
  8. Van De Beek seems far more effective on the ball in deep positions than Pogba. Evne under pressure, he moves it on quickly and positively. Still suspect that's not his ideal position, but you want players who are versatile, and aren't a liability if the tactics don't completely suit them.
  9. Ah shame, that was fucking sexy
  10. This sounds brilliant. Rather than compromising Hitman's formula to reach a wider audience, as they did with Absolution, developing a separate series with a well-known license sounds perfect.
  11. Well I googled "World of Wong Kar Wai box set" to try and get more information, and this thread is on the first page.
  12. I wouldn't have understood this reference a week ago
  13. I wonder if there will be anything in place for those of us who already own the original trilogy on Origin. Sure, you can probably get a similar experience already with mods (better textures, fixing iffy controler support and bugs) but it would be nice to not have to faff around with all that. I wonder if existing saves will be supported too. Bit concerned that no gameplay footage has been shown, given it's coming out in a few months.
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