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  1. On 17/10/2021 at 21:41, RubberJohnny said:

    You've got a right to your opinion, but I don't think you can ever moan about Kojima's games being unsubtle again if you missed all of the following and still blame the game:


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    • Unprecedented creepy cutscene involving someone you've clearly encountered before.
    • Item description which clearly tells you it's a nuke, with the added context that we've heard the Demens have blown up cities with nukes.
    • A radio conversation exclaiming it's a nuke and not to take it to the city.
    • The game telling you where to encounter Fragile for the first time ever and suggesting she can help.
    • Sam suggesting he should talk to Fragile at the depot, as you reach the depot, which is basically impossible to avoid if you're going to the city.

    The bottom three didn’t happen to my recollection, so I didn’t have any cause to look at the item tooltip until after the explosion and reload. I got the cutscene with Troy Baker, then went to compass mode to get my bearings, then went straight where it told me to go. Apart from the Troy Baker cutscene it was no different from any other mission as far as I can remember. I had built roads everywhere by that point so it wasn’t tricky getting around. Then I blew up and had to Google what was going on, immediately saw I was supposed to have had multiple hints about it I didn’t get, and went to do what the guide said. 

    I did have a bug where Deadman kept telling me about a body that wasn’t there over the radio though, every single time I left a location for several hours around the same time. Exactly the same message on repeat. It might have interfered.


    I also got a weird bug where Sam would get stuck making clipped breathing loop noises a handful of times, which definitely interfered with some of his dialogue. I would get the first half a second of a line of dialogue and then back to weird gasping noises for no obvious reason. Even when driving. But I’m really clutching at straws with that as it was a few minutes in total out of nearly 60 hours. 

    I’m not the only person asking this question or saying they didn’t get any warnings outside of the tooltip either. I found a couple of references to it being broken in the PC version on the steam forums also. 

    (I also got a recurring bug where large chunks of the geometry disappeared in increasing amounts until Norman’s face itself disappeared and he was nothing but a pair of floating eyeballs driving an invisible car on an invisible road, to an invisible building, until I restarted the game. That would happen any time I played more than a few hours without restarting. I got a video of that one I can post at least, it was hilarious). 

  2. On 13/10/2021 at 07:12, Kayin Amoh said:


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    If someone snuck a nuke into my bag with the world's most suspicious and slimy employee getting his own special cutscene alongside it, you'd best believe I'm paying more attention than usual to this request.


    Eh, I think all the bits needed to figure it out were right there. It never blindsided me in either of my playthroughs on PC and PS4.



    There are 70 story missions and precisely one of them requires you to read the description and go to a different place other than indicated by the in-game UI. More of that would have been great, showing some independent thought from Sam. But they do it once and poorly. It’s not hard, it’s just unintuitive. 

  3. It’s because you’ve spent the previous 100 missions going exactly where it tells you to go on the map, plotting a course etc. Then it tells you to go to a point on the map while making vague mention of actually needing to go somewhere else. It changes the context of how it delivers instructions in a confusing way which requires carefully noting two or three different bits of info delivered in tooltips and cutscenes. And then doesn’t do it again for the rest of the game. 

  4. I struggled with the nuke mission too and had to look it up, I think the same thing happened to me.


    The other thing I struggled with was a body going necro and being told constantly that I need to dispose of it, but I couldn’t find it anywhere. Eventually I had a voidout and was forced to load an old save, then I spent three hours looking for a body that I still couldn’t find, before realising that once the voidout occurs and you reload, the body disappears and you don’t have to deal with it. What a strange, pointless, counterintuitive mechanic. Other than that I didn’t have any issues with the mechanics and systems. 

  5. 57 hours to finish. I'll definitely have more to say once I've let it settle, but I think I loved this. It's completely unique and incredibly imaginative, in a world where those words are bandied around far too often. I've always felt like Kojima's games got in the way of themselves, with endless tinkering with mechanics and easter eggs getting in the way of gameplay, or endless cutscenes making them feel claustrophobic and a bit dull at the same time. And though it goes full Kojima in the final couple of hours (mostly in a good way) it earns it by letting the player soak in the atmosphere while trekking from place to place in the expansive middle section.


    Half way through I got completely obsessed with building all the roads, and ended up building every single road on the map. Every time I signed in I'd have another 20-30k likes. It's so weirdly gratifying to know that all of the work I did helped other players avoid the various annoyances the game throws at you. 


    It's not perfect by any means, far from it, with some notable problems around unpolished mechanics, creaky boss fights and an abundance of snagging nouns and acronyms, but I'm incredibly eager to experience whatever Kojima Productions do next. I want to see something as different from this as this is to MGS. Keep giving Kojima blank cheques to make confounding weird marmite games and I'll keep showing up.


    It's also a brilliantly cinematic game in ultrawide, despite me having some problems actually running it to run in my resolution (I had to hex edit the executable!) I'm not even sure how a lot of shots translate to standard widescreen as they seem to fill the space afforded by ultrawide so naturally.

  6. On 25/08/2021 at 17:54, Monkeyboy said:

    A big problem with the 2016 film is that scenes ran on too long. Someone on youtube did a re-edit of certain scenes, making them funnier purely by cutting away earlier.

    This is usually the problem with American comedy. Setup, punchline, someone explains the punchline and takes all the wind out of it. It should go setup, punchline, even funnier response to punchline. Frasier nails this. 

  7. I really liked the visual motif with the antagonist, I could have done with a lot more of that. Perhaps hidden through the film like Lake Mungo/Hill House. It was a little too humdrum at times and took a while to start firing on all cylinders. 

  8. 1 hour ago, Fargo said:

    Once I changed the setting to game mode once it’s remembered it ever since. Annoyingly though you do seem to get a black screen for a few seconds when launching a game from the dash as it switches over. 


    It will do, but only for that input. If you plug your Xbox into a different input it will revert to the default movie mode I expect. Or if you have a PS5 and an Xbox, SDR game mode on one input will differ from the other. But you can use "copy to all inputs" to paste your config for that mode to the other inputs. Likewise the other problem is if you go to watch a Netflix Dolby vision movie on your Xbox, it might default to Dolby Vision game mode which might not be ideal for your preference. However if it's clever it will switch between game mode and movie mode depending on whether it's getting an ALLM signal or not.


    Short version, it can be annoying to try and do everything on a single device. I use consoles purely for gaming and an Apple TV 4K purely for media. That's all I'm getting at. 

  9. 13 hours ago, Fargo said:

    Makes everything look a little brown on my LG B9. Am I missing something in the tv settings ?


    LG TVs have completely different per-input per-mode settings for SDR, HDR and Dolby Vision. You can use ISF Bright or dark for SDR, Cinema Home for HDR and Dolby Vision Cinema for DV. Then switch to SDR/HDR/DV game mode when you're gaming. They're all configured differently on each input so it's a job to keep on top of it all if you have multiple consoles. I use an Apple TV 4K but I imagine watching all your content on a single device might prove to be a bit annoying too, as you'll have to keep switching modes on that input. If the TV supports ALLM and detects an ALLM signal (the Xbox Series does this) it should automatically switch to the game profile and tell you in the top right hand corner.

  10. 1 hour ago, Eighthours said:

    While I always want games, TV and movies to look optimum in terms of brightness, contrast, nits and colours, many people are always going to want things other than a properly calibrated set. Why do you think display models in shops have the brightness zapped up so much, idiots leave Motion Plus on, etc etc? ‘Movie mode’ is considered way too dark by some, there are reflection issues in some people’s lounges, not all panels off the assembly line come out the same. The list goes on and on as to why ‘on/off’ is more problematic as a concept than it might seem to us, much as I would love it and would like everyone to ‘get’ why proper colour temperature is a good thing!


    On all modern TVs I've used, Dolby Vision being active removes brightness/contrast/tonemapping settings while still allowing people to turn on their horrible oversaturated colours, cool colour profiles and motion smoothing. It's already an on/off solution for HDR and works exactly as it should, but it's not commonplace. All it needs is wider adoption. You're talking about filmmaker mode, where a whole glut of settings including framerate, colour, interpolation etc can be changed to match directorial intent regardless of the viewing environment. I don't think we'll ever see a "filmmaker mode" for games, though I wouldn't put it past Kojima... Besides, most game modes turn off most additional processing to decrease latency. Once you've got a game running in Dolby Vision "game" profile there's very little you can do to alter the image.

  11. 14 hours ago, CarloOos said:

    The real benefit of Dolby Vision will be the same one it gave Film/TV; it gives devs a standardised mastering colourspace for HDR, so no more making up your own method of getting there with incredibly mixed results. But in general there's a lot of confusion about what Dolby Vision does/doesn't do, and I suspect some of the impressions about how much better it looks are a bit of a placebo. A 1000nit image mastered in Dolby Vision (the bog standard of HDR these days) and a 1000nit image in HDR10 should look exactly the same, but because they're not limited by actual physical footage some games devs have been mastering to 10,000 nits and all sorts of silly theoretical levels, which is why we've ended up with all these daft calibration tools to try and reign it in.


    Secretly, the real reason Dolby Vision content so often looks better (for video content at least) isn't because of any magical colour science at all, it's because it prioritises the HDR version and makes the SDR version derivative of that, whereas for most non-Dolby content you'd master in SDR first and quickly kick out a 'HDR-ified' version of that afterwards. Making the HDR version the priority in Dolby Vision by it's very nature means that version is the one you spend the most time polishing to look as good as possible, and arguably it's the SDR version that suffers when it comes to DV content. You won't see that in the marketing though.


    As for the much vaunted dynamic metadata... it doesn't do what most people seem to think it does. It's actually only used for the trim passes, so it should make absolutely no difference if you're watching something in HDR. Sometimes it'll be used for a 600nit trim (pretty much just for Apple afaik) but generally it's just used for the SDR version. Some people were confused that Dolby Vision for Gaming doesn't have any dynamic metadata but that doesn't surprise me; a) the analysis is very, very slow and b) in a gaming context it wouldn't be used for anything. 

    Superb post. I’ve been following EvilBoris trying to make sense of some of the articles and claims being made around the release of this. There’s such a fundamental confusion about what it is and does that most sites are talking complete gibberish. Not to mention the bonkers videos Dolby are putting out comparing DV to HDR10, showing a thick grey filter over the HDR content as if it has an inherently higher black level or less wide gamut. 

    We need to get to an ultra simplified on/off stage with zero calibration required because this technology is never going to make sense to the average consumer. It’s already being internalised as some sort of Instagram filter which makes your games “pop”. 

  12. I'm pretty sure some of the weird jittering in this is control related. It doesn't happen if you purely turn the left stick, which has camera follow as you turn. If you try to turn the camera in the opposite direction to the way Alex is currently turning, the two seem to fight for control of the camera and it causes weird jitter. Strange.

  13. Finished.




    I simply don't believe "loop pressure" is a thing, because after killing all of the visionaries I went and fought everyone in the party and they still went down in a couple of shots at most. It was still laughably easy to clear the entire map. Julianna turned up, span around on a rooftop a few times and went down in half a clip. And this is while using no trinkets/slabs at all and three silenced LIMP-10s. Because why would you use anything else? The final loop is as easy as anything else, completely trivial button pushing and head-clicking.


    Overall this was nothing but a huge misfire for me. Absurdly easy from beginning to end, with no depth whatsoever to the puzzles or combat. Maybe flailing around on a controller makes more sense but even then the autoaim seems pretty extreme when I tried the dualsense. I didn't really enjoy being in the world, as again there was little depth to the characters or the worldbuilding itself. It might have looked nice, but it wasn't an evocative place to inhabit. It's a far cry from sneaking around Dishonored 2 with the heart revelling in the great writing, or the brilliant opening of Prey. The voiceacting is good, but quickly blurs into one snappy sub-Whedon exchange after another. And ultimately went nowhere.


    The loop mechanic is a gimmick at best, it's not put to any good use and seems like a cheap way to reuse levels more than anything else. So much was clearly dropped or dumbed down to accommodate for invasions, and they were the worst bit of the game. They simply don't work properly, the tiny number of people still playing this on Steam have obviously all set their game to singleplayer mode to avoid being invaded by indestructible lagmonsters from the other side of the planet. It takes upwards of 10 mins to matchmake now in peak hours.


    Allow me to bang on about it one last time before I clear out of the thread forever and stop stinking the place up. Outer Wilds takes the timeloop idea and builds a grand, beautiful and extremely moving story with it. A story which is intrinsic to both the nature of the loop mechanic and videogames as a medium, impossible to achieve anywhere else. The player is trusted to juggle and understand a growing amount of information from a timeline stretching billions of years, having eureka detective moments where story pillars finally connect with a rush of comprehension and emotion. Very little is signposted, but everything is nudged toward. By making the ship controls kind of fiddly, it has a learning curve which stretches from clumsy to masterful, ending up in a daring and difficult landing manoeuvre for the ages, for which you get an achievement. Puzzles sit in plain sight, only revealing themselves when the player has accumulated the knowledge to recognise their importance. Deathloop has no story, only a setting. It has no puzzles, only solutions. It offers no sense of achievement and it asks nothing of the player but time. Click the orange thing. Click on the heads. Repeat until you run out of patience or the credits roll. It's a real shame.


    So for me this is far and away Arkane's worst game - simplistic, dumbed down, repetitive, half-baked and supremely disappointing. A shadow of their former work and a plain-as-day appeal to broader/simpler tastes after not finding much success with their last few games. Which I can't really blame them for. As with everything at the moment I'm happy to chalk it up to covid and see what they do next. Especially with unlimited Microsoft money. Mostly I'm utterly confused by all the 10s - more so than I can ever remember being. I've been out of sync with the hivemind plenty of times, but I can usually recognise what others are seeing in it. Most of the review text for this reads like they're playing a different game entirely, and it sounds brilliant.

  14. 1 hour ago, Mr. Gerbik said:

    I'm guessing that Dolby Vision looking so much better means I didn't set up the HDR correctly despite my hours of fiddling when I got it. Nice one.


    Yep probably. It all comes down to tonemapping. Don't beat yourself up about it, it's nearly impossible to get every game looking good with HDR. So many games utilise it badly to begin with and then give you horrible methods to calibrate each game for yourself.


    My one fear for Dolby Vision is that it becomes a container like Atmos, and you'll see the Dolby Vision logo appear onscreen, lose the ability to calibrate, and it'll still look a bit crap. I guess we'll see. Bring it windows next please MS!

  15. 2 hours ago, Mr. Gerbik said:

    Awesome. My telly just got a free upgrade. Any chance of this ever arriving on PS5 too, or is there some kind of exclusivety  going on? Because man this looks awesome

    They’ll do it eventually, in some fucked-up Sony way where you have to download DOL and then pay £20 to get the BY and it only works on one level of one game at certain times of day. 

  16. I think I've actually had it for a while, but I didn't enable it. I've been seeing "your TV can do 4k Dolby Vision at 60hz" for ages. Just waiting for the CX patch for 120hz now.


    2 hours ago, Mr. Gerbik said:

    Enabling it on my Panasonic 4k telly made Psychonauts 2 and Metro Exodus look significantly better. Before that I was playing FF13 on backwards compatibility with auto-HDR - I wrnt back to FF13 and that looks significantly better too! Turns out it's now running in dolby vision?? Pressing the guide button says "auto-HDR" but the telly is receiving a dolby vision signal. Has auto-Dolby replaced auto-HDR for backwards compatible games? It looks bloody good.


    Yes it has!

    Most of the games I've tried look the same because I've spent ages dialling in the settings properly with HGIG and sliders rather than dynamic tonemapping. But the main thing is it saves me doing that every time I fire up a new game. Often it's a horrible experience because they give you a random screenshot from the game with a random number attached rather than a slider for NITs. Some games do this (Battlefield for example) and it makes it a million times easier.

  17. It’s definitely working for me. Seeing Dolby Vision in Psychonauts. I had to enable it in the Dolby access app, the system menu, and set it to 60hz as the LG CX doesn’t do 120hz/4K/DV yet. Still, it’s exciting! Feels like the HDR slider nightmare might be coming to an end. 

  18. Well, actually, there are Dolby Vision games. Most of the first party "optimised for Series X" games have it. Anything with HDR10 or AutoHDR, so about 100 games. I imagine what they're doing is sending the console HDR calibration via Dolby Vision somehow.


    It's just HDR, it's not going to look any different to a well calibrated HDR image. But that's the point, you don't have to dick around with sliders or rely on lossy TV tonemapping any more. I'm gonna crank up a few games and see if it kicks in.

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