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    It seems to be a combination of choices.
  2. Liamness


    He sounds like Littlefinger.
  3. It was £13.50 until a few days ago. Besides, it's their product - they can put it out there at any price they want. If you don't think it's worth the money, don't buy it. You're talking about this as if it's an ethical question. Nothing bad is going to happen to someone if they can't afford to buy this game.
  4. Just a little nudge to get people to install their launcher, just like the free San Andreas. I guess there's no point delaying it on other launchers as they don't have enough of an install base. Glad it's coming out on PC. I would guess that it will eventually see a re-release on the next gen consoles - I wonder if we'll see Rockstar really pushing the boat out on PC in preparation for that. I think I'll hold off on it for now though, reading back through the thread and seeing so many complaints about not having enough free time to finish it!
  5. I can understand their trepidation. I can't see gestural controls or whatever being as satifying as a proper honk button. Plus, could they have priced this at $15 / £13.50 at launch on mobile app stores, sitting next to F2P stuff? I doubt it.
  6. It's actually "TV-14", maybe the previous rating was just a placeholder: https://www.hbo.com/his-dark-materials I would guess the BBC will want a primetimeish timeslot.
  7. These are books for intended for children as much as adults, but you know, some things are a lot more acceptable written down than on the screen. It really depends how they film it - the last book in particular. The HBO run is rated "TV-MA", which I guess means it will be post-watershed in the UK.
  8. It doesn't really have any specific controller support or a "big picture" mode equivalent. I imagine the game will probably work just gine with a 360 or Xbox One pad, like pretty much all PC games. Steam on the other hand has support for things like PS4 and Switch Pro controllers (as well as, perhaps obviously, Valve's own controllers), and if you don't like the defaults or if something just straight up doesn't work, you can probably fix it via the very flexible remapping system. Configs can be shared, so usually when that happens, someone else has done the work. Epic are playing catch up in that regard, but to be fair so are all of Valve's competitors.
  9. I hope there's going to be some twist to what sets Ellie off on this murderous rampage, because the trailer seems to be spelling it out. I'm sure Naughty Dog know better than anyone how the first game's reception was helped by the secrets they managed to keep, and how fresh the resulting experience was for players.
  10. Fun bug they've had for like, nine months apparently: It's a really interesting look into their priorities I think. They're clearly not throwing money into the development of the launcher - otherwise we'd see clear progress in terms of getting the functionality rock solid. I guess they know it would take a huge effort to compete with Steam on that front, and no-one will switch stores just to get a "similar" experience anyway, so what's the point? Might as well shovel all their budget into exclusives / freebies.
  11. What other medium gets criticism along these lines? I don't think The Squid and the Whale got reviews saying it's 80 minute running length was too short, and they should've been charging less to show it in theatres...
  12. Anyone else feel that McTominay and Matic looked like a decent pairing? I think I've made the point before that McTominay is probably the best placed man in our squad to fill Herrera's boots - he's not the guy you want sitting in front of the defence, but more of a high energy role. So he's a bit wasted sitting in a two with Pogba. Also that really forces Pogba to do too much defending. I felt this game was very emblematic of United under Solskjaer - lots of high energy pressing and very direct, pacey attacking. Plus a bit of luck to seal the win. It's not a complicated approach, but obviously it is also not simple for opposition teams to deal with either. I just wish we offered a bit more variety. Given we scored so early it would've been useful to be able to keep possession and let the ball do more of the work, but instead our players were chasing it all over the pitch for most of the game.
  13. Trying to remember the last time Tuanzebe started for us, and whether it was in midfield or defence, and came across this: https://www.guinnessworldrecords.com/world-records/431869-fastest-time-to-clear-a-game-of-hungry-hungry-hippos-individual/
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