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  1. Did the TS-AS-IC-SS route (no completion though), unlocking a certain something, finally. Thought that would have dropped from the Poundland Beholder you fight (nearly gasped when it just dropped gold teeth and a weapon), worth it to experience the SS gimmick. The mid boss on that route seems a much more drawn out fight than the others, which end quickly for good or ill. Oh, and I rescind my criticism of the mushrooms, they telegraph their move pretty blatantly.
  2. Do you realise how late game HoK is? and you haven't got the statue rune?! I'm amazed you've avoided it. Don't go through the first exit you see of every level, fully defog the map, and if you see an elite, kill it.
  3. Kamiya is probably the master of "bad bits in good games".
  4. It seems very adolescent. Some of the similes were embarrassing.
  5. Impossible to say without a precedent. Tennis is the only sport with equal pay ("b-b-b-but the girls do less sets for the same money" yeah yeah) so I'm less inclined to believe there's a sexist motive to this. As I say I really don't have a clue, and this afternoon I've far exceeded my annual "time spent thinking about tennis" quota. But it's in the wrong thread regardless which is UNACCEPTABLE.
  6. Is this a gender issue? Is there a male tennis player allowed to dress head to toe in a dark neoprene batsuit?
  7. The mushrooms should have their range nerfed. I generally love the enemy design in this game, especially how one on one every enemy is perfectly manageable, but certain combinations of enemies require quick thinking (and no game punishes inattentiveness as much as this!), but the staggering damage output of those mushrooms coupled with its attack teleporting beneath your feet significantly off screen seems vindictive.
  8. You'll be under-levelled if you do the DLC before finishing the main quest. I found Blood and Wine challenging in a way the main quest never was, and I was reliably 3-4 levels higher than was recommended.
  9. Is anyone buying this digitally on console? Saw on the PSN store today if you pre-order you can play the entirety of Act 1 immediately. Whether Act 1 means a tutorial area or the first third of the game, I don't know, but it claims it's 20 hours worth of content.
  10. Beat The Concierge on my first go, skill had nothing to do with it, I was very lucky with weapon drops.Fought him again after unlocking the daily challenge, got absolutely stomped. Really enjoying this game, only had it a day and have gone from about a dozen runs in an hours playthrough to just one. Feels great to play, very fluid, and the music is great too. Both necessary ingredients in a game with this much repetition.
  11. Turn left, climb ladder, drop from ceiling, climb second ladder, banana lure, drop from ceiling walk forward. Also, can you get to that boss from the overworld? It looks like you can but I'm not sure if he'd spawn.
  12. After Evo happening and hearing good things about G and Sagat I thought I'd just go ahead and buy the third season pass... £24.99! For that I'd want all costumes and colours for every new character too, and all of the stages to date. And decent net code.
  13. Play it through once on normal just to get a feel for the game and have a blast. Then try all the advanced stuff. Don't do authentic from the get go and spend 4 months per level. It's a really great game. Very "gamey", a perfect antidote to some of the anti consumer BS of recent years.
  14. Adding to the wishlist: An opt out of installing multiplayer and level editor.
  15. So as not to repeat the great Assassin's Creed shortage of yesteryear.
  16. Cool, what other games haven't you played?
  17. Just finished the story there. In my top 5 games of all time. In terms of mixing various gameplay elements at a high level I'd say it's close to peerless. And this is coming from someone who hated the originals.
  18. You'll need to learn to parry to beat a Valkyrie. Just took down my first there, challenging and hugely satisfying. Finally found the thing that opens the magic mirrors, great I'll check the map and...they've not been added to the map!?
  19. Haha, scrolling down the page, are Chewie and Lando looking at each other like that?
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