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  1. So I set my ps5 to download patches but not install them automatically. Hopefully I've avoided this mess cos I've paused on a decent run.
  2. I did have headphones plugged into my controller yeah. Might try swapping pads if it happens again
  3. I had that audio glitch, then i lost all sound. During biome 3's boss. It's not like you can reload the game to try sort it as that's your run over. "luckily" i died soon after anyway!
  4. Also it seems to default the opponent AI to embarrassingly easy so i'd knock that up a notch or two as well.
  5. I'd replay the first biome but i don't think it's worth the risk of fighting the boss again personally.
  6. It's incredibly addictive. It's living rent free in my head even when i'm not playing it.
  7. I had a couple of runs without much success. Seemed to have terrible weapon drops. Those teleporting guys that are like mini Phrikes can do one.
  8. Boss 4 is downed. Carbine with leech made light work of the bugger
  9. Was this rushed out or something? Seems one hell of an oversight
  10. "a shame" is a slight understatement here. It's proper shit.
  11. Wait so all my unlocked cars etc will be locked on ps5? Tell me my season passes will work?
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