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  1. Moz

    Chernobyl (HBO/Sky)

    Incredible TV this. Important, searing, terrifying, outraging. My wife asked me if this happened in the sixties. She thought I was joking when I said it happened when I was a toddler and there are 8 or so of these reactors still producing energy today. Absolutely everyone should watch this.
  2. The Guardian's coverage of this whole season has been totally bizarre in my opinion. Misfire after misfire. Much like the season itself.
  3. Totally inert from start to finish. What a waste, everyone involved deserved so much more. Especially more time.
  4. Didn't like season 2 much at all, but that looks good. Intrigued.
  5. I struggled with the first season at first. I rewatched it a long while later with my wife and really enjoyed it. It suffers from: Slow pace in order to do a lot of world building A lot of worldbuilding. Like, a lot. It's hard to follow so many locations and characters and languages and events and factions at first. Unclear distinction of who the main characters are and who you're supposed to care about. Miller and Holden are intentionally a bit dickheady but it's less obvious in the show that they're supposed to be like that. Their motivations are less clear too. Slightly weird arcs because bits of book 2 are brought into book one, and the end of book 2 happens early season two The impression that it's going to be a whole series about a guy with a bad hat hiding a bad haircut on a space station Why are the ships flying backwards If I made a new OP about who's who for newcomers, could someone paste it in? Especially now Game Of Thrones has ended and people will be looking for something good to wash the taste out.
  6. I said Tywin skinning a deer was my favourite scene, but this is a close second. I always really really loved this scene. To me this is everything Game of Thrones is about, encapsulated perfectly. It might have been posted upthread, but it's become apparent that Nikolaj Coster-Waldau fought with the muppets writing his character for a lot of the last couple of series. He's pretty open about it in this interview around the 8 minute mark.
  8. The best scene in the whole show for me was Tywin skinning a deer and monologuing for ages. The last episode had two wrestling matches.
  9. Brief snippets of people clumsily saying the plot at each other with zero subtext is not what made people fall in love with Thrones.
  10. I think there are people that watch Thrones for the characters and people that watch Thrones for the things that happen. Up until they went off book, the things that happened were dictated by the characters, so everyone was happy. Recently almost every single character arc and subtle characterisation has been chucked in the bin to tick off a load of pointless events as quickly as possible. pluck any plot point, arc or event from this season and it'll be totally inorganic and unbelievable. As a whole it's massively more stupid and careless than it's ever been at its previous worst, to the point of being a disastrously catastrophic failure. Technically it's near flawless, and the cast are giving everything they have. But the script and plotting - the grasp and understanding the writers have of the world and the material, and crucially the characters themselves - stinks.
  11. We knew Dany was going evil since series 1. It was obvious. Literally nobody who has ever seen game of thrones was surprised at what happened. That's why people naming their children Khaleesi has always been hilarious. The problem is how fucking hamfistedly it played out.
  12. Moz

    Game of Thrones Poll thread

    D&D forgot that people came to GOT for the sharp character-driven writing, not the boobs and dragons and explosions. There are a practically infinite number of ways they could have improved this series and I'm struggling to think of ways they could have made it much worse.
  13. Jon next then! Is Targaryen Literally rose from the dead Would be really really stupid Yep, checks out.

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