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  1. Well as discussed in the Shenmue thread, they could either pass the savings onto consumers, or the costs. I'd have no problems with publishers just raising prices across the board on platforms that take more than a 15% cut. I'm sure a lot of them are unsatisfied with the margins they make, so it's not surprising that they're trying to use the appearance of some actual competition for Valve to try and create a "new normal" in that regard. It's hard to make money selling videogames! A race to the bottom would serve no-one.
  2. @Uzi What method did you pay with? Do you have any games on the platform that you can't back up in some way (i.e. that have DRM)? I think if I was in your situation, a chargeback would start to look like an attractive option.
  3. As I don't want to derail the Shenmue III thread further, I'm coming in here to chat about Epic's practice of acquiring kickstarted games as PC exclusives. Also, it's probably worth remembering that this isn't the only game that this has happened to, and probably won't be the last. My main objection, and the reason I really don't want to redeem my "reward" through the Epic store, is that I essentially don't want to encourage this behaviour. I just have this image in my head of some executive using the installation and purchase metrics to big themselves and their strategy up, and negotiating a raise / bonus / promotion. Which will then just further encourage these practices within the company and the industry. I belive that stores should compete on features and on price (or remuneration for publishers / developers, depending on how you want to look at it), not through exclusives. They're trying to use the kickstarter backers as a captive audience with which to market their platform, basically, trying to further monetize them when they've paid up already. Of course if they have funded or developed games from the off themselves, exclusives are fine. But it is not acceptable to wait until a product is almost at market, then effectively change the terms by which the product will be delivered to backers, who had long since taken the risk of giving their money to a project which may never have delivered anything. Funny thing is because Proton is open source, the main barrier for GOG or Origin or the Epic Store running games on Linux is that they don't have versions of their clients for Linux. I expect the main reason Valve did this though, is because they couldn't very well fork an open source project without in turn making their own contributions open source. But they have also made a lot of low-key contributions to GPU drivers as well from what I understand - again because of the long-term strategic interest they seem to have in Linux. As with Proton, this may be something that operators of competing stores are eventually thankful for, if they also start to feel constrained by their dependence on Windows.
  4. @Broker I do think Valve need a kick up the arse, and Epic could be the ones to do it - but they are going the wrong way about it. PC gaming is not just about paying far too much for hardware upgrades, spending more time tinkering with settings and mods than actually playing games, or ensuring every component in your system has RGB leds. No, more than anything it is about freedom, and choice, and ownership of the software and hardware you purchase. I mean, I only got into PC gaming after getting shafted by PSN support (big thread on that here - a good read on what happens when gamers don't have choice and therefore any leverage against platform owners) and deciding I didn't want to go through that again. I don't think it is a minority of PC gamers who feel this way tbh - and particuarly not among the audience for a game that's relatively niche to begin with like this. It just seems like a total PR footgun by Epic.
  5. I wrote "pass the cost onto the consumer". You somehow read that as "saving". They should jack up prices on Steam and then when PC gamers complain, tell them the reason. This is similar to what Spotify / Netflix and other subscription services do on iOS, for instance. They are basically saying sure, you can sign up for a recurring payment via the App Store, but you will pay for Apple's cut, not us. Seems like a sensible solution to me - be transparent about the extra costs and let consumers vote with their wallets. TBH I would be fine with them leaving out Steam if they were putting it out on GOG, itch.io, Humble Bundle or any storefronts that I already use.
  6. @Super Craig Steam has a better feature set than its competitors, yes, but I would say the efforts involved in that are mostly historical. What Valve are now engaging in is rent-seeking behaviour, and funnelling the cash into other pursuits. Maybe that 30% would be easier for developers / publishers to justify if they were actively addressing issues they have with the platform - for instance regarding the review system, and letting less crap onto the store to imrprove the discoverability of quality software. Or they could just lower their cut.
  7. Sounds like you're caught right up.
  8. What a lovely surprise! Yeah a more focused BOTW with a less "by the numbers" story and dungeons that are puzzles into themselves sounds perfect. It's a classic but there's no reason why this can't be even better.
  9. Nintendo have "moved beyond" locking saves to a device by making it impossible to back up saves without signing up to their online service - which deletes them after 6 months anyway if you cancel. So maybe not the best example. But yeah, if Epic want people to use their launcher and store, it needs to at least have the base featureset we've come to expect. Like a shopping cart - which has led to some people having card purchases declined, because of the need to purchase every single game as an individual transaction. Which, to a bank, looks dodgy - like a scammer testing the water before going all in. This is to say nothing of the Steam's excellent controller support with remapping etc and shareable configs, streaming capabilities, etc. I would be tempted to try and switch my purchase to a PS4 download if there's no other way to play on PC for like a year or something daft. I really wouldn't want to give Epic anything in the way of positive feedback for this behaviour - which me logging in for the first time and immediately downloading Shenmue III would certainly be.
  10. Steam's 30% cut for doing basically nothing is looking a little offensive these days given the alternatives that exist, and I can understand why publishers are shopping around for alternatives. Really don't understand why more publishers don't just pass the cost onto the consumer, and let them vote with their wallets - exclusives are never the answer. Epic is just trying to force people to install their launcher and then hope they stick around. Competition is a good thing, and god knows Valve need some, but I would prefer a carrot to a stick. It probably bears mentioning that Valve allow the creation of unlimited steam keys for games purchased on other platforms (quite normal for games purchased on Humble Bundle or Kickstarter), for which they recieve absolutely nothing. So there's really no financial reason, at least in term of sales revenue, to not allow crowdfunding backers to install the game via Steam.
  11. Clipped from my email: Hmm. I guess it shows how much the PC gaming landscape has changed in the meantime though - they didn't even really consider the possibility of distributing on any platform other than Valve's.
  12. It does kind of look like a fan remaster of an old game. I kind of think that will add to the charm, as long as the combat and general game mechanics are competently put together.
  13. Yeah I'll be playing this one with the subs on...
  14. I would guess that they're getting some extra funding from Epic / Tencent to push this over the line. Given this game already needed crowdfunding and then also support from Sony, I guess we should be grateful it's happening at all!
  15. Takes a lot to gross me out... that definitely did the trick though.
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