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  1. Apart from the aforementioned Darin Morgan episodes, the two new series have been wholly awful. But that finale. That finale. That finale was on another level of shite. Pure unfiltered two-month-old baby-after-a-butterscotch-curry shite. Someone needs to slap the phone out of Chris Carter's hand and never, ever, ever let him touch the X Files again. Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny need to get as far away from this sad shambling corpse as possible.
  2. Giant Bomb Fan Club

    It's all about numbers isn't it. If subs and premium members start going down they'll have to drill into why. If they're happy with the numbers there's no incentive. Giantbomb East needs guests every week or some new blood. Ben is a nice guy and I don't have anything against him, but he's way too similar to the other guys.
  3. Sea of Thieves - Get Yer Booty!

    No Man's Sea.
  4. Ending being too tropey thoughts That's just how I saw it though. The fact we can have these conversations until the end of time and not reach a consensus is why I love the film so much.
  5. Prey (2017)

    Unless they've patched it it's probably fifty times too loud by default just to warn you!
  6. Yep especially if you think the whole thing is an internal journey, like some people do. There are little bits of "The Coma" here and there in this.
  7. Vince Gilligan and Darin Morgan heading up an X Files reboot with no connection to prior X Files.
  8. Yeah, I getcha. Could have been something else more original. But I like to think it's a result of doing this, which both of them did.
  9. What did you think happened at the end? Initially I thought one thing was going to happen, and then I thought I was right and was a bit disappointed, and then I wasn't so sure that had even happened to begin with.
  10. Well, like I said, I really think you take away from it what you bring to it. It's ambiguous to the extreme, whereas the other films we've mentioned aren't very ambiguous at all. Even Solaris and Stalker are more straightforward than this in their meaning and metaphor. My take is that at the simplest level it's a film about dehumanisation, how transformative biological or psychological processes outside of your control can remove your agency and how frightening it can feel to be held hostage by these processes. The film mentions cancer, dementia, depression, guilt, grief etc. But you can hang almost anything on it. The for example, but someone else would take something else from it. The That's a pretty simplistic surface-level take on it which misses out most of what was going through my head while watching it, yet others I've spoken to haven't made this connection at all and have a completely different take on the core themes, even at a basic level. I think it's fair to say it's wider than is it deep. I like when sci-fi allows the unknowable to remain unknowable, there's a thread of cosmic horror running throughout which never allows the mechanisms or meaning to become too obvious. I could have done with some more weird encounters over a longer running time though, sounds like I need to read the book.
  11. I thought this was brilliant, right up there with Arrival, Under the skin and Upstream color for best sci-fi of the 201xes. I've got so much to say about it I'll have to come back at some point and have a proper crack at it. Mostly I loved how it was so open to interpretation. I can imagine a thousand different people all having a different take on it and none of them agreeing, but all of them finding each other's ideas interesting. It's the opposite of Nolan puzzlebox filmmaking or prestige TV where the meaning and mystery can be crowdsourced out to reddit to tell you the ending twist 20% of the way in. Definite little hints of HL2 and Last Of Us there too, just to add to the conversation above
  12. Pretty shit but there's not been much coverage of it. I guess because everyone knows it's fucking stupid and a diversionary tactic

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