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  1. Moz

    Gears 5

    The mechanics aren't deep enough for you to actually need Jack for anything though. Maybe on the higher difficulties more nuance and depth becomes apparent. It's clearly cribbed from God Of War, but instead of taking the lesson "what if you had a sidekick with whom you had a deeply satisfying relationship which evolved throughout your journey" they've gone with "what if you had a sidekick who could make you go invisible for absolutely no reason".
  2. Moz

    Gears 5

    I actually laughed at that bit, I couldn't believe they thought I would care. I forgot one of them was even there to be honest Act 3 and 4 feel like complete filler after the slight thrust of the story in acts 1 and 2. It's such a weirdly small and anaemic game, but the praise for it is weirder. I think the issue is you're getting the worst of all worlds. The characters you ironically enjoyed in the first trilogy (and 4 to a lesser extent) are barely there, replaced by some characters who are supposed to be more well rounded and interesting, but they fall completely flat. Kait is no more interesting than JD was in the first game, which is to say not really interesting at all. They've dialled right back on the cover system and co-op being so intensely focused and gimmicky but haven't replaced it with anything. They've added an open world that has literally nothing in it. They've adopted the beats of something like Uncharted or God of War, with precisely zero fun flashy action sequences and zero interesting story sequences or character moments. They've added all this Jack stuff which is simply annoying to use and poorly implemented in the UI thus fiddly in the midst of action. I used pulse and nothing else for the whole game, and the cooldown on that is way too long. The new enemies and weapons since 4 are all bad too. It really felt like a straight to DVD or Netflix 5th sequel to a once great series, bereft of ideas while losing sight of what made it worthwhile in the first place. We're left with something bland and lacking identity, somehow feeling more dated than the first because of the inclusion of so many me-too elements that don't work or don't add anything.
  3. Moz

    Gears 5

    Matriarch fight is absolutely gash. That thing couldn't kill me if I put the controller down and had a nap. And yet three times in a row I've died with it having a sliver of health yet and had to repeat the whole thing. Twice because Del threw a grenade at our feet and once when I just exploded into viscera for no reason. This is just... bad. Barely designed encounters with no real structure or thought gone into them. And I liked 4! This is deathly boring in comparison. Edit - 7 times now that awful bit of design has killed me through no fault of my own after failing to get a single bit of damage on me for the tediously padded length of time it takes to whittle the health bar down. This is so half-arsed and meagre compared to anything other game in the series. Totally lacking in intensity, focus and structure. It feels like a big drippy shrug without a shred of originality, shamelessly skimming good bits from a thousand better games but completely missing the point of all of them.
  4. Moz

    Gears 5

    So far I'm really not feeling the praise for this. None of the encounters are well designed, they seem to have forgotten the core loop of Gears cover shooting and are instead trying to make a more generic Uncharted/Tomb Raider without really thinking about what made gears unique. It's either a lifeless cakewalk or you're completed mobbed, but nothing ever kills you because it's extremely forgiving. They've diluted the focus of Gears by adding a load of pointless guff (seriously, this is the most pointless inclusion of an open world ever) which somehow makes it feel more dated then if they'd just laser focused on the shooting. Pointless stealth sections in a Gears game? No thanks. The tone is bizarre too, swinging from Borderlands tier parody to child torture while the completely forgettable cast do an empty impression of chemistry and bravado. The whole thing feels extremely toothless and unnecessary. Imagine if they'd looked at vanquish for inspiration instead of "every single triple-A release in 2017.
  5. Moz

    Outer Wilds

    You absolutely need to finish it, the ending is wonderful and it sounds like you're right there. I know the bit you're frustrated with, just push the stick a tiny bit so a single bar of thrust can be seen every now and again and sail through. You can practically put the pad down to do that bit. I don't know how you'd do that bit without a pad and analogue controls though.
  6. Moz

    Outer Wilds

    Sat watching credits with tears in my eyes. Partly because of the emotional impact of the game and partly because I really needed it right now. And also because I'd totally fallen out of love with games lately and this reminded me what video games should be. I think in a few fundamental ways it might be the best game ever I've ever played.
  7. Moz

    Gears 5

    The main issue I have with this is the encounter design seems a bit half baked. It's either a bit dull or a complete clusterfuck. The game's playing itself with the AI ending most of the fights. I'm still not very far into it though.
  8. Moz

    Gears 5

    4k 60fps on a 1080ti no problem. Looks nice! Not massively excited by the opening hour though. Just feels like a random slice of now-dated Gears. It's alright, hoping it improves.
  9. Just stand behind one of the big pillars at the very upstairs and he'll air-strafe left and right while you shoot him until he dies. You don't really need to move the cursor as he'll just go backwards and forwards into your aim. If you throw anything at him he'll dodge it, which is weird seeing as it's JUST given you that power and you'd think it would be part of the fight.
  10. The one bug I kept having before I refunded was when I pressed right trigger or mouse to ADS the camera zoomed into the back of her head filling most of the screen instead of offsetting her to one side. I had to press R to get it to offset her from centre. Weird and annoying.
  11. I bought it and played it for a bit and then refunded it. It seemed more Quantum Break than Alan Wake and I didn't really enjoy the 90 mins I played very much unfortunately. I didn't like how the gunplay felt, I wasn't really feeling the new-weird creepypasta vibe (it's laid on way too thick, with no room for anything to breathe) and found the constant collectables and videos more annoying than interesting. I'll check it out for a lot less in a sale some time because I'm almost definitely wrong, but 50 notes is silly for what sounds like a shortish game when I didn't enjoy the first 90 mins much. Hoping I'll discover I'm wrong at a later date. FWIW I got past the first boss by just standing behind a pillar and firing at him while he barely moved. You're probably supposed to stay down the bottom killing the extra mobs and slurping their dropped health to stay alive but the balance seemed completely off so I just cheesed it. Not a great first impression.
  12. Usually these are purchased with stolen credit cards so YMMV. Sometimes the scam is "log in and set it to offline mode forever" and then they just sell the same account to hundreds of people.
  13. Has the postman been yet?
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