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  1. Moz

    Outer Wilds

    Outer Wilds has won the BAFTAs for best game, best design, and best original property. Rightly so.
  2. Each to their own, but all the console gameplay I've seen of this has been laugh-out-loud funny.
  3. Eh. It’s just a bit boring. Press the button to get ammo/health/armour every time it’s off cooldown and don’t stop moving. That’s about it. Too many upgrade systems and not enough scope for player expression. All the guns feel quite pad focused, though you guys playing it on pads are mad heroes. You literally can’t jump and turn at the same time, how are you managing?!
  4. Moz

    Half-Life: Alyx

    No joke, I’ve put about ten hours in and I’m on chapter 3. Just really taking my time, messing about, replaying sections to try different things etc.
  5. Moz

    Half-Life: Alyx

    God this game is incredible. Two hours solid today. Playing wirelessly in a fairly big area, it’s totally gamechanging being able to spin around, walk around etc. Here’s some testing by that BMF guy comparing Quest Link to wireless over VD. Spoilers: VD is better. https://youtu.be/iXkEMvMQdIc
  6. I dunno man. I'm playing on ultraviolence and it's just kind of boring. You watch your meters at the bottom and press the button that makes whichever meter go back up when you need to. You've effectively got infinite ammo/health/armor as long as you keep moving. I'm only really dying when an enemy spawns right on top of me and traps me in a corner or something like that. It's intense, sure. But it's so one-note. I fundamentally don't like the system where every gun has two modes, it's annoying in the flow of combat. Just give me half as many firing modes that are more specialised and make me switch between them to kill specific enemies more effectively. As it is, you occasionally switch to the energy rifle thing to pop a shield and that's about it. I forget I've got half the weapons as I don't use the weapon wheel (number keys baybeee). Likewise both grenades and the flamebelch don't feel great to use - I'd rather just combine them into a single grenade or get rid of them entirely, I think I've used the freeze grenade about three times. The main issues are the plot and story though - the combat's fine, but it's really lacking the wry spark the first game had. Teleporting into different locations solves the problem of maps looking too samey, but it ends up having a really disjointed feel. And why they thought I'd want to read codex entries on the lore of Doom I have no idea. The buff totems are a terrible idea too - it's always in the same place, so it's just a case of wandering around and dying a few times until you find it, and then going straight there to destroy it next time. Really weird attempt at adding modifiers to the combat.
  7. There's something missing here. It spends the first third throwing endless upgrade systems at you, unleashes you for a little bit and then runs out of Steam. It's like a Platinum misfire.
  8. You're doing teenagers a disservice there James. Plenty of teenagers could tell you that Star Trek is fundamentally about humanism, and they'd probably have a good stab at writing some. The problem is that it's written by 50 year old men who have never written a decent story or script, but are so embedded in their positions that they're allowed to fail repeatedly. Kurtzman wrote The Mummy for fuck's sake, the guy should never get to work again. Ultimately they're bending characters until they break to fit their limited tropes and moulds, rather than writing the characters in a holistic inside-out way and letting the character drama dictate events naturally. Every returning character (and some entire species) are unrecognisable because they've been battered into a mould rather than allowed to grow organically. Why's Seven of Nine a dry-as-dust down-on-her-luck spacecop? It's completely out of character.
  9. Horror adjacent at least, Underwater is "out" and it's really fairly crap. It wants to be an Aliens-meets-The Abyss-meets-Lovecraft thriller but none of it really works, and you can practically feel them throw their hands up in resignation and fall back on Kristen Stewart running around in her pants for the back third. It's murky, boring and forgettable - I recommend LIFE for a punchier, nastier Alien tribute.
  10. Fucking hell. Just let Naren Shankar have Star Trek when he's finished with The Expanse. He worked on TNG, DS9 and Voyager, and has put together the best sci-fi since BSG on a shoestring. I don't want Star Trek to be anything like The Expanse, I just want someone who knows how to do Star Trek to do Star Trek.
  11. Shame this started so well and got a bit crap. I appreciate them trying to turn it into a Mass Effect style quest-with-crew-subplots but there were too many crew and guest appearances and it was too rushed as a result. I half wonder if it would work better if there were more episodes and they really stuck to the Mass Effect 2 template - a 1-2 parter for each character where PIcard helps resolve the baggage of every crewmember, the occasional episode moving the plot forward, before the crew finally pull together in a desperate bid to save the day. As it was, I was never really sold on half the crew, and never really sure who the core crew were. It's not unsalvageable, I would still watch season 2. It's a lot better than Discovery but that's not saying much. Watch The Expanse.
  12. Moz

    Half-Life: Alyx

    I think being able to spin around freely is actually much more important than being able to walk around a lot. I think I'd rather play it wirelessly on Quest than wired on Index (I've never used an index though, so...) I haven't touched this for a couple of days, almost afraid to play it and burn through it too fast. But I'm hoping for a bit sesh later this afternoon.
  13. Moz

    Half-Life: Alyx

    Yes, late reply but for anyone wondering, click the left oculus button and then launch your games from the virtual desktop "games" tab, or click "launch steamvr". If you run the game from the Oculus app on your PC desktop it'll say the headset isn't connected.
  14. Moz

    Half-Life: Alyx

    Yep. I feel like there's not much you can do when you get cornered by something either. Could do with a melee or push of some description. I tried carrying a broom around but it didn't achieve much
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