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  1. 55 fragment hotdrops in a row now. All little kids who die instantly so far tonight. They've got mics at least I suppose. Did anyone laugh out loud at the new badge, I did -60RP so far tonight. Seeing loads of level 12-20 new accounts, I guess someone popular with children is streaming again. Every game looks like this basically, though if I'm lucky I get a bit more damage and a kill or two at the start. It's not like I'm avoiding fighting with my team when we land, but they literally last a couple of seconds and it's impossible to revive with 5-10 squads in the same area, so you have to turn and run. All I'm doing to survive the first few seconds is landing on a gun or near armor so I can armor swap, then shooting from behind cover or doing enough damage (often melee) to cause the enemy to retreat, versus standing on the spot getting killed. Incidentally the caustic only got a little bit of damage because he landed and started dropping barrels while getting punched to death. Something that occurred to me is they're all doing it because some streamer is doing it. So they're hotdropping Fragment and dying over and over to try and emulate the content they're watching, and probably getting killed by smurfing streamers in the process, which facilitates the content creation in the first place. It's like a really stupid snake eating it's own really stupid tail If season 11 doesn't turn Fragment into a smoking hole in the ground I may simply give up, not so much out of disgust but boredom. Every game is exactly the same and ratting is boring as fuck. They should lift Fragment exactly as-is and put it into a separate mode, maybe not Arenas but something similar, and let them do that forever while the rest of us try and play a semitactical heroshooter.
  2. This looks tailor made for me ("What if Dishonored/Prey, but Outer Wilds?" Christ!) I really should give them some money because it's definitely going to bomb, it's an Arkane game with a 60s motif. I'm not sure where to buy it though. I don't really care about the deluxe edition, but the deluxe edition is £48 on Steam from CDkeys, which is cheaper than the base version direct from Steam. The base version can be had from CDkeys for £33, but only via the Bethesda launcher, which I'd forgotten existed. The base PS5 version can be had for about £45, and can be sold on before it arrives on gamepass/bombs and tumbles in value, but Arkane games are typically not brilliant on controller. But the added trigger-stuff is usually good fun and I won't get to experience that any other way. Decisions, decisions. I should probably just pay the £33 as it'll be on Gamepass the second the exclusivity window is up.
  3. There was about 20 minutes of it in the last pod, after hearing Alex at Nextlander say exactly the same thing the week before. It reminds me people I quite like are dumb enough to like wrestling and it makes me sad
  4. No not at all, there are loads of really pad players out there. My heart sinks when I see them on my squad in low ranked games though for a few reasons. Mostly experience tells me they'll be even worse than the average mouse player, which is pretty bad. Unless you buy a pricey pad with paddles you don't have enough buttons or fingers to combine actions on the dpad and left stick, or face buttons and right stick. You can't move while looting, can't micro-adjust at medium to long range. They're usually either using open mic and blasting Skrillex while eating Krave out of the packet or they don't talk at all, because there's no sensible way to push to talk. Apex isn't the best game for pad/mouse crossplay because the TTK is so high and close combat relies on movement so much. On the flipside, the good thing is the game relies on positioning/game sense/communication so much that anyone who has those things down can wipe the floor with most other squads of their rank even without pixel perfect laser aim. Really seasoned pad players know how to lean into the little burst of autoaim (which is usually very exaggerated by most mouse players who get outplayed by pad players!) to make efficient use of high damage burst weapons like the R99 at mid short to mid range. I don't want them to stop playing or stop having fun, but I want to click a button to stop being matched with them. It makes sense, if they have to manually opt into playing against mouse players because it puts them at a disadvantage, I should be able to manually opt out of being matched with them and putting my squad at a disadvantage. FWIW I tried Apex on PS5, Series X and Switch (lol, Switch) and I couldn't hit the side of a barn. I have no idea how the top pad players do what they do. It's unreal. Anyway, the big news at the moment is that tap strafing is going away, which removes a definite edge mouse players have over pad players, which should even the playing field a little bit. It's a bit annoying because I only starting to tap strafe reliably a couple of weeks ago. But at least I don't have to bother trying to get good at it now.
  5. I've been counting drop locations where I'm not the jumpmaster. 41 fragment drops in a row. I expected to see a hotzone at least once, but no. 37 of those ended with both my teammates dead in the first 30 seconds. Edit: 42. They are little, actual children squealing into the mic. Maybe 6-8 years old. One of them is called PINGU. Who the fuck lets these kids play Apex, and who the FUCK lets them have unfiltered mic comms? It's insane. Edit 43: Back to French hiphop and n-words. Mute squad. Revenant is on a controller. Pathfinder scoops up a gold backpack from a weirdly early care package, I'm Gibby. "Can you give that to me please". No reply. I do have them muted to be fair, but I assume he's telling me to fuck off. We don't see anyone all game besides an early confrontation where I get all 3 kills as the enemy runs into my bubble one by one. Pure luck really as I was completely out of position and caught off guard. We make it to final circle through sheer lack of being spotted by other squads. We have high ground. I crack all three members of the enemy team with my ult. I say "they're all cracked". I look around, my squadmates are punching each other and throwing holos while the enemy team is healing. I've got their mics muted but I can still hear the bad French rapping and stoned chuckling in my imagination. Enemy team runs in, they've got a revenant but they haven't ulted for some reason, thank God, as I'm not up for a 1v6. I down two of them with my EVA8 and hit their ulted bloodhound for about 90 with my LSTAR before I go down. I self revive in a corner while the bloodhound kills my team, who do approximately 0 dmg to him. He runs off in the opposite direction looking for me. His ult is over and his Q is on cooldown, so I haven't got long. I run in, manage to bubble and revive them both, and oh look, they've got no health or shields because I don't have a gold backpack. Bloodhound, who spots the bubble, waits for it to disappear and chucks a grenade in, neither of them anticipate it or attempt to move and they both die again. Maybe they're AFK at this point, who knows. I 1v1 the Bloodhound to a close win. Only my arm shield keeps me alive. I finish with 200+RP. I'm on 1350 damage from only two fights, Revenant is on 200, and our friend Pathfinder is on 46. They both gladly slurp up their 75-100RP and presumably queue up again, looking for another sucker to annoy. Still, almost half a rank in one game. Not bad.
  7. That’s exactly it. The tier 4 of each rank is full of people who are tilted and hard stuck, and often throw games as a result because they can’t drop any further. Whereas people who are tier 1 are really trying to break into the next rank. I’d like to see demotion to previous ranks made standard. I’d also like to see better detection of trolling and better detection of being carried into the big leagues by really excellent players. Basically improve the solo experience somehow for all the people who play at weird times like me.
  8. Apex needs a rat hero. You can rat in other BRs quite well, Apex has a higher TTK which makes ratting difficult. Although sometimes in the final circle you realise it's a 1v1 if you're really lucky. The issue is really that it's the only way to claw your RP points back. When your squadmates have both died in the first second and you're -36RP, there's little you can do other than rat. Often I'll rat to positive RP and then leave the game or YOLO at a squad nearby because it's so boring otherwise. Perhaps they could do something around RP multipliers if you're the last man standing on your squad, especially if the twostack you were lumped with landed in the sea, but I can see it being very open to abuse.
  9. Can't remember if I finished the first one, but another decent game for gamepass so that's nice. Good work Doublefine!
  10. Play a load of arenas to learn how the guns work. Otherwise it's 15 mins of looting and pinging following by 2 seconds of getting murdered over and over again. Ratting, which you keep hearing me describe, is a horrible way to play Apex. It only makes sense when you're playing with literal children who suicide instantly and leave you with no other option if you want to avoid losing ranked points. You learn nothing and it's extremely boring. The key is to be aggressive in seeking out fights you can win. Any time there are two squads fighting, wait for an opening and then go and mop up. Conversely, don't stand around poking holes in each other at midrange because another party will come up behind you and leave you trapped between two squads almost every time. It's very, very difficult to kill more than two people at once without being killed by the third. You have to be exceptionally good or lucky to wipe a whole squad by yourself. Once you've downed someone, it's often best to ignore them. Or better still use them as bait. Don't go chasing the kill if there's any danger their squadmates are still hanging around. You can always drop a grenade on them and run. Streamers will usually finish them off because they're chasing high kill counts but in reality you dump two clips into their shield and then get popped. Likewise when someone on your squad is down, you can use their shield as cover to peek over and shoot back at whoever downed them. Don't forget if you revive someone they revive with virtually no health and no shields. Often it's worth finishing the fight (or trying to) rather than leaving yourself exposed for several seconds in the name on comradery. Pick a legend and stick with them for a bit, learn the weapons and mechanics without having to learn new skills every game. Have a backup though in case your legend is picked by someone else. Height is everything. No piece of equipment will give you as much of an advantage as being significantly higher than your opponent. You can shoot them much more easily than they can shoot you. Your team makeup can go some distance towards helping you succeed. It's not like a MOBA with complicated picking and counterpicking, but there are combos which work better than others. Something like Wraith/Octane, Bloodhound/Seer, and Gibraltar/Lifeline covers mobility, information gathering and resilience/recovery. There's always a cheesy meta at play, last season it was Octane/Revenant/Caustic and this season it's Seer. Just Seer. Seer everywhere. Oh you're dead because you got prefired by a whole squad. It's not uncommon for fights to have 2-4 Seer ultimates at once, it's pretty headache inducing. If in doubt, go with an R301. It's an extremely well rounded gun without many quirks to worry about. A lot of it is just muscle memory. Arenas is good for building that because you're fighting constantly. As for me, I've been playing since 4pm, haven't had a single squadmate do over 200dmg yet. I'm back to Gold IV which is absolute hell on earth in my experience, I can commit enough time to gain about a rank and a half per season give or take, so I'm just aiming to be a rank higher every time I reset (e.g. I finished on Gold 1 last season, so aiming for plat 4 before the split). Slow and steady progress, nothing major. I think plat IV is where most people get hardstuck and I imagine plat somewhere will be about my limit, especially playing with randoms. I'm always improving while I play of course, but again there's no way to survive your team instantly wiping at the start of most rounds except to rat rat rat. I'm hoping that becomes less common, I do remember starting to see a few OK players who were Gold 2/1, e.g. not hardstuck in Gold 4. If I ever get good enough to carry a couple of kids a rank and a half below me on control pads against multiple smurf threestacks I'd be happy but it's unlikely. I just don't get why I'm ALWAYS the highest rank on my squad. Maybe one game in a hundred I get someone a couple of tiers higher than me (e.g. I'm Silver 3 and they're Silver 1) but I never get gold players to my silver or plat players to my gold. While I often get bronze level 11-20 who definitely aren't smurfs when I'm cruising through silver. I don't know if there's some secret sauce to the matchmaking which dictates why that happens/doesn't happen? It happens mostly with twostacks where I'm the third. ANYWAY. Seer nerf. There's a long list of posts from one of the designers about the changes they've made starting here: SEER AND THE WALLHACK META. The list looks long, but the goal here (and for hotfixes in general) is to hit pain points and degenerate play patterns without preemptively gutting the unique parts of Seer’s kit. I’ll also share my thoughts on the “wallhack meta” in general. (1/21) First and foremost, direct your thanks to travis_n. He implemented the changes and did stuff like send me clips of passive iterations at 1am, taking extra time to package together a holistic sweep for this balance hotfix. The man’s a legend, to say the least. With the passive alone, Seer can get A LOT of info with minimal cost. There are plenty of examples of Seers hitting 360 quick-scans as they moved around, knowing exactly how many players were nearby (or in LoS from a crazy range) and pinpointing enemy locations quickly with ease. Removing the pips reduces the precision (knowing the exact # of enemies) of a quick ADS. This goes hand in hand with the range reduction. Increasing the duration between pulses (and making it so the flares decay to nothing between beats of full HP enemies) forces a greater time investment. We’re tightening the FoV and killing the “hold tac and have full movement speed” loophole for the same reason. I still think we’ll need continued work here. As many solo queue ranked grinders know, ratting is now virtually impossible. I never thought I’d look back fondly on the days of ratting, but here we are. #MakeRattingGreatAgain As I’m sure we’re all well aware by now, Seer’s tac does a lot of things. Considering it’s designed to be somewhat of a skillshot, this isn’t intrinsically bad. But, given how easy it is to hit with the ult/passive synergy, and the fact that a common use case is when someone is moving slowly/stopped while healing/reviving, the least we can do is give the target a little more time to avoid getting hit. The other low hanging fruit for a hotfix is to dial back the FX intensity and remove the damage. There will still be a directional indicator so victims can understand where they were revealed from. Seer tac used as a dollar store EMP to farm damage and drain resources was definitely problematic at high-level play. Plus, looking at your health bar and seeing a sliver of it missing for taking damage through walls is a major feels bad. Many of you may be disappointed we didn’t touch the interrupts or reduce the 8s reveal duration. This is a starting point. Regardless of what the data tells us, if internal and external feedback is any indication, I imagine one of these outputs will need follow-up work. Something Seer has made clear that many high-level players already know with BH’s success: real-time info through geo is extremely powerful in a shooter. A lot of players sink thousands of hours into games like Apex to develop a sense of their surroundings. Players soak in every clue they can to predict the enemy’s next move at macro and micro levels. When this is circumvented with something like a reveal, it can feel cheap. Players that pride themselves on their “game sense” feel slighted, and it can actually make it harder for beginners to develop their awareness. My best guess as to what is happening in a fight will never be as accurate as a scan. This is why the best counter to an ulted BH is another ulted BH. Why engage when their information is perfect compared to my best guess? This limiting of counterplay options is what feels bad. It’s not something that should be solved with a band-aid solution, such as making Bang smoke clear scans. Then I’m stuck choosing a single legend, and that’s not very liberating. Seer has opened our eyes to what sort of information can be communicated through scans. A real-time silhouette for x seconds is different than tracking footsteps or the health bar or the heartbeat passive. here are many axes we can explore, and I know Seer’s emergence has expedited the process of revisiting the oppressive parts of the reveal meta to introduce more options and counterplay. As far as release strength Seer goes, we missed the mark. Players should never feel the need to pick a legend/weapon for an entire season just to compete. Thankfully, we’re a live game and we can iterate on things. While we can’t solve the pain points of the reveal meta in a hotfix, I’m looking forward to jamming out longer-term solutions with the rest of the design team. As always, keep the feedback coming... even though I may not reply, I try to listen as well as Seer sees. Bolded my favourite bit, haha.
  11. I have a zero tolerance approach, I say hello and it's about a third no reply, a third a language I don't speak, a sixth being called a cunt and a sixth normal human beings who say hello back. Any shenanigans gets an instant mute. Anyway, finally got a decent squad tonight after a couple of clunkers. Almost had the win, Lifeline dropped her ult and showed the two remaining parties exactly where we were (on the high ground, in the final circle after using the survey beacon, perfectly positioned sigh). Immediately we had a Caustic ult, a fuse ult and a bang ult flying towards us and had to give up the high ground. We did kill the first team as they came in but it was an easy third party cleanup job for the eventual winner. Highlight of the game was me having to revive everyone because Lifeline couldn't be bothered to revive or heal as she was too busy looting the deathboxes from my kills. Let me tell you about a game called Dota 2. It's like Apex, except you don't get any RP for outplaying everyone on the enemy team, because your drunk and stoned teammates threw the game while calling each other n-words. And games are an hour long. And you're not allowed to leave. And all your friends are 1000 RP higher than you because they abused calibration in the early days before Valve fixed it.
  12. I really, really dislike this fairly recent style of animation using celshaded 3D models and lighting. For what's supposed to be a high concept far-out series it looks visually so mundane and ordinary. I can't shake the feeling it's lazy or that it lacks style, and at a cinematic 24fps it looks like Telltale's The Walking Dead running on the Xbox 360. The stupid thing is, when it's done in realtime at a high framerate (like Guilty Gear for example) it looks wonderful. Surely Disney (Disney!) can stump up for some better animation. It's not a patch on other high profile franchise animated spinoffs or recent animated anthologies. How about getting a different studio to animate each episode, like The Animatrix or Love Death and Robots? What about tapping Sony for an episode (or a series) using the Spiderverse team? There are so many great small studios out there capable of putting out better work than this in their sleep. Go get Cartoon Saloon to do an episode, it'd be awesome!
  13. Same. I really shudder at some of the things I used to think were funny. I read some of my older posts and cringe so hard it hurts. None of it was meant or felt in earnest, rather to make people laugh or get a reaction, but it’s hard to express how something that was never OK “felt ok at the time” because that was the direction of popular humour for a while and your pals and idols were doing it. You can only learn from it, feel the shame, and move on. The way I see it is that humour is not only subjective but dates very quickly, and (within reason) saying “I know better now and I’m sorry” is enough if the person is demonstrating that in the present. But abusive actions taken in the past (versus “jokes”) are a different kettle of fish entirely.
  14. I used to do that with Gears on 360. Map take cover to RB. So much better. You still can’t combine various actions which are commonplace on PC though, though some people are really good with a pad. Certainly better than the level 11 bronze 4 dimwits I’m getting 90% of the time for some reason. Anyway the big news today is that a designer has been fired for calling women “tit brains” and saying he had “a family of Africans living in his beard” among other things. In 2007. It all seems a bit sad really, he clearly hasn’t been that person during his time at Respawn. I’ve probably said worse from a place of misguided 90s South Park edginess and sheer idiocy in the past. Of course, Reddit thinks it’s a convenient excuse to fire the person who refuses to buff Wattson and who let Seer release in the current state. He was often on Reddit or Twitter being fairly dismissive or antagonistic to the player base so he’s built up a bit of bad blood in those places. https://youtu.be/L1pG2gEa8Z4
  15. That's almost the opposite experience all my friends had with L4D, the versus mode seemed like a broken afterthought, but we played AI campaigns for years.
  16. No I don't think I ever bought any of the DLC. Is there a GOTY edition with everything included I should buy for tuppence?
  17. 1st game: Hotdrop fragment. 20 dmg, 0 dmg, me on 350dmg. 2nd game: Hotdrop fragment: 0 dmg, 0 dmg, me on 33 dmg at 17 minutes 3rd game: I was jumpmaster, land at launch site, squadmate level 70ish on pads, 0 dmg, 12dmg, 600dmg. Either a woman or a child calling me a cunt for refusing to get them up after they went 1v6, couldn't tell because the mic was so crackly. There is literally no way to play Apex at lower tiers except to stack or rat. Unless you're in a threestack you are fucking dead the second a fight starts, and that's it. Even if you clutch all three of them you get third partied almost instantly 99% of the time. Meanwhile in a premade stack you can literally do nothing, get carried by a smurf and make it diamond easily, I've watched two guys who can't play if their lives depended on it do it. They'll win 5-6 games in a row and they don't even know how most of the abilities work one of them has a KD of 0.11. I don't ever, ever want pad players in my game, ever. I don't want to play with them or against them. Just fucking stop it. They can't even fucking turn and jump at the same time without spending £150 on a controller with back paddles ffs.
  18. It's pretty good fun, the "shop slowing things down" argument could just as easily be made about Counterstrike, Valorant etc. Once people know the UI it'll speed right up. The card system is fine, they're perks. It's come a long way since the alpha, so hopefully it'll be pretty tight by launch. My only bugbear with the L4D genre is that anything you add to L4D seems to take away from it, and I include L4D2 in that. The original was so simple and pure that it never really stood up to bearing a lot more mechanics and systems. I really liked Vermintide 2 though.
  19. The open beta for this is now running, I can't join a game for more than 2 seconds without being disconnected though.
  20. I do play loads of both, the matchmaking in both is awful.
  21. First, second, fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh games tonight all hotdrop fragment. I was jumpmaster in the third, and one of my squad broke off to hotdrop fragment. They need to turn fragment into a fucking hole in the ground and then release a game called Apexnite where you can drop into fragment over and over and stand still while firing point blank at people and missing 90% of your shots. Anyone over the age of 13 is banned. Seer's ultimate is relatively easy to counter, you can crouchwalk up to it and kill it.
  22. I watched The Boy Behind The Door last night. It's not bad, a good old fashioned screwturner. A bit overrated looking at the RT score, but worth a watch.
  23. In a real turn up for the books, I got a couple of decent guys for my final game of the night. We're all over 1k damage, fights are a bit protracted but we're coming out on top. I'm healing in a corner and I watch an entire squad walk casually sprint past me making zero footstep sounds. They wipe my squad who are out in the open before they know they're there. Still, 100RP. Net gain tonight. The footstep problems aren't universal or synced between clients (e.g. one man's "literally no footsteps at all" are another man's "incredibly loud footsteps" and vice versa) and I haven't had too many issues with audio very recently, but tonight has been a bit worrying in that regard. I'll remember to snap a video next time. Seer is really interesting, it's pretty chaotic in the final ring when multiple Seer ults go off at once. There doesn't seem to be any way to counter his tactical, which is annoying.
  24. First game tonight, no fill squad. Second game. Brusque Russian team. Stupida cunta. Stupida Cunta. You Stupida Cunta. Drop totem. Neither of them use it. Run in and die. 20ish and 30ish damage. I'm on 600 and a solitary kill when I die somehow. -2RP. Third game. Squadmate called BALKAN. No comms whatsoever. Hotdrop fragment. 40 damage, 0 damage, I'm on 350, -12RP. I guess it's back to 100 games of dropping solo and ratting before I see anyone with a brain. Fourth game, we're doing OK, bit of communication, an engagement begins, another squad materialises in the same area with zero footsteps and wipes everyone. I'm on 12 damage 0 kills/knocks, +28RP. All of Seers abilities are the loudest thing I've ever heard.
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