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  1. I'm glad this is still going! Forgot I started this all those years ago.
  2. Ah, the Final Fantasy 7 Shovelware Universe
  3. I’m right at the end and this is the nothing-est game I’ve played in a while. The story is uninteresting and poorly told. There are virtually no mechanics to speak of but those few which are present are clunky and fussy. The puzzles aren’t puzzles, or even obstacles. The split gimmick doesn’t really have any effect on the storytelling or gameplay. So you’re left with a walking simulator horror game, which’d be great except it’s not even one iota perturbing or offputting, never mind frightening. Most of the enemies look funny and poor old Troy Baker must have thought he’d have more
  4. If the ending isn’t shot-for-shot word-for-word I’ll be unhappy. That ending haunted me for years.
  5. Watch that sci-fi short I posted. She doesn’t look the part but she feels the part.
  6. To be fair, since I sent that tweet Pedro Pascal has rather cornered the market on homicidal surrogate father figures. Obviously I assume he didn’t see my tweet but I’m the only person who ever tweeted that name at him and he replied/liked other tweets of mine around the same time. About inverted controls I think. So who knows. Anyway, better get practicing Take On Me lassie! I wouldn’t bother with most of her other vids though, they seem to all be about Jesus... Twitter advanced searched seems to show that I'm the only person who ever tweeted
  7. I shall go ahead and take all the upvotes now thank you.
  8. I don't know if I buy the idea that they ripped all his scenes out. Holden is pretty equally sidelined this season, as is Bobby. I doubt they pulled out all the Bobby scenes (and minimised her character) because Cas was in them, that seems like a weird strategy given the nature of the allegations. Who knows.
  9. I suspect they planned to kill off characters next season because it's "ending". I thought this tweet thread was an excellent take on Naomi's arc this season.
  10. Naren Shankar said this in an interview: “We started talking about it very early in season five, actually, because as we were developing the story, what we realized is that we’re telling a story about war and people who do very violent things and a group of people that we care about struggling to reconnect with each other and help each other and find each other in the midst of this tremendous cataclysm all around them. And it started to dawn on us that we were telling a story about all of those things with no consequences. And it felt like we were running into that same old issue i
  11. I really think it's fine, good even. Shed goes out unceremoniously in Season one and everyone else has felt far too safe since. Killing a character with next to no warning actually reminds you that the swift consequences of space being dangerous (something they show ALL the time) sometimes come to bite you in unexpected ways. It especially works in a series where Naomi was able to fly through space and survive weeks alone with nothing but plot armour to protect her. The whole time you've been worried about whether she's going to survive (at least, you were if you haven't read the books) and yo
  12. All the unnamed aggressor threads are clearing building to a movie trilogy. It seems so patently obvious to me that they're going in that direction - take the budget of 3 seasons and throw it at 3x 3 hour long movies. They've already said they're not phased by the time-jump so they've put some thought into it.
  13. I thought Dominique Tipper, not the strongest performer early on, was OUTSTANDING this series. This was her season and she nailed it, carrying solo scenes and scenes with weaker performers (like Filip). Her rescue seemed like a reshoot, and focusing intently on her face during the rescue sequence rather than Alex’s heroics was a clever way to amplify the female performers.
  14. Yeah, me too, and I didn’t love Relic. But that’s the thing, I don’t think it should really be compared to horror films other than arbitrarily, as it’s more of an unsettling character study. Though not an especially interesting character or series of events. Fantastic performances though. Certain sequences were rife with dread and sour energy which I really enjoyed it at times. But I found it a bit underwhelming, other sequences rubbed me the wrong way as their execution seemed overly obvious and not that convincing.
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