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  1. Try disabling the hi-res textures DLC if you're having performance or crashing issues.
  2. I'm mystified about why it didn't work or how I got it to work, I seem to have two copies installed (one in the Xbox app, one in the Microsoft store app) which are two apps in some circumstances but the same app in others. I actually package Microsoft apps and run app stores for a living for thousands of devices but bugger me if I know what's going on. It's working now which is the main thing. Anyway, they've bloody done it haven't they. It feels fantastic, no great surprise having played the multiplayer, but that crunchy-weighty-but-nimble feel doesn't disappoint. I'm playing on heroic and it feels a tiny bit easy, but I'm playing on a mouse. I may bump up to legendary and see how I get on. I'm dying occasionally, but generally when I make a really dumb mistake or fall off something. I've gotten to the point that it opens up and spews icons onto the map. Now time for bed, but very very positive first impressions. I'm not sure how scripted it was, but I swear I saw one of the brutes pick up a grunt and chuck him at me.
  3. Finally got an hour to myself to play some Halo Infinite 11pm-midnight. Come upstairs, launch the game, nothing but "preorder" in the menu. Update available. Run Update. Downloads entire game again. But stuck on 0%, with gigabit internet. God help me Microsoft. Update, it has given up trying to redownload all of Halo again and is updating Skatebird instead. Update: after updating Skatebird, the 20GB patch for Halo turned into a 3.9GB patch Update: I was able to launch the game. When I click on "campaign" it tells me I need to download the campaign. 20GB. It is stuck on 0%. Update: It is downloading the campaign at about 5MB/s despite me having a 1.2Gbps wired connection Update: Skatebird is stuck at 70% Update: the game is now running twice
  4. They jumped into each other so many times they jumped over each other at one point.
  5. Ah yes “grow some balls” says the man who virtually burst into tears on TV after being unable to go down the slide in Mario 64
  6. The aimless guitar wank was so annoying by half way through that I didn’t touch the play music button for the rest of the game. And I say this as a diehard prog person. But I appreciate not many people spent their 20s trapped in tiny practice rooms with two or three lead guitarists doing it for hours. Bad memories
  7. Do us a favour and sashay away, mate.
  8. What's up with the steam popup during this challenge? On another note, it's really nice to see a pregnant woman hosting a show like this. My wife's heavily pregnant at the moment and it cheered her up. Not long ago they'd be ushered out the back until they'd dropped the sprog, then forced into the gym to get back to their previous configuration before being allowed back on camera. It's lovely to see a big old baby bump front and centre.
  9. Watching someone play through Deathloop with a controller makes it make more sense.
  10. I once made a post on the Bits forum pretending to be the showrunner and claiming it had been cancelled. The actual showrunner and multiple of the presenters turned up to fend off my impersonation. Then I claimed they were fake and I was real. I really don’t know why I did that but it was quite funny at the time.
  11. Gamesmaster in general is way worse than I remember for this. I watched a load of it in the last few days while working. Look at the Zoe Ball bit for example - yikes.
  12. Microsoft Or Nintendo need to hurry up and buy Platinum so they don't have to churn out dreck like this.
  13. For those complaining about the inclusion of Mortal Kombat in the new series...
  14. I completely forgot to mention I mined an ETH on my 1080ti and sold it (for about £450, I weep). But I think that brings me into profit? (edit - half an eth!)
  15. I know, I actually did get one and then Scan cancelled it because I'd already bought a 3070 earlier on. Three times. I tried different addresses, cards etc. No luck!
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