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  1. EG5 sounds like a done deal if you're all so enthusiastic about it! But do I get a spot in the forum tourney or is it too late?
  2. Gamestation are offering a Pstriple with any two games for £350 as of today, or three games for £375. Going to walk in there a week today and pick up a PS3, GTA4, MGS4, Grid, plus I'll track down a cheap copy of uncharted. Anyone got any better recommendations?
  3. That's why we have Conan...
  4. Looks like Prey? Not a bad thing, I kind of like the Doom 3 plastic look. Isn't Duke irrelevant now though?
  5. I personally agree with the switch back to a two person format. I had considering airing my opinion on this earlier, but didn't want to come across like a dick so early on in my Rllmuk posting career. While pocket herself has more than enough charm, the 'third wheel' effect was apparent in each show she was kind enough to contribute to. If GD had launched with three hosts, it wouldn't have been an issue, but I felt pocket was unable to integrate with the banter in a way that didn't jar with the two man format. Pocket, I hope you'll find a podcast of your own, and when you do I'll be subscribing from day one. I think the right decision was made here however.
  6. Touché. I own Cod4/Oblivion on the PC... think I might just get the GTA4 bundle and scrounge some cheap titles on ebay, unless anyone has seen a better bundle? I've heard of a Zavvi deal, £335 for any game and any bluray, or something similar?
  7. Congratulations to spacehost, harry, mr gerbik, kinketsu and puck for spotting the deliverate mistake. There is a large, exciting prize on it's way to each and every one of you as we speak*. PS3 was of course what I intended to write, so apologies for that. Anybody seen any particularly bargainous bundles lately? *lie
  8. Friday week is payday, and I shall be splurging on a 360. Who can recommend a good bundle deal? Oddly, I'm not that bothered about MGS4, I can take it or leave it. GTA4 is a must though, and I like the look of uncharted, burnout paradise, gt5 prologue etc.
  9. I felt a little mean snapping a drunk as he cried and smoked outside a shit pub.
  10. We're all special in our own way. (and now to hunt for an avatar)
  11. Ah well, I went 30-odd posts without a typo cockup. New record! I'm Morrius, been here for a while (through joypod/GD) but started posting since I got a new job which allows me to sit on the net all day. Nice to meet you!
  12. Unrelated to the thread, but it's just dawned on me that some people here have 65,000+ posts. Fuuuuuuck. I'll try to make the next live recording, keep up the good work.
  13. You'd think given the multitude of shitty peripheral characters which have unfortunately appeared over the years, ONE of the fuckers would be able to swim rather than trudge along the bottom or die the second they hit the surface. Surprised we haven't had to endure a section playing as 'Gill the fish'. I've said it before, but if Unleashed isn't a rip-roaring bollock-bruiser of a title, I'm burying Sonic in the childhood graveyard.
  14. 3 words to sum up the truly terrifying reality of the coming month in gaming: 90. Minute. Cutscenes. (ugh)
  15. I think we can all agree that we want more dismemberment in our racist murder simulators.
  16. Ecco is indeed terrifying. The blue whale near the beginning? Fuck.
  17. Moz

    Condemned 2 360/PS3

    Aww. Thanks for the info.
  18. I'm sure you could shoot zombies in the knees/legs to make the fall over etc in Resi 4. Admittedly actually blowing their legs off would have been cooler, and I hope you're able to in Resi 5. Damage decals would be great too, I agree on all counts.
  19. Saw some recent vids of this on a shite TV program called 'Playr'. It looked pretty cool.
  20. Perhaps you could give the package away as a competition prize in the next podcast? Seriously though, why not try having rolling competitions, asking a question at the end of the podcast and picking a winner sometime before the next? You could do them fortnightly or whatever. No need to bin the idea - I'll enter the next one
  21. Think I might crack out the first one when I get home. Sheer fun
  22. It would seem to me, though we only have early videos to draw opinion from, that the fantastic-looking Dead Space will most likely have fewer, more complex enemies on the screen. Resi 4 relied on overwhelming amounts of fairly simplistic enemies in different combinations. Concerning Resi 5, as long as headshots count and the enemies come thick and fast, I foresee no problem. Dead space looks to be more of a creepy, 'The Thing in space' affair, which I'm thoroughly looking forward to. We've yet to see much of either game (including the cover system which will probably surface in both) but I'm thoroughly excited about both titles and I hope the two games are different enough to compliment each other. And I'm sure I'm not mistaken in thinking that Resi 4 does indeed have a damage model. Didn't head/torso/leg/arm shots all illicit different responses? For example, having to avoid headshotting certain enemies for fear of a gnashing, lashing, monstrous tentacle thing bursting through the neckhole.
  23. Moz

    Condemned 2 360/PS3

    I liked the first one, in a sort of "hm, this was kind of worth £6, I can't really complain" kind of way. Would I likely enjoy Condemned 2 if it was similarly cheap?
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