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  1. I’m playing a lot of Arenas lately, it’s good aim practice and stomps where you have an AFK or trolling teammate are mercifully short. I lost 19 rounds in a row the other day while having the highest damage/kills/knocks/assists, thanks to AFK or useless players. But it’s good clutch practice. It’s the same old thing with Apex though, you can take two enemies down if you’re decent, but three is too difficult unless you’re lucky or extremely good. Of course I regularly get three kills in a round by getting the knocks, but only when my squad are pitching in damage too. I wish I could laser people across the map with the R99 etc! What I'm finding in Arenas is that at least one teammate runs in, goes 1v3 and dies at the start of every round, then flames the rest of his team in the chat, thinking his relatively high damage counter - i.e. the spray and pray he was doing while he was getting downed over and over, justifies his actions. LOOK AT DMG TRASH CUNT they say, whilst having no kills and dying within 10 seconds of the start of every round leaving the squad disadvantaged. Meanwhile the other two have been alive for four times longer, got all the kills, and haven't gone down much if at all. These kids really just want a shitty deathmatch mode with absolutely no balancing, so just give it to them and let the rest of us play in peace. Just queued up again, both my squadmates are level 30-something with no kills on their heroes. The enemy squad are all level 500 with 5000+ kills on their heroes. Edit - we smashed them though, weirdly.
  2. Yep. Generally what I do is ping an area I want to drop and then watch my distance to it on the counter. The second it starts to slow down, just before it starts climbing again, I’ll jump. Usually before this point one of my squad has launched solo, they then land short (if not in a completely different place) and die before me and the other player hit the ground. I haven’t had many games with missing squad mates lately though, which is good. A ping spam limit would be good, not so much a cooldown but an “overheat” which pops if they ping too much too quickly.
  3. You’re completely right, maybe I did a realllllly long blink or something!
  4. It’s a tad trite on occasion (e.g. Arkham Horror card game has literal sanity points) but I love when it’s a little more organic.
  5. I enjoyed this, it’s extremely tense and taught and experiential. But as with the first they could have made the exact same film and avoided the myriad plotholes with some minor changes. There are loads more. And they’re all easily fixed without needing to overexplain anything. It’s frustrating because the film leans so hard into the rules of the setup but constantly cheats or takes shortcuts to maximise drama which only make it harder to suspend disbelief. I love the show-don’t-tell method and when stories only show glimpses of the wider picture and ask you to fill in the blanks. Love it. But this is obviously written from the inside out rather than having any logically consistent worldbuilding to draw from. I really liked the barely hidden Jurassic Park influence throughout. Cillian Murphy was good.
  6. I really loved the line near the end It showed a level of maturity beyond your run of the mill coming of age movie. I couldn't help but see the film as a metaphor for growing up gay, trans, minority or otherwise "different" in a rural locale and having to fight for opportunities and acceptance. Viewing it through that lens had me really invested in the story by the end and I loved the whole
  7. I had a bash on this earlier and came away feeling conflicted. It's one of the ugliest games I've seen, performance and polish are understandably ropey but the visual aesthetic is like a mashup of 360-era grimdark (e.g. Dark Sector) and PS2-era anime. It's truly horrid. The sub-720p rendering in performance mode really adds to the "shitty early PS3 multiplatform port" vibe. It seemed to be outputting at the wrong black level too, as the black crush was really intense most of the time. However, as an early preview, it does have some promise. The combat and equipment systems have some depth and nuance. I was fairly engrossed tinkering around in menus and trying different combos etc. The controls felt a bit clunky (but not in the good Dark Souls way) and the camera and lock-on felt pretty janky, but those things can be polished. It's clearly not a very good souls game or a very good Final Fantasy, but it could still be a good game. Interested to see the final product.
  8. It's the chronic lack of imagination which kills me. Back in the day we used to play things like Dota 1 and Quake King of the server which encouraged crazy broken builds and tactics. The games weren't really balanced and you stumbled across all manner of nonsense, but it was fun and varied. The meta was learned through gameplay by trying to counter other players. You never knew what you were going to get and every game was a surprise. Now, and it's not just Apex by any means, these kids seem to have no imagination whatsoever and can only emulate whatever the top streamers on Twitch/YT are doing, badly. It's so rare I see players running interesting builds or combinations. I still remember the first and only time I tried Fornite, half the players weren't even trying to play the game, they were building some tower thing they'd seen on Youtube the night before.
  9. I loved this. It certainly helped that my wife is Italian and the scenery and trappings have a shortcut straight to my pleasure centre. I’m one of those weird people who don’t like Soul or Inside Out that much, I felt like the framing devices of both are too complicated and disconnected from the story at large. Soul in particular could have dropped most if not all of the longwinded afterlife stuff and been a better film for it. In a similar way, UP is the best Pixar short film with another hour of stuff attached, and Wall-E is one of the greatest silent movies of all time, then the talking starts and it loses steam. (They’re both amazing though). This is a far more straightforward affair with simple stakes and a sweet message. The atmosphere and humour were on point for me, I chuckled more than I did watching Coco, although it wasn’t quite as moving. The whole final sequence of this was really well thought out and executed. It was the perfect length too.
  10. I never had any issues with the controls in Outer Wilds but I wonder now if it’s because I played it on PC at a higher framerate with lower than average input lag. Out of interest when I got my Series X I fired up the Xbox version and it felt worse than I remember. Stick with though, you’ll get good with the controls in no time. It probably also helps a bit if you understand that objects in zero gravity have no drag so they accelerate indefinitely until you actively decelerate. The autopilot wants to kill you. Landing isn’t too hard if you land in sensible spots and use the downward camera and levels in the ship to your advantage. Match velocity is your best friend. There’s a really high skill ceiling and steep learning curve to flying the ship but the game is long enough that you’ll be great at it way before the end.
  11. I think I played about 70 hours of the second MIddle Earth game. I remember none of it and it wasn't very good.
  12. I got a friend request from someone, hopefully someone from here? First game tonight, a level 330 guy in my squad says "no suicide hotdrops please". Wow, I think to myself. We could go far. I'm already dreaming big. The third level 20 player hotdrops anyway and dies with 0 dmg while we break off. Second guy goes down a couple of seconds later. Second game just started, level 14 Octane, he's the jumpmaster. We're hotdropping fragment right now. I'm done, this is actually unplayable. And it's not just me. Every single community, thread, subreddit, you name it, is nothing but people screaming about the same problem. And they're not doing a damn thing about it because they don't care about those people, they care about the 9 year olds with Mummy's credit card ruining the game for everyone else. Whatever broken brain mentality kids have which makes dying over and over again with zero interplay with their teammates seem fun is lost on me. A middle aged man who grew up playing Quake, CS etc. Is attempting to replicate plays by streamers and dying 200 times a day more fun than actually playing the game as designed and trying to get better?
  13. Engagement based matchmaking having the opposite effect. It does that to me too, I always quit while I’m ahead!
  14. Maybe I’ll become an Octane main. I wish there were a hero directly analogous to a Titanfall 2 pilot, I don’t have the best or quickest aim but I excel in movement and outmanoeuvring my opponents. Gimme that wall run!
  15. Every. time. Some big Slovenian streamer ragequit mid-stream yesterday because he kept getting squadmates who did 0dmg and died instantly or just ran off. IN DIAMOND! Good to know it doesn't get any better. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1051713159?t=5h33m26s I did wonder if I should pick Octane every time I'm first pick just to stop someone else getting it. It's so far beyond a joke at this point, he has something like an 80% pick rate. Does he look like a Fortnite character or something like that? It's always kids playing him. I've had kids crying over mic because someone else picked him. It's wild.
  16. Is it good or is it one of those BBC things made by someone who smelled a HBO drama once?
  17. First game today we see nobody all game. Nobody. Deathboxes everywhere. Make it to the final circle and suddenly all fall down dead with no clue what happened. Assume someone was using the charge rifle hack you've seen all over reddit. Get a bit of RP. Weird. Next game, teammate called WHY SO SERIOUS hotdrops us, dies instantly. The other guy manages 100 damage worth of jumpkicks before dying which is quite impressive for a teammate in gold. Trapped in a building with at least two other squads I do 500dmg before I'm mown down, -24RP. Still, I'm up about 10 RP so far today. Game 3 - Octane got us killed Game 4 - Octane got us killed Game 5 - Octane got us killed Game 6 - Octane got us killed I haven't seen a squadmate do over 100 damage in six games, I haven't done under 500. Which I know is nothing, I average about 1.5-2k in a premade. I had two Octanes in a row who did 0 dmg, and they weren't even hotdrop games because I was jumpmaster. Both times they ran in to "third party" a fight which had just started, by themselves. Game 7 - Octane hotdrop. Dead in 4 seconds. ALL LOW. VERY IDIOT. YOU FUCK. Disconnects. Game 8 - Octane hoovers up all the loot, runs towards an enemy squad, does 24dmg, dies and then disconnects. We're both saying "come back. come back. come back. stop. come back". The other guy, a Bangalore with a Brummie accent, shouts FUCKING OCTANES FOR THE LOVE OF FUCKING GOD and disconnects. At least it's not just me. I'm reporting every single one of them for colluding with enemies now. I simply don't understand how every single squad has an Octane in when they're always on cooldown for quitting. Anyway, I'm giving up. If a game can't provide a fun matchmaking experience even 10% of the time it's not worth playing, however good the systems are. I wouldn't play boardgames with chimps and I won't play this with trolls and children.
  18. Sometimes, most of the time to be fair, you get a match forgiveness boon where having a missing player negates any lost points. Not always though. I've noticed there are two "versions" of the legend select screen, one where there's no shading where the third player name would be and one where there is. If it's the latter it operates like a third player was present and you don't get the forgiveness buff at the end of the match. It's supposed to kick in if your team abandons before the timeout as well, but that seems even patchier. And finally it's supposed to kick in if YOU get disconnected and can't load back in, but that never really happens to me so I can't comment. They're apparently fixing the underlying issue soon according to a dev post on Reddit. The subreddit usually has one or two people moaning about this on the front page. You can get an abandon too if you spawn solo and quit when it thinks you had a full squad. That happened to me on the weekend, grr. The easymode trick is to find a willing carry and ride them into the higher ranks. Even better if they'll smurf for you. I know a guy who averages about 100dmg who has been boosted to platinum by a guy with 50k kills on Lifeline. He's going up about 50 levels a week, it's crazy. We (as in anyone who's up for it from this thread) really ought to get together and play a few matches, see how we do. At least we can be demoralised together right!
  19. That's true until you get to gold, by far the highest population rank (35%+ of playerbase), where it becomes like pub games again. Immediately after the split things improve if you can get back to where you were quickly, because all of the decent players who got knocked down are still there and you're more likely to get matched with them. Your opponents are more capable too, but most of my problems in Apex come from being teamed with incompetent people rather than being matched against competent opponents and losing the numbers game before a shot is even fired. Supposedly they're implementing some fixes for missing squadmembers soon (according to a recent Reddit post) which should help things a bit. Sometimes I swear the much-discussed engagement based matchmaking is all too evident. First game today after virtually throwing my PC out the window last session: two decent teammates, roughly matching me for damage, made it to near the end for a decent game and some decent points. Level up! Get a pack! Packs got a gold item in it! Boy that feels good doesn't it! Wouldn't you like to do that again! Queue up again, two kids, one on a pad, who hotdrop and die instantly.
  20. I really like Danny, Tam and Lucy so this is great for me. Does Giantbomb wind up becoming a “channel” within gamespot at this point or vice versa? Those two seem destined to converge now.
  21. meatybaps.com I don't love the name but I like the space theme they've gone for to loosely tie things together. They should lean into a bit more.
  22. Just mute your squad the second they start doing it, turn and run in the opposite direction, and rat to victory. Second game, squad hotdrops, dies instantly, 20 damage between them. -24 RP. I'm back to sitting inside my own barrels as Caustic and watching Come Dine With Me on my phone while I wiggle the mouse occasionally to keep from going inactive. If anyone is over the age of 12 and wants to grind ranked I'm definitely game, it's cool if you're a pad player, your ability to type rllmukforum.com into an address bar and type coherent words into a text field already puts you far above anyone I've been matched with in the past two months.
  23. First game tonight, ranked, missing a team member, jumpmaster hotdrops anyway, instantly dies, pings 500 times, -24 RP.
  24. I went back and corrected it a bit Yeah I got heavily spoiled on it before it came out, I can't say it spoiled my enjoyment much given that most of the "mega spoilers" which leaked early happen quite early in the game. But still, going in completely blind would have been preferable.
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