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  1. Moz

    Perfect Films

    I'm going to assume Fury Road has been mentioned 300-400 times by now?
  2. Moz

    The Haunting of Hill House

    There is at least one jumpscare per episode, for sure. It's totally subjective, you might find it terrifying or you might not. Some of it really gripped my scarynuggets. Certainly the scariness isn't why it's good, more of an added bonus or obstacle depending on if it floats your boat.
  3. Moz

    The Haunting of Hill House

    This is really, really good. I've just finished "The bent neck lady" and it's a great bit of TV. Self contained but totally vital to the wider series, restrained but powerful, thoughtful but gut-punching in it's conclusion. The less said the better really, but I'd urge people to watch it. My wife's writing it off because "she doesn't like scary things" but it's more akin to a prestige-TV puzzlebox about family ties, grief, guilt - all the things ghost stories used to be before they became a series of loud bangs spread over 90 mins.
  4. Moz

    The Sinner - Jessica Biel gets stabby

    Season 2 is very good. Equally twisty. The Bill Pullman struggling with his demons plot is mostly dropped though, which is a shame. However the introduction of Carrie Coon more than makes up for it.
  5. Moz

    Doctor Who

    Chibnall is all about "putting out multiple fires" as he puts it. Essentially running around dealing with multiple strands at once. I'm really, really hoping for a standout enemy this series though. Don't forget for every weeping angel, dalek or cyberman there are literally hundreds of run-of-the-mill generic blokes wrapped in polystyrene who you never think about again. Nevermind the CG dustbins and so on. But I've always thought the showrunners were only as good as their best baddie personally. As for that episode, looked and sounded great, the cast are all great and the atmosphere was a bit melancholy and interesting. But the plot was a little thin. Still, I liked it plenty.
  6. Moz

    Doctor Who

    Considering the weight of expectation and the awkwardness of soft-reboot pilots, not to mention the fact new Who is frequently a bit pap to begin with, I thought this was bloody excellent. She smashed it so hard I could almost hear the basement bellends launching their pick-up books and anime lovedolls at the screen throughout. Bradley Walsh was good(!) The Tim Shaw gag was funny, the framing device was quite touching, the double meaning episode title was clever. I can see Whitaker dropping straight in above or below Tennant on most new-Who fans list. Room for improvement but a roaring success where it counted.
  7. Moz

    Fear the Walking Dead Thread

    This sure turned to shit this season, huh.
  8. Moz

    Sharp Objects

    Great season of skincrawling feelbad fun. Some real directorial and editing flourishes on display and some powerful performances to enjoy. Pieced the major points together before the reveals but it didn't detract.
  9. Moz


    I'm not sure if Toni Collette's final scene was supposed to be funny but I laughed my head off. Genuinely.
  10. Anyone doing this cheapish? I'm poor because I just bought a cat, but now I want a spider too.
  11. This is such a good game. Pad controls are excellent too, at least according to a couple of mates who are playing definitive edition on PC with a pad.
  12. Moz


    Really enjoyed the first half, but found myself losing interest as it went on. Would watch again.

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