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  1. Isn't dave7g saying that the ps5 saves aren't compatible with the PS4 versions of the games?
  2. If you've not played Mass Effect you've just been gifted an amazing Christmas game to get stuck into. Amazed they didn't didn't shaft us with Andromeda
  3. You need to complete all 39 menus for that to appear I think. I'm really enjoying the game tbh. Maybe cos I'm playing with a wheel now but all the races have been great fun, and I loved the license tests (wish there was more!). Went online multiplayer and I got slaughtered. I'm clearly not good enough to take on actual humans but I'm enjoying the single player enough to be having fun still.
  4. I need to finally get this now I have a steering wheel finally. Do we reckon it's likely to be in a black friday or xmas sale? Surely it will be right?
  5. I tried getting a ticket but was 700,000th in the queue or summat. Would have been an amazing weekend. Despite my hawks losing.
  6. Oh man please don't draw after all this
  7. Bills Vikings. Wow, what a game
  8. I'm just popping in here to register my disgust at the thread title.
  9. Is this any good? https://amzn.eu/d/gI7RILC It says PC but surely there's nothing stopping it working with my PS5?
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