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  1. 37 minutes ago, JoeK said:



    Anyone have one of these? They look pretty swish.

    I have the one before it, Pro 2 bought as a spare.  I cant get on with it when playing basic shooters like fortnite on PC.  The triggers are so spongy / the travel distance is so far that it feels like your reactions are in treacle.  They have maybe changed it or if you dont play shooters you'll be ok.  

  2. On 10/11/2022 at 16:35, Minion said:

    Well here I am in Dublin going to see them once again. After London I wanted to experience them one last time as I have doubts they’ll tour like this again. Can’t wait!!

    How did you get on, i was at the friday gig.  Fantasic.  last seen them in 1994 in Belfast so quite a gap.  I thought the setlist was fantastic, the band sounded amazing and seemed really happy to be playing. Song after song, barely a gap and even a most pit at times. 

  3. 1 hour ago, thesnwmn said:


    As i was saying in another thread... What's the real audience for the stick?


    If you own an Xbox do you need one? If you don't do you want a dedicated stick if you could buy a Series S for probably not that much more.


    Maybe it works if the stick also has all the other media apps on it. But can they get that? Else it's just a streaming thing and has to be super super cheap.


    We have 2 xboxs in the house, me and the 2 kids.  I would have got a streaming stick for the bedroom purely to muck about. We sometimes move the old xbox upstairs if one kid has his mates round and they make the younger kid 'go away' :) or when someone is sick.  


    Realistically i know it'll barely be used as it's only a 32" TV and i can't see any detail from the bed.  (no plans to upgrade to fit the 'astetic' :( )


    But id have bought a streaming stick either new or a few months later 2nd hand just to try.  It's a 2021 Samsung TV and im hoping the app will be supported.  I have a spare controller ready to go.   Cmon, someone is bound to have the 2021 frame in 55/65?

  4. 2021 Samsung TV's getting this rolled out today



    Does anyone have 'the frame' TV in 55"/65"?- i think its code is LS03A?

    I have the 32" in my bedroom but looks like its code is slightly different, QE32LS03TCUXXU

    Just had a look on app store and no xbox. Sad Face - Probably no point in looking again until someone else with the big brother frame can spot it in the store

  5. On 07/10/2022 at 12:30, christaylor said:

    Went to see these (well Evan Dando +2) at Leeds University last night, on the 30th anniversary of Shame about Ray tour. Started off quite low-key with Dando by himself on acoustic, who'd just appeared on stage very casually, checking his guitar setup, I thought he was a roadie at first!


    Just him and his acoustic sounded really good, he's still got such a great voice, very folky and verging into Country territory occasionally, and reminded me of Bob Dylan on a couple of tracks. Sounded great when the band joined him and he switched to electric too.


    About 3/4 of the way through the set though he seemed to get really pissed off with a group near the front, ended up finishing his song and then leaving the stage and not coming back on, so they didn't play Mrs Robinson.


    I've waited 30 years to see them perform that song! :(






    I went to see the gig a few weeks ago in Belfast, they didn't play Mrs Robinson thankfully.  Its cheesy as hell.  The gig was fantastic - the band battered through Ray so quickly, it was pretty punky.  Crowd loved it. 

  6. 1 hour ago, deKay said:


    The big sale mostly finished yesterday! But:


    Pocket Mini Golf

    The Way Remastered 

    Behold the Kickmen

    All the Baobabs Mausoleum games

    Thomas Was Alone


    Thomas was alone I've completed on xbox, loved it!


    I've went for Baobabs Mausoleum Ep.1 and Pocket Mini Golf!  Thanks :)

  7. Hey all, I'm looking for some eshop sale recommendations. (I'm really keen on those £1.79 games!)


    I've started to play an hour in bed lately - quiet games that don't need much interaction. I veer towards arty, unique and short - not really rogue likes.  Annapurana type things. 

    Golf Club Wasteland - Found the soundtrack to this to be so immersive, sucked me in when the odd golf level was driving me mad. Loved it.


    If Found - more of a graphic novel, the artwork was beautiful and compelling.


    Stories Untold - Spooky, nearly wish id waited until Halloween for this, enjoyable.

  8. 6 hours ago, Colonel Panic said:

    I've got a Series S at home with GamePass Ultimate and discovered wandering around my half-populated work building that there's a games rooms with a PS4 slim and Series S (with no accounts set up on it).


    Is it easy for me to add my account to the machine and do a little cloud gaming without making it possible for others to sign into my account later? I' have set up password, MFA and passcode on my XBox account but obviously at home, I just want it to go straight into the dashboard.

    Setup a passcode, i think thats device specific 

  9. I think the Wii U version supports split screen.  It should also come with some Mario content.

    Create new World, set it to creative and just start mucking about building houses and digging holes.  In creative you have access to everything so just move items to the hotbar, cycle between them and build.  You can fly etc when double tap jump.


    Survival worlds you start with nothing and have to survive the night, will be fun once you both get to grips in a year :)

    Go into the marketplace, maps and sort by free, loads of pre built worlds you can explore.  Same with skins.

  10. I like the sound of it, if it has a decent screen i can see it being handy for 'watching TV' with the missus about on the couch or late night gaming.  Should be quiet and light?  If it didnt have a fan that would be class.


    Has anyone actually got the Samsung app? I have a 2021 Samsung sadly. 

  11. 4 of us played it co-op shortly after release and we really enjoyed the weekly meet up.  Eventually getting to El Sueneo after months of play was fantastic and a real event.

    So many laughs and xbox captures taken to capture the various moments (who shot first, who triggered the explosives, who crashed the choppers etc)

    Breakpoint was pure shit sadly and we hated it.

  12. 44 minutes ago, cassidy said:

    Very odd behaviour from my Series X this morning. It's very well ventilated as in it's sat on my hearth next to the TV. 


    But it started making a popping noise internally. Like popcorn being made. 


    Switched it off and back on happened again. Turned it off the spotted a dead woodlouse on the top? Could that have got inside and caused that? 

    Did you not see my video on the previous page! 

  13. Dust in your Xbox? Try this winged beast!   It has been flying around, I opened the windows and ignored it. Was on a call with work and heard this rattling, thought maybe it was a bit of plastic. Pulled the plug and went back to it after the call and boom! 


  14. 13 minutes ago, scottcr said:

    Is there a quick way to Foreskin Duo from the grace. Having to jump and fight all those knights is just a pain in the arse.

    From memory there is an alternative grace point somewhere round the other side, no idea how to get there anymore tho, I probably followed a guide

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