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  1. Guys how am I doing this? First I cast Bella Ramsey by shouting at Craig Mazin on Twitter, and now he's lurking my Rllmuk posts for song choices.
  2. That was a joke mate… upthread someone posted a link claiming you can fix it by changing a value in the ini file. I hear Epic have caught wind of this across multiple games and are targeting some improvements in a future build of UE5, but only UE5.
  3. There are new Nvidia drivers for this, which add Geforce Experience optimisation support. Geforce Experience set to a 50/50 mix of quality/performance suggests turning off RTX completely and running in DLSS performance mode. On a 4090 But the optimisation doesn't work, because the Darktide launcher rewrites your settings on launch every time you install new drivers.
  4. There is a literal Dead Space remake coming soon, so Dead Space fans ought to be glad Callisto Protocol has a slightly different flavour, surely.
  5. They patched it just before your post, no idea if it's entirely fixed or not but I expect they're just changing a 0 to a 1 in the ini file.
  6. We just want paid products to work. 4000+ negative steam reviews suggest this is another game built in crunch and embargoed until launch which fundamentally doesn’t work as advertised because of shoddy workmanship.
  7. The cope in the comments of the ign review is spectacular.
  8. More to the point, by all accounts there is zero puzzling/exploration and the game simply becomes a linear combat gauntlet after a couple of hours. Pretty gutted to be honest, even though some people think it's OK, I'm not paying 50 bucks to find out.
  9. It happens when teams rely on third party engines and middleware without having an internal technical team overlooking this stuff. You end up with really obvious issues like not building shader cache and terrible HDR implementation. There’s an element of not understanding how relatively beefy the new consoles are too. The RPS reviewer is complaining about performance on her “not top of the line any more” PC while trying to run it on a 1070.
  10. They’re all complaining about stuttering. That will be another game that doesn’t build the shader cache ahead of time then, for fuck’s sake. Even on console it’s reviewing pretty poorly so never mind. I’m actually quite tempted to buy and then refund it just to see how badly it runs on a 4090.
  11. I'm watching a bit of the first hour on youtube and it's basically just Dead Space. Not in a bad way exactly, but hard to see what they've done to differentiate it.
  12. Dead Space is much more Resident Evil than it is System Shock. SS is an immersive sim, Dead Space is third person survival horror. They're all great though. Daddy or chips.
  13. Let me know what you think, it really improved things for me. You can dial it in on DAC for global usage in Steelseries GG under the old "engine" bit, so that it's always active. But if you're using Steelseries Sonar on your PC, you can dial it in with some added accuracy for pure PC use. To save you 20 mins, here's the crucial bit: Custom EQ for the Dac in "Engine" Steelseries Sonar/GG setup for PC usage
  14. Seems to be running quite a bit better after the 5GB launch patch.
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