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  1. My mate is on track to finish S3 this week with no gap between the finale and the S4 trailer. He's gonna have a wild time when he reads about the cancellation rollercoaster.
  2. I think Maneo's ship instantly decelerates as he passes the ring, while the station security decelerates the ships inside the ring over a few seconds? The initial deceleration is enough to throw Clarissa against a wall intact but I think it continues to decelerate after the first jolt. There are a few Reddit threads about it, apparently one of the showrunners tweeted that they didn't have time to show the deceleration exactly as they wanted and that it takes place over a few seconds. I can't find that tweet though!
  3. Moz


    Yep I'm on there a lot as STV if you fancy a game
  4. As far as I can tell, FFG owns the Android universe license and continue to use it, but WOTC owns the original Richard Garfield netrunner card game systems which were based on the original Cyberpunk 2020 RPG Netrunner class. They licensed the original Richard Garfield game systems and Netrunner name to FFG who planted it in the Android universe. I've always speculated WOTC will come out with a CCG/LCG called "Cyberpunk 2077: Netrunner" which will be the Netrunner card game system with cyberpunk 2077 art. I'm guessing Cyberpunk 2077 came along and made all this too messy to manage. (Sorry, rewrote this twice and it still barely makes sense)
  5. I was probably just going to keep them in a box as a collection unless I ever find people to play with. Was more interested in their availability etc
  6. Chaps and chappettes, I was thinking it might be fun to collect all the netrunner data packs before they get any rarer. I know it’ll cost a bit but it’s just a hobby collection thing I can have on the back burner when I’m feeling flush. Am I completely insane? Is it ever coming back? What’s the deal with the licensing exactly?
  7. Moz


    The AOA starter pack is well worth 17 quid from chaocards. It comes with two proper random decks (so that’s 15 quid straight away) plus a full set of tokens including stun and power tokens to replace the annoying cards from the first set. There’s also a couple of paper mats to help you remember what’s what while you’re learning. AOA decks seem to have a more consistent number of creatures per deck and lots of cool new cards (check out the ambassadors). They are balanced to work with the previous set decks so you can use them interchangeably and against each other no problem.
  8. It's a really long game, but you'll know when you're nearing the end, it's an obvious culmination of all your previous storylines.
  9. I found the sawmill the hardest part of the game, I didn't do anything clever like in the E3 video, I just Benny Hilled them to death with a massive machine gun..
  10. I think it's the opposite if anything. Forcing yourself to play through this obscenely long, middling, unpolished game in a few days to hit your deadline would probably make me like it a lot less. But there is absolutely something special here for a certain type of player. I really can't wait to see what they do with the next one, I'm expecting a significant step up with more resources and lots of lessons learned. My final session with this game was almost 12 hours long with barely a break. I can see everything wrong with it laid bare before me but something about it just grabbed me after the slow start and held my interest. A bit of a curate's egg perhaps. I was constantly thinking "if they just did this" or "if they tweaked it like that". All the way through, in a way I weirdly enjoyed because none of those shortcomings annoyed me - it was more the case of seeing the potential they might realise in future rather than getting frustrated they didn't always get there on the first try. I captured probably the most fun moment, fighting two hordes at once by accident My top tip for improving the game, if I was making a sequel, would be to utilise their cool zombie hordes better. Have missions which are like tower defense, missions which are about leading a horde to an enemy base, trapping a horde or having them topple off a cliff to kill themselves etc. I killed every horde in the game in the same way (see video above). Defending the towns you're helping from giant roaming hordes would be great. I'd also add more customisation for Deek in terms of clothing and loadout, some branching narrative (e.g. pitting camps against each other, morally grey choices that alter your path and make you choose between the top tiers of upgrades at different camps). Better balance of weapons and items - I didn't use half of the stuff they gave me once. Up the RPG elements with more bartering and crafting. More survival elements, but not simply hunger/thirst bars. I mean more dynamic elements that conspire to mess you up unless you react accordingly. I feel if they simply take the mountains of player data and feedback they have and address some of the main concerns they'll probably make significant improvements. Get hiring and training and grow the team as needed to deliver a sequel which takes the themes and elements of the first and really push them over the finish line. I quite liked the story overall, it was earnest and buttoned up for the most part. But plenty of room for improvement.
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