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  1. I use the pros with my Quest 2 controllers and they last forrrrever. I’m using the old play and charge kit with my Series X pad and it also seems to last a long time.
  2. Someone on Reddit who supposedly verified their claim with “Xbox news” supposedly said that the game is 60fps on series X but straight-up fucking broken without the day one patch. https://twitter.com/_xboxnews/status/1334523491870257154?s=21
  3. Not true. Have a mate who has a mate who works at Game HQ. He said yesterday they’re dealing with bots scraping their API to “add to basket” 2000 times a second.
  4. Same, I can handle 1080p (my amp and TV will upscale it OK-ish) but it's 2020, I simply refuse to play anything at 30fps any more. Raytracing be damned. £42 here with code for PS/Xbox
  5. Any news if the back-compat version on PS5/Series X is 60fps yet?
  6. Extra Ordinary is on Netflix now (maybe it always was, but I spotted it yesterday).
  7. Yeah that's why I'm going to start again as a spellcaster, I didn't learn a single spell in this run. Bit late to start now in NG+.
  8. Finished! I did every boss solo, and did every boss first time except Maneater. Last boss was absurdly easy. The whole thing seemed weirdly easy in context of later FROM games. I used nothing but a long sword +9 and a compound bow +5 for the entire game and didn't use any consumables except grass. Zero spells. I'm gonna take a little break and then start again, not NG+, so I can get all the spells achievement. I realised half way through that I'd never finished it first time round, think I got stuck on Flamelurker and gave up. So half of it was completely new to me! Overall I loved
  9. Been waiting for a summon outside Maneater for 20 mins. Nothing. Is summoning even working? I notice the in-game region browser thinks I have 3000ms ping to London and 180 to North America.
  10. How many people got both systems? I've got both, AMA.
  11. It’s quite a shame that TLOU2, God of war, uncharted 4, RDR2 and even crash bandicoot all have hard locks at 30fps. GOW can be played at 1080p 60 but that’s it. Sony should have reached out to these developers and gotten them to do a pass for PS5.
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