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  1. This has to be the worst month ever. I mean I actually find it insulting
  2. p1nseeker

    NFL and NCAA Football 2018

    Wow! That OBJ move is amazing and if they do get Earl Thomas too! Le'Veon Bell to jets. What a night
  3. p1nseeker

    Trials Rising

    Why do i have to have ghosts on it’s very distracting. I’ve turned to opacity to zero but I still get the cringe posing etc before and after every track.
  4. p1nseeker

    Far Cry New Dawn

    To what? Unless someone has already done it?
  5. p1nseeker

    Gran Turismo Sport - Mondays 8PM UK forum races!

    I'm away working in Bristol for the next 3 weeks so I won't be able to join in until I'm back I'm afraid.
  6. p1nseeker

    Project Cars 3. You need to read this.

    Is this gonna handle like shit on a pad like the last 2?
  7. p1nseeker

    NFL and NCAA Football 2018

    Cross post from my ATF thread: Anyone know of anywhere in Bristol that shows the NFL? I’m there with work through most of January and I’d like to see some of the playoffs if I can.
  8. p1nseeker

    Gran Turismo Sport - Mondays 8PM UK forum races!

    I’m off for “a quick pint” after work (tis the season!) so I dunno if I’ll be on. I’ll second the thanks to @McSpeed for his efforts and enthusiasm in keeping this league going, it’s been great fun binning it lap one then bringing up the rear of the pack lol.
  9. p1nseeker

    Far Cry New Dawn

    That looks awful
  10. p1nseeker

    Far Cry New Dawn

    Although I did enjoy the last one I gotta admit the formula is getting a little stale. Could this change it up a bit? and did I see some crafting?!
  11. p1nseeker

    Gran Turismo Sport - Mondays 8PM UK forum races!

    I’m having loads of issues with our internet connection for some reason. I’ll try my best to get on but it’s not looking good
  12. p1nseeker

    Red Dead Redemption 2 Online Thread

    I was and they did. Just getting around anywhere ended in a tedious war of attrition.
  13. p1nseeker

    Red Dead Redemption 2 Online Thread

    Tried this last night and found it very very dull. Spend 80% of my time riding my horse to far away objectives to complete a mission to be rewarded with 40p. Looked how much a rifle was and it was £250. Getting shot by random arseholes was the other 20% I can't see how this could ever be as good as GTA online, blasting in your car with the radio on or traversing the map in a helicopter to a mission is fun in itself. Endlessly hammering X doesn't quite live up to it.
  14. I really don't like how dark it is in the bunker under nuke town island, can't see anything down there, though I guess that's the look they were going for. I've stopped dropping in there now.
  15. p1nseeker

    PS+ December: Soma, Onrush, Iconoclasts

    Fuck yeah papers please. I was waiting for ages for that to come out. I was sure it got canned. Must have missed it’s release, a fortuitous oversight.

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