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  1. Pressed download on hitman and there are now 15 things in my download queue. Wtf
  2. p1nseeker

    PS5 Pro

    I don't think i have a room large enough to accommodate the size of tv required to make 8k noticeably better so i'll pass (in 3 years time)
  3. Ah nice, good opportunity to fall out with my missus again but at a higher framerate
  4. Haven't we had Hitman already? Have Overcooked already on PS4, is this version different in anyway?
  5. Ok thanks. Was hoping for an over the top, daft version of GTA online
  6. Any idea if this will have multiplayer at all? Could be great
  7. Will be buying after payday. Up for grouping on on PS
  8. I wish! Had to come into the office today. I'll be available later tonight. Just seen that it has to be 3 wins, 4 days in a row! I'm not gonna be able to be online 4 days in a row this week. Damn it! Happy to help others though
  9. Anyone on playstation fancy meeting up this week for mutual sprint race victory assistance? Really want the Futo GTX prize car
  10. Any word on a playstation release?
  11. I love Northern Monk, I live in Leeds though have been to the brewery tap here a few times Definitely going to be checking out Cloudwater's tap room.
  12. Gonna be in Manchester in a couple of weeks. Any recommendations for bars / pubs to get great beer?
  13. I fucking forgot about the pre-orders! Oh well.
  14. Soon as I saw touring cars i was interested.
  15. I'm sure I saw your daily driver game in the last update vid so surely they like the look of it. It's honestly one of the games that caught my eye. I adore Absolute Drift and it reminded me of that.
  16. 40 gigs though. Why move games saves to console storage?
  17. The memory usage on this thing is shite. I run all PS4 games off an external but it seemingly stores all their save data on PS5 console storage? That can be the only explanation why I have a saved data file clocking in at 4.35GB listed under console storage. And "other" is at 40.75GB(!)
  18. I think that's where I am with this. I'm in if I can get on release day
  19. If you have your prime gaming linked to your GTA one of the new auto shops is free. Also don't enter a street race with your car's stance set to lowered. It handles like it's on ice and you can't change it mid race
  20. Still available to click and collect. Is the saga over?
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