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  1. This is the weirdest film. It plays out like the audience are supposed to be hanging on every word, but it has an entirely insipid uninteresting script, zero flair or atmosphere, no chemistry and no subtext. Perhaps I'm entirely off the writer/directors wavelength but he didn't seem to be saying anything whatsoever beyond the most surface of exchanges between two cliché characters. It's got all the dramatic heft and impact of a Fairy Liquid advert but seems to think it's an Oscar contender. Bizarre and very boring - not a fun failure, and definitely not a guilty pleasure. Avoid.
  2. Moz

    Star Trek Discovery

    It's not really Star Trek (eh, watch the Orville) but it was a big improvement over series 1 and I enjoyed it a fair bit. And I really really didn't like series 1. So that's a nice surprise!
  3. Was really looking forward to this but it looks like an N64 game and plays like a PS1 game. I'd rather play PUBG and I don't want to ever play PUBG again to be honest.
  4. I tried to watch this but had to turn it off around episode 2 because I was worried I might cringe myself to death.
  5. Moz

    Great scenes in disappointing movies

    The amount of real life conversations I've had with morons complaining about this wonderful film gives me little hope for humanity.
  6. The jokes are definitely fading, it's basically a mashup of various Treks with a bit of comedy now. I like it, it's comfort food.
  7. I just used a guide. I had already been all over deepnest. I had to hit a random part of a wall that didn't look any different to anywhere else (e.g. black) to continue. Sigh. Yes I've explored the entire tower, about 25 hours ago! The only uncovered exit leads to a corridor with a locked door. So I guess I'll use a guide again. I've been all over the whole map - done tonnes of bosses, most of them were pretty cheap and obnoxious. I'm regularly walking around with about 10k because I have nothing to spend it on. I don't even bother collecting my ghost sometimes. I have most of the charms and all of the abilities etc. I guess my problem with the game is that everything is 10% more annoying, slow or kludgy than it needs to be in service of "muh soulslike" but it mostly works in detriment to having fun and improvising. I think removing the Bubsy the bobcat style "touching an enemy damages you" (which causes a million frustrating little shortcomings in combat) and replacing it with specific enemy attacks which do more damage would be a huge improvement. FYI @therearerules the lantern is 1800.
  8. No, they're all hanging in the air connected to nothing on the map, and every open exit on the whole map just leads to a locked door. Pretty sure I have all the abilities. I did the first dreamer in the archive because it's the only one that seems to have a route to get to it, through the jellyfish bit. The bloke in dirtmouth just tells me to sit on a bench. I've bought all the stock at every shop.
  9. This started wonderfully but is really starting to drag now. I feel like I should have finished it ten hours ago. Two massive sessions have yielded nothing but closed doors and impossible bosses. How do you make the game end once the dreamers are on the map? Absolutely nothing is signposted anywhere, I've had to use a guide (which I HATE doing) after hitting multiple brick walls of running around in circles with zero direction from the game for several hours.
  10. Just fired this up to give it a second chance, picked up the nearest mission and I'm having a clunky fist fight with a bad caricature of someone with a developmental disability. Sigh.
  11. Moz

    Giant Bomb Fan Club

    Dan's calm refusal to budge on RDR2 being most disappointing was nothing short of heroic in the face of Brad's bullshit. So great to hear someone point out the emperor is wearing no clothes among a sea of swooning and hype.
  12. Moz


    Chaos Cards or Magic Madhouse has a bunch of stuff. This is a really top game, I bought each of my friends a deck at Xmas and I'm slowly teaching them all to play it.

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