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  1. Octane is great. However, 3 games in a row with absolute braindeads who died within the first minute after hotdropping slowly onto an enemy team who already had weapons. Gonna play some Titanfall 2. Their art just isn't very good. TF, TF2 and Apex have the same issue. It all looks off-brand and muddy - I've always said this despite being a gigantic Respawn fan.It's like a Lidl version of Overwatch - a step up from TF in character but still not quite right.
  2. From are a developer for hire. They make multiplatform games, but they've made exclusives for most platforms. Ninja Blade was an Xbox/PC exclusive, published by Microsoft.
  3. If it's a lifeline, don't be surprised if they are healing every time they run around a corner! Anyway, spotted this earlier. Now with hardware ID spoofer so you don't fall foul of Respawns Mac address etc blocks.
  4. Think I might just go back to Titanfall 2. Every single game of this is either everyone on the server losing to a level 5 aimbot with 100+ kills, or chaperoning two six year olds into the hotzone where they die instantly. It's borderline unplayable at the moment until they sort some of this out. Meanwhile the TF2 playerbase has jumped significantly and the quality of players is up a lot. It's no longer purely Origin access players who have stumbled into the multiplayer and make you feel guilty for killing them over and over!
  5. At what point did we know he was Kree and not just some drifting bounty hunter like Quill?
  6. They've always been blue in this canon at least, but on the space bus at the start there were some black and white kree too. I remember being surprised and wondering during that scene if the blue ones were going to split off in some kind of "blue supremacy" storyline to explain why there all evil and all blue in AOS/GOG. That would have been cool.
  7. I always go swamp. High tier and fucking empty. Unless you start directly above it.
  8. Someone on Reddit (where else) has cranked out a study to show how bad randoms on average are: I mean... Jesus Christ.
  9. You're alright. I can always play with my feet if I want to replicate the console experience.
  10. Game after game after game of screeching children and bratty Americans calling the rest of the team a fucking faggot etc today. Not one passable teammate who can survive longer than a minute after hitting the ground. Turning voice volume to zero by default, haven't met anyone worth listening to in hundreds of games now.
  11. RLM's first problem with the film (the nature of the bad guys being spoiled in previous marvel media) is exactly what I said upthread. So that's nice.
  12. Fun fact, I created a virtual machine in a North American datacentre so I could sign up to the project stream AC: Odyssey demo, then put a plate on my keyboard so I ran in a circle for an hour with about 5 seconds of delay in order to get a free copy in my Uplay account. It bloody worked too.
  13. Yes, he's great. He doesn't insert himself into the proceedings constantly and is happy to hang around in the background when the plot doesn't need him there.

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