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  1. Are there any PS5s available to buy to attach it to yet?
  2. It was absolute bollocks, but as soon as soft lad survived a bullet to the face in deep space I disengaged my brain and went ooh at all the nice colours and people I remember from long ago. Probably the best episode he’s written, but that’s hardly a compliment.
  3. Tucci and his companion made quite a double act, although “the rapist” conundrum was quite poor. The whole vicar part of the series was pure cringe. The biggest plot hole was the wife drove an electric car, yet the garage didn’t have a charging point. I found that to be a massive oversight
  4. Robocod and Superfrog are all you need…on Amiga. Best platformer of all time is Yoshi’s Island.
  5. I enjoyed that, and look forward to season 2. I was going to say that parts of it were seriously far-fetched and unrealistic, but the whole premise of the programme is they can save-game the entire universe every year so it’s rather pointless really Oh sod it:
  6. He’s got an image of Garfield on his “upcoming games” page. I wonder if Paramount know this?
  7. I’m enjoying a selection from these guys https://www.innisandgunn.com. Bit pricey though.
  8. Here is the aforementioned dog….
  9. Chibnall’s script for the finale has leaked.
  10. I thought he was trying to be a pirate.
  11. Mario Kart Forza, where you’re free to race around Hyrule merrily blowing your Ocarina.
  12. I was thinking of watching it this year, but after seeing that bunch of worst-of-LinkedIn slimeballs I don’t think I’ll bother. Even from those photos they appear to be caricatures.
  13. Didn’t John Bishop say “what’s a Dalek?” near the beginning of the episode?
  14. Nah, I just have to make sure the 1s and 0s are in the right order
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