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  1. What a sad, weird, slightly depressing mess. At least it’s over now. I could write paragraphs but it’s all been said, and honestly the film doesn’t deserve the effort. The only way forward for Star Wars is to build anew, have Filoni/Favreau/Feige come up with a ten year plan, roughly map the whole thing out, and delegate to a diverse generation of new voices.
  2. I see the deep dive feature is working as intended.
  3. No but follow everyone involved on social media for lots of little updates.
  4. Guarantee that after clicking submit and closing this tab I'll never hear about this again.
  5. I didn’t hate episode 3, I think I have you guys adjusting my expectations to thank for that. It was a hard decline in quality however. I liked some of the writing and ideas, but they got buried in hasty plotting. The main issue is that it felt jarring, muddled and rushed, whereas the previous two episodes felt sharply plotted and luxuriously lengthy. Perhaps if they’d split the series into two parts, two episodes either side of the split, it might have felt more balanced and less rushed? They could have developed some of the new characters more and injected more intensity by drawing out some of the scenarios. It’s definitely not a total car crash, more of an engine that started misfiring when it got above 20.
  6. After all this time, that's it? That's really unimpressive. I always thought F-Stop was going to be some perspective shifting thing like Superliminal:
  7. Plot twist, Giantbomb was the hottest mess this year.
  8. Moz

    Outer Wilds

    Austin Walker (ex Giantbomb, Vice) Game of the year. https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/v74m73/the-best-game-of-2019-made-me-feel-wonder-for-the-universe I hope OW is going to get a big second wind off the back of all these GOTY awards and noms, and rightly so.
  9. About half of the way in I started feeling like I’d been tricked, and that feeling got worse until the end. What a waste of a cool concept.
  10. Thomas Jane is directing some of season 5
  11. Yeah keep on keeping on. It doesn't suddenly get amazing, it continually improves as it goes along throughout. I liked it from the start but I dropped off after a couple of episodes and eventually went back and enjoyed it a lot more. Something I've noticed, the "dodgy CG" you often hear about seems to look a lot better in 4K. They're going for realism and a lot of the textures etc are really detailed but barely visible on a dodgy download copy or even in 1080p. Saying that, there are SOME dodgy CG shots. All of the cast improve as it goes along. I think it was smart to cast a bunch of unknowns for what could be a 9 season show, but it suffers a bit early on.
  12. Hello Sirs. I have been playing the Destiny 2 and somehow put in 33 hours in 2.5 days. Oh God. I'm just over power level 900 now. At one point I saw Lyrical Donut running around the tower next to me, but I didn't say hello as I thought he'd probably not remember the time we got the forum-first Vault of Glass. It was a long time ago. Is the clan still active, and will you have a scrubber like me? I've sent a request. Cheers
  13. Aye, that was my impression. A lack of information stemming from a lack of effort and a need to have an opinion anyway. Especially as it was such a broadly unanimous decision otherwise. No doubt he had a can of monster in one hand, his phone in the other, his baby in the other and was just itching to get back to Call of duty or Mortal Kombat etc. Unless something is extremely immediate it’s onto the next thing it seems. He seems to enjoy the idea of certain games more than the reality of them too, and so much of his opinion is wrapped up in the content and conversation it generated on the site. Sometimes I feel like he takes an automatic disliking to things that gain traction with the beastcast too but I might be imagining it. I think the outpouring for outer wilds really took him by surprise. I’d hope that now practically everyone around him is telling him to go back and play more than five minutes of it, he’ll do so. But he’s spoiled the whole story for himself at this point so he’ll probably just double down.
  14. Moz

    Outer Wilds

    You’re safe for about ten mins or so, then there’s a spoiler warning. It’s very good. Some of the reveals about the technical implementation are crazy. There’s no trickery to most of it, it’s all rules/physics based.
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