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  1. Imagine how insane the 3070 is going to be if these sites don’t put some basic queuing measures in place.
  2. I can’t believe OC is down again. What two bit operation are they running down there. Just scale out and use cloudflare and a queuing system for Pete’s sake.
  3. Same. I don’t think we’re getting them any time soon.
  4. The rep from OCUK on their forums is now basically saying they've taken everyone's money but they don't really know what's going on or when anything's turning up so everyone has to wait and you can get a refund if you want but not yet. https://www.overclockers.co.uk/forums/search/50418365/ Good job lads. Maybe Nvidia should stick them on Ocado next time instead or some website with a queuing system that can handle some traffic. I mean I'm just playing Battletoads and Life Is Strange 2 at the moment but I'm still annoyed.
  5. The problem is, the site died before 2pm. I had it in my basket at 14:00 and it took me an hour to check out. So nobody knows what's going on or if they actually got an order or a preorder. Partly due to the fact they kept updating the price and description of the times while people were queuing to checkout. Some people even processed the payment at £650 and got charged £700 for example, and now their order is in limbo.
  6. Mine’s changed to “order received, not yet shipped”. At least they’ve got my money though that’s the main thing.
  7. And the card I ordered has gone down £30. What a bloody shambles. Might call tomorrow and just cancel it and order later on from somewhere not being a bellend.
  8. Mines sat saying awaiting payment status. But most are if Twitter is any indication.
  9. I got it in my trolley at about 14:01, but it took over an hour to check out. Let’s see what happens!
  10. Looks like I’m getting one then? Tomorrow? Press X to doubt
  11. Kind of amazing that scan and overclockers are still down, five hours later.
  12. Someone on twitter said they called Overclockers who confirmed they had 12 of the gigabyte cards in their allocation with 19 turning up next week. That doesn't bode very well does it..
  13. Yep same thing happened to me, I gave up. I tried to buy that card at ebuyer for over an hour before my overclockers order went through.
  14. I kind of assumed these were coming in a couple of weeks anyway, so that'd be a nice surprise.
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