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  1. Another mechanic I didn't know haha. Thanks for your tips guys, i'll persevere.
  2. I didn't know that thanks. I'm enjoying traversing the landscapes but going into areas where I have to creep around avoiding invisible enemies I'm finding tedious. Do you ever get a gun to shoot those blokes trying to nick your stuff? Maybe this game isn't for me. I really enjoyed MGSV so I was really looking forward to this.
  3. Got this in the sale. Finding timefall to be a frustrating pain in the arse. I just wanna go around delivering stuff. If I put it on very easy does it get rid of timefall every few yards?
  4. Has anyone mentioned you can switch between Japanese and English audio in the menus on Netflix? I didn't realize till this evening
  5. What a fucking nightmare the updates are in this game. 2nd night in a row I can't play cos of updates. 200mb internet and it's still a joke
  6. Incorrect, they are delicious. Love em.
  7. This is fucking painful. Made sure it was all updated. Had my tea, came back to it and there's now another fucking update. Game was 140+ gigs as it is! Copying at a snails pace. Something needs to be done about this. Like only update once a week at a specific time if it's gonna be like this.
  8. I have the wired one (think the unlimited is wireless?) offset sticks sold me on it and it's great.
  9. This is a remake I’m guessing?
  10. That joke was poor John.
  11. This has to be the worst month ever. I mean I actually find it insulting
  12. Wow! That OBJ move is amazing and if they do get Earl Thomas too! Le'Veon Bell to jets. What a night
  13. Why do i have to have ghosts on it’s very distracting. I’ve turned to opacity to zero but I still get the cringe posing etc before and after every track.
  14. To what? Unless someone has already done it?
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