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  1. I have the wired one (think the unlimited is wireless?) offset sticks sold me on it and it's great.
  2. This is a remake I’m guessing?
  3. That joke was poor John.
  4. This has to be the worst month ever. I mean I actually find it insulting
  5. Wow! That OBJ move is amazing and if they do get Earl Thomas too! Le'Veon Bell to jets. What a night
  6. Why do i have to have ghosts on it’s very distracting. I’ve turned to opacity to zero but I still get the cringe posing etc before and after every track.
  7. To what? Unless someone has already done it?
  8. I'm away working in Bristol for the next 3 weeks so I won't be able to join in until I'm back I'm afraid.
  9. Is this gonna handle like shit on a pad like the last 2?
  10. Cross post from my ATF thread: Anyone know of anywhere in Bristol that shows the NFL? I’m there with work through most of January and I’d like to see some of the playoffs if I can.
  11. I’m off for “a quick pint” after work (tis the season!) so I dunno if I’ll be on. I’ll second the thanks to @McSpeed for his efforts and enthusiasm in keeping this league going, it’s been great fun binning it lap one then bringing up the rear of the pack lol.
  12. Although I did enjoy the last one I gotta admit the formula is getting a little stale. Could this change it up a bit? and did I see some crafting?!
  13. I’m having loads of issues with our internet connection for some reason. I’ll try my best to get on but it’s not looking good
  14. I was and they did. Just getting around anywhere ended in a tedious war of attrition.
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