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  1. Don't. It might be useful to you. My point is for my build DEX=damage output. END=rate of damage output. STR@18=Ability to use the Uchi to maximize DEX damage output. VIT@21=nothing can 1 shot me. Everything else is just faff for this build.
  2. Discussion on difficulty on this page is well fascinating. These above I think capture the essence of Soulsbourne games and what makes them so good. You have to learn their system. There are variants of it across all 5 games (I'll not mention DS2) and yes, unless you're a ninja, like in real life, who's also super observant and careful when playing video games then, yes, you are gonna get done over. But it never cheats, it never changes things. So, as no-one's that good first time, it's totally trial and error, but it's not random. It's ob
  3. @BitterToad I agree 4-2 is far and away the hardest individual Archstone. I'd definitely recommend @Stevens recommendation to see if a Bow can take a lot of the hassle out of it. Finished this last thursday. Loved it just as much second time round. Spoilering my thoughts below:
  4. That's so interesting. I was shitting myself on my first run of DeS, turtled up to the max. As DaS adapted to more agile combat I found myself going lighter and lighter, tried DeS again and realized that shit won't work in the OG. Then with Bloodborne I got the mental adjustment to not have a shield and the muscle memory of the agility and on my next DaS run I carried that on. Now in this I'm totally lightweight, fast rolling, glass dex cannon. Edit: Clearly read just the reply and not the original post. Yes, I did the same as @Calashnikov though I'm not currently in a
  5. Always found it very interesting how varied the roadblocks in all From games are for different people. I can beat Kalameet and Artorias with little problem. Never beaten Taurus first try on any DaS game I panic, at this point I've built it up too much. I was forced to have almost 60 goes at Amelia. First time on PS3 I struggled terribly with Penetrator, man that run back to him I reckon I did that 30 times. This go, I'd got clocked on 3-1 a couple of times before even making the shortcut through stupid mistakes, so wandered off and did 3-1 and 4-1. Latria, jesus what a terrifically
  6. Cinematic is more graphics and 30FPS, performance is slightly less graphics and 60FPS I think. Eurogamer highlighted tessellation as the one biggest diff. But in motion there's not much noticeable between the two, hence most folk preferring performance.
  7. Totally agree, it’s genuinely ludicrous. Random and obtuse for the sake of it. Brilliant.
  8. Have a look about up the stairs right to the top of the Nexus. There’s more bald kids than you would ever expect to see in one place at the same time. Proper coincidence. One of them looks a bit diff from the crowd.
  9. Not the stairs with the stones that warp you to the other areas, the other stairs
  10. And don’t forget you can always go human and get a helpful phantom into your game. Spot of farming and buy a Stone of Ephemeral Eyes. Even if you don’t clock the whole area then you may well observe many useful tips from the phantom on how better to play.
  11. If you can beat the Tower Knight then you can beat the game. Without knowing what the hell you're specifically up to I'd suggest using a shield in general as otherwise you're extreme glass cannoning, and trying out some different weapons on different areas.
  12. I tried it for literally 6 seconds in the Nexus and then switched back.
  13. 1-1, 1-2, 2-1, 4-1 done and dusted. Got my favourite weapon in all From games, the DeS Uchi. I'd forgotten how much more swish and brutal it is than the slowarse clunky DaS version. The ching from clashing weapons from the DS5 speaker is so sweet and the little flourish with the backstab animation is not getting old in the slightest, no mater how many times I see it, piercing R2 attach, great reach. What more could one want. The only think I'm slightly miffed about is the weather on 1-4. In the original it was a fucking gale force 10 storm going on whereas now it's a slightly moody
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