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  1. Thanks mate. I figured out what I was doing wrong - you can't counter with the strand when you're crouched. As soon as I realised that I was back to tying up hordes of them again. Cheers
  2. Any tips on what you're supposed to do at the start of the second zone? It gives me a recipe for a smoke decoy, which all of the MULEs completely ignore because they want to fistfight me 6v1 even though I'm hiding behind a rock miles away from the orange pulsing circle in which I've dropped the decoy. Am I just supposed to fight them? How do I get the bind with strand prompt to appear? It seemed to appear every time without fail in the first zone to the point where I was binding four or five of them in a fight, but it's not showing up any more. Given all the bad things that happen when I get knocked out, I'm better off just alt-F4ing out right?
  3. Deathloop gets the girlfriend reviews treatment. I know what you’re thinking but no, I didn’t write this
  4. The CG monkey is good, but that’s my overriding impression so far which might be damning with faint praise.
  5. This seems like a really fair discussion (if you ignore the stupid thumbnail and mostly terrible comments)
  6. Buddy I got it working, that's all you need to know The trick is to add mstsc.exe (Windows native RDP client) into Geforce streaming as a custom app. Then run that, and you can launch games from any store client instead of being forced into steam big picture (although that does have some advantages). I think originally "add mstsc.exe" was a bit of a red herring, you could add any .exe and it would stream the desktop. But now the devs have configured moonlight to watch specifically for this and consider it a request to stream the whole desktop. Your experience differs depending on which app you're using to access your PC, the Android app seems a bit happier with controllers whereas the Apple TV app works quite nicely with the remote itself as a cursor. You should put something like chrome remote desktop on your PC so you can easily connect to it from a laptop/phone etc and sort things out if moonlight gets confused. It'll save you running up and down stairs a lot. None of these solutions are perfect unfortunately.
  7. No idea. The 12th hour is identical to the first and the plot is seemingly randomly delivered, so progression is hard to gauge. No idea what triggered this dialogue or if it’s important. Apparently it is.
  8. What bearing does it have on the plot? Absolutely none. For me it came out of nowhere, having read every note and quest tooltip, it was then blurted out during a mission start convo with zero connection to anything else I’d read or heard so far. Really poor storytelling. The first time I killed Aleksis, I didn’t know how I did it. They died somewhere across the map and I went to pick up the goodies. There was no turret/mines etc nearby.
  9. Moz

    Outer Wilds

    Limmy's been playing this. He finally finished it recently with a gargantuan five hour stream. Not sure how many hours he put into it in total, it was several streams through. He had a fair bit of help from the chat, in the final stream he had one guy in particular feed him a lot of clues, but the guy did a decent job of not making it too obvious. He was doing his usual mucking about and missed about half the game/story by being steered to the ending but you could tell he enjoyed it.
  10. Heh yeah I did try and post it a bit further up but it wouldn't embed. On all my usual haunts, GAF, ERA, Reddit, here, the reaction seems to be universal. Most people think it's somewhere between disappointing and OK, a few crusty old immersive sim Grandads like me think it's pretty poor in that context but just about OK in a vacuum. Steam reviews seem about the same. Reaction to the gushing praise seems universally confused. "One of the most incredible games I’ve ever played" says Polygon. "a new high watermark for Arkane and developers of similar games to aspire to" says IGN. When you can CTRL-F most reviews of this game and they don't contain the words "easy" or "downgrade akin to Deus Ex Invisible War", something very wrong has happened.
  11. Spoilers are spoilers. Click spoilers see spoilers. Is it major? It comes out of nowhere. I'm kinda done with this, I'm really quite bored of running through the same four levels over and over to click on a different thing to be told I've solved a puzzle I didn't even know I was solving. What a misfire and a waste of Arkane's talents. God only knows what virtually the entire games press has been smoking. I'm gonna start The Forgotten City instead. I'll come back to this in a bit when I want an utterly mindless few hours of poorly optimised babygame.
  12. Where the hell did that come from?
  13. That happened to me too. I got a quest entry to "Go to the X station". I had to divert the power first, so I went to the power station. I went and did that, but the buttons show the name of the area, not the individual stations. So I took a wild guess and picked one, which turned out to be wrong, and Cole says "Great, now I can go to the Y station" and created a new quest entry. So it spoonfed me the name of the X station, told me exactly where to go to divert the power to it, then when I picked the Y station by mistake, it spoonfed me the name and location of that. The whole sequence could be a good puzzle if they would only let the player figure it out by themselves.
  14. Yep, this 100%! This is the part which is most disappointing. I could understand the game itself being pretty easy if the macro puzzle was interesting. But it's (so far) a series of checkpoints with all the puzzle solving on autopilot. If it were more of a roguelike/lite with really fun engaging combat that would work too. Instead it shoots straight down the middle and delivers a tiny squirt of everything, but none of it has any depth.
  15. I think they got hung up on "The Crossing" a long time ago and wanted to introduce Invasions into a Dishonored style game, partly because it's an old idea of theirs and partly because it's now a popular mechanic in other games which extends the shelf life a bit. The problem is, getting invaded in Dishonored or Prey would be a nightmare because you'd run into other enemies and get spotted and killed really quickly. So to balance that they give you loads of firepower and make the enemies crumple like tissue paper in a single hit. In the process the game becomes more of a shooter which also has wider market appeal, which is understandable after Prey flopped. The problem is, they're now building levels for Dishonored stealth mechanics and then filling them full of Borderlands AI to compensate for being invaded and widening the appeal a bit. Both of which make a worse game. The level design and the gameplay aren't in sync at all, because the difficulty is trivial and there's no specificity to the challenges. I've not been forced to stealth or shoot once yet. I'm walking through all these elaborate levels headshotting people like John Wick while noticing all these intricate routes across chandeliers and through vents which you never, ever need to use. And if you do try, the stealth is so broken that you can't take it seriously. it's embarrassing. The loop mechanic seems like a very, very convoluted way to reuse levels wrapped in a clever structure. The only thing I've had to do of any interest so far really is redirect power at the start of each loop three times. And doing that is again a trivial task. I can understand most of the decisions they made (Sony exclusivity, heavy emphasis on controller/console, heavier emphasis on combat etc). Then Microsoft came along and bought them, and now they can do whatever they like. So I want to see a hard swing in the other direction ideally. I could still be wrong. It could all come together brilliantly and I'll start to get it. I really hope so. Right now it's a misfire for me, but I'm happy to forgive them as they had to react to Prey flopping while developing in the midst of a pandemic. Those 10/10 reviews are absolutely baffling though. Either way, the time loop genre keeps trucking on. Outer Wilds DLC is out next week. And I've just bought the Forgotten City too. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p24cqO7rP8o
  16. Finally got my 3080 in. It’s great, I run at 3840x1600 so the 3070 felt plucky but also like I was pushing my luck a bit. The 3080 comes out like an angry Dave Bautista on PCP and wrecks the place. Here’s a bit of RDR at max everything running about 80-90fps.
  17. If you want even a remote semblance of challenge you can play the game with nothing but a machete. No slabs, trinkets etc. It’s still really easy. I don’t understand the point of the machete. You can already melee (kick) and oneshot stealth kill from behind. Why have a whole slot dedicated to a weapon which does the same thing? One of the ways they could have made better use of the loop mechanic is making your resources or weapons finite. If you can only disable so many cameras/turrets per level, or guns/slabs/trinkets were consumed after each level until the next run, you’d have to actually plan and execute. Maybe if infusing items only allowed you to carry them to the next level and everything but knowledge reset each loop, that would be an interesting challenge.
  18. Yeah. I've stopped infusing anything except the slab upgrades purely to collect them. I'm taking one gun with me, I'm equipping no slabs or trinkets. It's still stupidly easy. Like, "a game made for little children" easy. Practically all of the guns are absolutely horrible, take up half the screen even with a wider FOV and have so much muzzle flash you can't see anything unless you hip fire. And then you've got the LIMP-10 which is completely silent and can kill the entire map in a couple of magazines. I'm pretty convinced they simply didn't playtest this on M&K. At all.
  19. Question to people who have finished it. Does the game get harder, ever? I don't really know where I am progression-wise but I've got all the slabs (I think) and all the upgrades (I think). I've got a silenced LIMP-10 rendering every other weapon in the game completely meaningless because it can one-shot headshot people from the other side of the map. I'm picking up hundreds of trinkets which effects don't make sense to me. "Enemies take damage over time!" Why? They all die instantly no matter how sloppy I am. There are no puzzles to figure out (yet), no specific challenges which require anything particular of me (yet) and I haven't died in about ten hours. And I've got multiple lives! The really depressing part is I'm not figuring anything out myself. Colt keeps rambling about how he's figured out a plan but I'm just clicking the next objective, emptying the map of people with zero issues and then pressing a button or reading something. Then he figures out another part of "the plan", usually without bothering to explain what that even means. And then I'm off to click on the next objective. Occasionally Julianna appears and stands still somewhere until I kill her. Then I get a slab or upgrade, so I don't even have to repeatedly kill the visionaries to get those. As I said, I've really got no idea if I'm near the end of the game or not, but I haven't seen a single new enemy type or been asked to do anything I didn't do in the first hour of the game in about 12 hours. It's a real bummer. I'm completely mystified by all the high scores. Some of the reviews were gushing, but you can tell something isn't right when Eurogamer calls these baffling hodgepodge of menus "startlingly intuitive". Edit - This
  20. I finally, finally managed to get a 3080 today, for the going price of a 3070 on EBay. So hopefully it’s another straight swap, I’ve gone from a 1080ti to 3070 to 3080 without spending a penny assuming I get a decent price for my 3070.
  21. From resetera. Day off today, so will test and report back.
  22. Yep that's it. Also a tip for people out there - for some bizarre reason the crosshair isn't in the middle of the screen, there's an offset option to put it back in the middle hidden in the options.
  23. Yes, I've seen quite a few people complaining about the "acceleration curves" on the joysticks. Not really my area of expertise. But the aim assist is so strong (at least when I plugged my dualsense into my PC) that I think it probably doesn't matter too much in combat. But could be very annoying for movement. While Arkane are "investigating" the same stuttering issues which plagued Dishonored and Dishonored 2 as if they're a surprise, I can give you some advice from days of fiddling and reading. The game simply doesn't run well at any framerate which isn't a multiple of 30. 30/60/120 fps are all smooth, anything close to or inbetween those isn't. The stuttering juddering mouse appears over 60fps. What I've done to fix this on a 160hz monitor is: With these settings I'm able to maintain a constant 60FPS which makes the mouse feel smooth finally. What a palaver though. There's a Digital Foundry guy investigating now and he's confirmed there are mouse issues over 60fps where inputs are being dropped as the mouse tracks, causing the stuttering. This is getting some traction now so hopefully Arkane can finally fix this issue rather than requiring everyone to wait five years and buy a new PC to be able to run their games at 120fps solid.
  24. Help me out with something. If I've got two infused slabs (or weapons) equipped, and I come across an item I want, I have to drop an infused item to pick up the non-infused item. I take it back, infuse it. Is the one I dropped is just... gone? Or does it come back at the start of the next loop when it fully resets? Is the system "you can drop this and pick up a different one to infuse it, but the one you've dropped is gone for the rest of the loop", or "you can drop this and pick up a different one to infuse it, but the one you've dropped is gone until you find it and infuse it again". if it's the latter, I should walk around with an empty slab/weapon slot at all times to pick up new slabs/guns I want to infuse without dropping anything?
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