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  1. Yeah if this was £10 or less it would be solid curiosity purchase / joke gift territory. Dunkey played it:
  2. I'm discounting skits and obvious interludes / intros / outros etc. @Stopharage Valentine is lovely but definitely cheating Spoilered because I went on a bit
  3. I think every goal in that game came either directly or indirectly from a break. I guess I'd want to see a bit more of a balance - there was a good spell in the second half where we had Chelsea penned in and there was a lot of delicate play. I would've liked to see more of that - crisp, positive passing, not giving the ball away so much. I guess it's a wierd criticism to say that we didn't really cause Chelsea enough problems when we've scored four times, but it's true. The approach and the attitude was right though. The players wanting to stay in the huddle, to enjoy that moment together, was great to see.
  4. Chelsea have had a lot of shots but we've made more clear cut chances, helped by them leaving huge, huge gaps on the break - every single team is going to set up to counter them on this evidence. They definitely started the game better, and they have certainly had some very cute approach play, maybe if we hadn't scored that opening goal things would be different. I guess you can't read into the prospects of either team too much - Chelsea will sort their shape in transitions out you assume, and United will need to figure out a way to break down teams who don't give them the answer. But I don't think you can say it's some freak result - Chelsea were slightly better in the first half, United were much better in the second.
  5. Wan-Bisakka wants his debut goal too.
  6. I assume Lampard will get them better organised after the break. Chelsea's passing was quite slick before the goal, and the pressing very well coordinated. They've got a couple of young players who've never been in a game like this, it's understandable that their level might drop after a goal goes in against the run of play. So I kind of assume they'll have a better second half, which is concerning, because we're already quite lucky to be ahead really. Our forward play is energetic and direct but we're losing the ball a lot, and therefore not really probing Chelsea for extended periods. I don't see the balance in this side - Shaw is more involved in the attack than Wan-Bissaka, but also getting less help defensively on that flank. Pogba is too deep. I'm not sure what Pereira is bringing. The loss of Herrera without bringing in a replacement could seriously hurt us this season. I wonder if we should be looking at McTominay as the guy who fills that gap, rather than being someone who sits deep. Matic and McTominay would be quite a functional pairing in midfield I suppose, but probably all the better to give Pogba more freedom. Someone is going to need to drive forward and help Rashford and Martial out in attack.
  7. Both teams seem to have forgotten they have a midfield tbh.
  8. The controversy is the whole point. I worked for this fashion startup a few years back that hired a marketing guy from Paddy Power. His bright idea was to pretend we were selling dogs as fashion accessories. Gets some outrage on twitter, even from people who know it's a hoax because they find the hoax offensive, and gives the Metro, Mail, Independent etc easy puff pieces to write. All very cheap too.
  9. Haha, Herrera's going to fit right in at PSG! https://www.francefootball.fr/news/Ander-herrera-psg-j-aime-etre-deteste-un-entretien-a-trouver-dans-france-football/1046410 "It is one of the most hated clubs in France, and I like it." We don't have a single tear emoji on this forum, pretend I'm using that right now.
  10. If the news about Dybala is true, then it's probably quite a positive step for the club. Paying through the nose for a star that doesn't really want to play for us? Sounds like Di Maria all over again. I would take it as a sign that the people at the top of the club are thinking in terms of the long-term health of the sporting side of the "business", rather than simply what will make headlines and fulfil short-term commercial goals. Mandzukic would be a great option for us. If we sell Lukaku we'd be asking a huge amount of the forwards left at the club, to produce on all fronts all throughout the season. Plus he is a different option to what we have currently - an actual target man. Maybe his ability to harass defenders won't be something we can always rely on with the greater pace of the English league, and him not being on the older side, but I could definitely see him coming on late in games and causing problems. In all seriousness, they might not. Apparently all this selling they're doing was motivated in part by wanting to stay the right side of FFP. If they want to buy they might need to sell first.
  11. Fucking hell, I thought the "they both failed geography" was an addition for the meme's sake. It's all here: https://www.emmys.com/sites/default/files/collateral/Game of Thrones - Ep 806 - The Iron Throne .pdf
  12. I would wonder what Burnley plan to do without Heaton - their style of play invites lots of shots and they really do need someone reliable and commanding in between the sticks. Their points per game with Hart vs Heaton is quite different I believe? Maybe Pope goes first choice and Hart remains as a backup?
  13. Yeah I think if he finds a team set up to play to his strengths, he'll recapture his Everton / Belgium form. Too good to not be playing every week, definitely. United in a good position I think - two clubs that clearly want Lukaku, and us not neccessary thinking it's the end up the world if he stays. I think getting Fernandes is more important, but figuring out how to fit Dybala into the team would be lovely problem to have imo. Think we could still go for a 4-3-3 if he's given license to cut in when we have the ball - we've pretty much been playing stand-ins in that position for the last few seasons anyway, and now we have Wan-Bissaka it should be less of an issue if we want to be asymmetrical in attack. Not convinced Maguire improves us. I think I'd be happy with us staying with Smalling and Lindelof as the first choice centre-back partnership - Wan Bissaka's presence should add some stability to the back line anyway. But given how Rojo, Jones and Bailly all have major fitness issues, we probably do just need another body. £80m is a lot for squad depth though, that sort of money and I'd want someone who genuinely kicks us up to a different level. I don't expect Leicester to budge either - Maguire doesn't seem to be agitating for the move, they're in a healthy position and don't need to sell players, and they're trying to build something with Rodgers and will want stability.
  14. @spork Barring any additions, I would predict a 6th place finish. Yes our attack looks quite exciting, and yes, we've finally got some actual width from right-back. But we've got even less depth and quality in midfield than last season, with Herrera leaving and Matic being one year older. I would say our defence is still a bit of a concern, but maybe the best way to fix that is to improve the midfield so they are put under less pressure. Looking to our rivals, Tottenham's purchase of Ndombélé looks like it could be transformative for them. Chelsea have lost the magic of Hazard, but look to be playing more as a unit under Lampard. If we don't improve, it's hard to see who will give way for us.
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