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  1. First series is about half as good as the rest of it. In my case most of my friends eventually watched it and agreed it was spectacular
  2. First game today, level 60 Octane with 0 kills. I'm lifeline. I wipe a squad with the other chap on our team who is doing OK too. Octane takes the gold armor from one and the gold backpack from another and runs off. Five minutes later he's dead in a 1v3 with 80 damage while I'm dead with 900 trying to fight the squad he pulled towards us while we were already fighting another squad 2v3. I say "just a tip, gold backpack should always go to lifeline if you have one. It will help you rank up". "FUCK OFF". Rank demoted. Second game, another Wraith, another Octane. Another hotdrop. Both dead with 0 dmg. Octane is a child or an extremely high pitched voiced woman properly screeching on the mic. Can't tell a word they're saying although it IS English. I'm now AFKing in a bush catching up on last night's Rate my takeaway. Octane quit after dying so I think I'll get forgiveness if I don't get into positive RP before getting 1v3d at least. No racial epithets so a good game in my book.
  3. Yeah absolutely, would love to. In gold, a squad committing to a bad call is still better than a squad just taking potshots at midrange until they get third partied, which is 50% of my games (the other 50% being hotdrops). Just had two guys speaking some language I couldn't decipher, seemed to know each other, both crunching crisps into their mics, hotdropped and died instantly. I lasted a few more mins but the server went to shit as the doors wouldn't open. -24RP thanks Respawn!
  4. Same shit again. Playing Revenant. Enemy holed up in a building but not really doing much. Usual midrange poking each other because nobody knows how to initiate. Enemy just needs softening up a bit. I drop my ult in view of my squadmates, ping it, ping the enemies, and go in. One of them follows me without using it, the other one stands next to it without using it and doesn't follow. They both go down without doing any damage. "UR FUALT FUCKTARD" says the level 30 Wraith and disconnects. They both have <50 dmg and zero kills or knocks in an 8 minute game, I'm on 600-something dmg, 3 kills and 1 knock. And I'm the one being cautious while they're sprinting at gunfire. I got all those kills by simply knowing the enemy would blunder into a trap after cracking me - I sat in a corner and waited for them to run past, then silenced and EVA-8'd all of them (check your corners people). I got some RP out of that one at least, but the lack of game sense and simple common sense is really grating now. The stupid thing is, I'm really crap at the game! By any measure. Really crap. A lot of these players would be really suited to Titanfall 2 ironically, because it has no penalty for dying and encourages you to simply sprint at the enemy and jump around until you die over and over. That common sense skill of game sense, the flow of the battle and when to initiate and retreat, seems to be something that you can generally carry from game to game but a lot of players seem to lack. And like I said, I'm not very good at all, I just know certain death and an easy fight when I see it. The nice, friendly players I encountered all the time in the really low ranks are completely gone, I guess because the most players (a whopping 30%+) are always sat in gold. Nobody really talks via text or voice. usually nobody says anything except random screaming and racist nonsense. It's a complete wasteland.
  5. That's the most annoying thing, when they're silent all game and then scream some bollocks at the end. So you could have been communicating this whole time??? A delicious 6RP from my last game, which is coincidentally how much damage my one squadmate did. The pattern I've noticed the most in gold is lack of game sense. I'm fucking ancient in gamer years and I don't have the reflexes I used to have, so I'm already starting to see people who can outaim and outtrack me in gold. But that's easily countered a lot of the time with any degree of game sense, teamwork etc. You can sit behind a rock and watch your squadmates and the other squad take potshots and heal at midrange for a good three or four minutes until a third party turns up and wipes the floor with them. Trying to make something happen with some sort of ability based initiation completely falls on deaf ears, they usually don't even notice. Last night I had a game in the final circle, the enemy was clustered on a high wall taking potshots at us at midrange (what else). I was Horizon, so I said over mic "I'm going to use gravity lift up the wall and use my ult, come with me". Then I typed it. Then I ping the spot where I'm going to use it. I walk towards the wall, one of them doesn't follow but the other one does. I press Q, press Z, launch my ult perfectly at the enemy and trap all three of them inside it. This is "start of clip on Reddit" stuff. I look around and the squadmate that followed is just stood on the ground next to my gravity lift, trying to take potshots but he can't because all the enemies have been sucked to the centre of the platform they're standing on. He hasn't even noticed that I'm not stood next to him and doesn't seem to have heard the cue for gravlift etc. The other one hasn't moved at all from behind his bit of cover where he's taking potshots. I get an arcstar and half a spitfire clip off at the enemy before they turn their attention from newt to me and I go down down. One knocked, one cracked and low, one I have no idea. "They're low, go in" I say over mic. My squad stays on the ground taking potshots while the enemy revives and heals to full health, take a few more potshots, then die to the obvious highground advantage. Granted they might not have spoken English but all you have to do is look at the situation for half a second and think "we've got a Horizon". Simple solutions to simple problems. Or you would think! Ah well.
  6. I was, but it's all console players and nobody is ever online. Tried the official LFG Discord too, but it's just giggling kids jumping into rooms and calling you a cunt and then leaving again. Today I made 200RP in one game, mostly because the Fuse on our squad was hacking but I did get a couple of kills at least. Which isn't easy when you're playing alongside an aimbot! I did report him though.
  7. Three twenty minute games to get 18 RP. One 30 second game to lose it plus another 6. In all four games my squadmates died within ten seconds of hitting the ground. The only difference is I didn't suicide with them in the first three. I'm seeing fewer instances of unfilled squads which is good in theory, except they're actually quite useful in ranked because you're guaranteed forgiveness when your solitary squadmate hotdrops with 10 other full squads. I can usually veer off, leave him to die before finding a gun, and gain a bit of RP without the worry. The level of impact you have to have to get over the average random doing 0 dmg, 0 kills and surviving 10-30 seconds is crazy. But when you're being matched with people a rank and a half below you against people with a higher level than everyone on your squad added together and doubled, I wonder what the point of ranked is in the first place. Badges I suppose. Edit - Now I've got two level 500s on my squad They didn't hotdrop, but did less than 30 damage each and died in the first fight. Well that's 100RP gone in minutes, can't wait to do it all again tomorrow.
  8. It's the panning judder inherent to low framerates, not the input latency. Despite being really sensitive to low framerates I've never had much problem with input latency, might be all those years spent playing Quake on dialup
  9. I've been playing my way back up from silver when I'm not messing around in Arenas, having lots of fun, meeting some nice people, having some good games. Didn't really have a bad ranked game for days. I got to gold today with zero resistance (not exactly hard) and my first game had a French guy and a Russian guy both with open mics blasting music/TV shows, they wouldn't turn them off so I had to mute both their mics. One of them picks Wraith, immediately launches solo, lands in the hotzone by himself and dies instantly. Starts typing about how we're both cunts before we've even landed. The second one is the jumpmaster and lands the two of us on top of 4 other full squads who already landed more efficiently and looted everything, he instantly dies with 0 dmg and starts telling me I'm a cunt because I don't know how to fight, while I've done 200dmg just from dropkicking people and dodging their Mozambique shots. I switch the mics back on and they're both screaming racial slurs at each other. It's fucking unreal how the SECOND you hit gold your games go from decent nice squadmates to utter scum.
  10. I'm glad you have that option if you like it, but you're mad. It's a shade better than 30, but still feels like dragging a camera through gravel.
  11. Yeah, weird amount of male gaze for a female director. Male DP I guess. This was OK at best, a good cast with good chemistry elevate it a shade above pointless. But only just. It doesn’t hold a candle to the Mission Impossible films it’s emulating in a slapdash zero-stakes way.
  12. Wonder if it has the durability bug tied to FPS which plagued PC when it came out Or was that 2. Did they boost 2?
  13. You have to assume that given the extreme Octane pick rate combined with the extreme early death rate and low KDR when picked by children they’ll do something to try and reduce the focus on that character to improve the game for everyone else. oh
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