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  1. They did a trip to the UK in the early days, where I believe Buckfast got mentioned and I think they might have been sent some as a result? Memory very hazy but it's definitely come up multiple times. I don't think there's any Buckie in the vid but I'm sure it came up around this time.
  2. Also made documentaries on the topic while he was at Gamespot. Danny's brilliant, he has encyclopaedic knowledge of old PC games, an enduring love for Half Life, makes excellent documentaries, and is always keeping it real and being himself. I've seen loads of things he's been involved with and never got the impression he was making shit up, he's never mixed up a story or passed off another opinion as his own, he's insightful without being critical for clicks. Thoughtful and engaging. When you're in America (or with Americans) and you're not American yo
  3. Probably the shiny things you have to shoot off the walls.
  4. BFI looks like flickering to me, but I have whatever brain issue makes me still able to see the difference between very high framerates, and makes low framerates look like a slideshow. Very sensitive to it. I would have been a fighter pilot but I don't fit in the cockpit.
  5. I haven’t watched the video but I’m guessing BFI? I wouldn’t touch it as the loss of brightness is too much.
  6. I only paid £35 for it which if the length holds up seems about right.
  7. It's a loaded question I know, but does it get scarier at any point? It's certainly fun and thrilling, if a little too slick and over-managed like a VR experience. The tone is extremely campy which is true of all Resi, but I'm not finding the fear which usually accompanies the fun. I've found every game in the series to be different degrees of well balanced scary-fun including 7, whereas I'm charging around this dispatching enemies without any sense of dread or tension. There was a little bit at the start but it evaporated the second I got a weapon. I'm in the second area now and it's whee
  8. Yeah, it seems obscenely easy on normal so far. I'm a few hours in and haven't died yet, it's very easy to headshot enemies and escape the pursuers. I'm sure I'll replay it so I'll save hard for a replay. There are definitely time-based sequences and scripted moments which you can break if you know what you're doing or get lucky. You can get through some sequences which appear to be combat focused without firing a shot by simply running. Some of the scripted chases have moments where the pursuer warps to a new location, e.g. to step out in front of you, and you can break these if
  9. When his Gloriously stupid. I'm not convinced there's that much actual gameplay yet - seems almost like a VR experience with a few shooty bits, but I'm digging it.
  10. Now then guys! Ont road again f' rate my takeaway
  11. This one worked for me: https://www.nexusmods.com/residentevilvillage/mods/10 Even on console/TV it's unbelievable that they went with such a narrow FOV out of the gate. You literally cannot see the full environments that they've crafted, multiple "reveal" shots where you enter new locations are cropping half the landscape or room out of the image. Look at this. Spoilered for length, these are screenshots from areas in the demo: The only problem I've found is you can clearly see three hands if you switch between weapons fast enough
  12. It doesn’t waste any time going absolutely bonkers does it!
  13. I find Ethan really funny, he's so catatonically stupid that it can't be by accident. I like to imagine that if you turn subtitles on all his dialogue is WRiTten iN rAndOMcasE
  14. After playing for about ten mins I went to Youtube and searched "extreme tunnel vision" and yep. Literally unbelievable that in 2021 anyone still ships a game with keyboard and mouse support without a FOV slider. Surely the former is far harder than the latter?! Anyway, off to Nexus mods to find a shonky fix...
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