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  1. It's the constant need to insert it or frame everything through that lens. It's like me trying to convince people to watch The Expanse and play Titanfall 2
  2. According to Letita Wright (Shuri) he was handing out bible quotes during the filming of Infinity War. I worked with one of these. She delegated access to her mailbox for me at one point. Thousands and thousands and thousands of emails between her and her husband about God. She forwarded him almost every email she got (and vice versa) with a little note about how God was watching over her because Dave in accounts paid her expenses, or God was testing her because a customer cancelled an order. It was the creepiest thing I've seen in a really long time. (Edit - she was alright though)
  3. Were you all sharing the same bucket of ketamine?
  4. Moz

    Monster Hunter: World

    Double Dip Crew checking in!
  5. I really liked this a lot. A bit flabby at either end but that hour or so in the middle really did the business. The purposefully complex plotting coupled with the wink wink it's all a bit silly to camera always has me laughing. The action scenes are extremely well paced and constructed, edging into Fury Road territory for the nuts and bolts execution of complicated physical sequences. I liked Cavill as the grumpy sidekick too, the friendly rivalry between them sparked nicely. If Tom ever decided to hang up his hat I could see Cavill picking up the reins on the series.
  6. Try detroit if you want to see the subject mishandled to the point of hilarity.
  7. Moz

    Titanfall 2

    Still my favourite shooter, I'm on it for a good long sesh at least once a week. I'm working through all the weapons getting them to at least G2. I've finally gotten stuck into the launchers and you know what? I think the SMR might be my favourite weapon. I'm not sure why but I click with it so hard. It's tugging at the back of my brain reminding me of some gun from some long forgotten game. Maybe an Unreal Tournament. Regardless, it's really hitting the spot. I feel like I'm cheating!
  8. In case you aren't a watcher, The Expanse just finished it's third season and stuck the landing really well.
  9. Moz

    NieR: Automata - Coming to Xbox 25/06

    I found all the subsequent routes boiled my piss to be honest, if A didn't do it for you I doubt the others will unless you've got a real thing for tedious minigames. I was waiting for some oversold genius that never came I guess.
  10. The second season is set in a Japanese internment camp apparently.
  11. Annoying soulless arbitrary meaningless plop. The show is committed to nothing, desperate to impress without an ounce of real worth. Unlike the first season, which built itself around a series of interesting and creepy encounters in which talented actors got to strut their stuff in scenes that could never exist without the conceptual context. All that is gone in favour of yet more expensive wide angle shots of thin gruel character X going somewhere on a horse, finding thin gruel character Y and having a silly conversation purely for the sake of the audience, while telling them nothing useful or interesting. After a whole season of nothing but witless jumbled storytelling and repetitive time wasting, we wind up back where we'd have been at the resolution of season one if they hadn't geared it for an unnecessary sequel. That one episode in the middle was brilliant though, because they focused on character building for more than five seconds and committed to something for an episode.
  12. Showrss.info is a handy website vulgar monkey.

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