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  1. Moz

    Half-Life: Alyx

    Hooboy Valve are really following up Artifact with a game that only 0.8% of steam users can play. That’s still a hefty increase in players I suppose.
  2. I had a VR headset for a while. I found the clumsy analogue mechanics of most of the games just pushed me really hard into playing card games and board games instead. So I understand why Valve are doing what they’re doing but I really don’t give a shit
  3. The very last time I went in a locker in Alien Isolation it told me I could hold my breath. Boy I had some wild bugs with that game.
  4. Outer Wilds is an 11. edit it was a joke
  5. If you hold it for a second it doesn't do it. Also, there's no point talking to anyone who doesn't have a named name. Guards, workers etc don't say anything of note. All the named characters go into a dialogue.
  6. Don't, I've almost gotten over that monument to bad design
  7. Stupid question. Every time I press X to talk to someone I pull my gun out at the same time. I haven't figured out if people care about that yet but it's really annoying. What's going on there? Other than that this seems awesome.
  8. Moz

    Outer Wilds

    The time limit is perfectly tuned. It does get a bit roguelike when you're trying to accomplish a specific task and you die 2-3 times getting there. But I was only frustrated once in the game very near the end and that was because a puzzle was a bit too obtuse (or I was a bit too thick) rather than any mechanic being underdeveloped or badly designed. Like others have said the time loop is absolute integral to the story/plot, the nature of the game and its message and themes.
  9. Moz

    Red Dwarf

    Did I imagine this, or in Backwards is there a bit where they describe the spines on Cat’s penis? I think I imagined it
  10. Necro reply, but the last season of The Leftovers is one of the best seasons of TV ever, rich and deep and moving and unsettling. The finale is absolutely perfect. The man learned his lesson with LOST.
  11. It felt like someone going for the David Fincher colour correction look and nudging the slider a bit too far. The sets were beautifully dressed in just the right gold and bronze tones, but the colour correction was definitely off.
  12. I thought this was way, way better than Hereditary. I loved it.
  13. It's a ruse. Joel catches up with her on an early mission, Joel fucks up, Joel dies. Cue revenge arc. Naughty Dog are above fridging a love interest. Right?
  14. Moz

    Gears 5

    Experienced. It didn't seem to matter, I only ever died from instakill moments in poorly designed encounters or bugs.
  15. Moz

    Gears 5

    The mechanics aren't deep enough for you to actually need Jack for anything though. Maybe on the higher difficulties more nuance and depth becomes apparent. It's clearly cribbed from God Of War, but instead of taking the lesson "what if you had a sidekick with whom you had a deeply satisfying relationship which evolved throughout your journey" they've gone with "what if you had a sidekick who could make you go invisible for absolutely no reason".
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