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  1. mate you having Christmas dinner? Why have you started plate on top of main and the best silver out?
  2. I went for a series X, my gaming friends all still play there, we play every Monday night without fail. We openly chatted about considering moving to PS5 but the impetus wasn't there, we have the digital library of multiplayer games we move between as well as our own personal purchases. We all have gamepass and also gameshare so moving away from that would be a challenge. My family have all been avid gamers since the coleco vision and atari 2600 then sega and nintendo kids. I still fondly remember buying the PS1 as a family present for all my brothers that first Christmas. I do not fondly
  3. Added - sorry I haven't created a poll before, pressure got to me!
  4. Which Next Gen system did you buy in the last 2 weeks? As xbox no longer release hardware sales I thought it would be interesting to see if they have caught up a little this gen on the forum at least. Sony have sold 111 million PS4 compared to xbox's 47 - well over 2/1. PS3 and 360 much more neck and neck with 77/76 million sold.
  5. Nice, I really enjoyed metro so would pick up some of the DLC to try on the series X
  6. Happens on my one x as well as the series x. Don’t see why it has to do it so often, can’t it just check for updates at 3am or some random time, not so often.
  7. Your points are fair, being tech savvy you could register to be an Xbox insider and report issues that way, at least they’d be logged. I did for the controller issue. and keep an eye here I guess this page is the only way they are acknowledging the issues. Probably don’t want to advertise it too much as the press will jump on it https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/xbox/forum/all/known-issues-on-xbox-series-xs/221c9d7f-dc91-4067-ba81-33ab671179b5
  8. I'm not sure if this has been posted, but for people who purchased directly from Microsoft Store you can extended your warranty by another 2 years including accidental damage for £39. I've just done it. Sadly you have to call them, it cant be done online. You'll need email address and console serial number - mine was updated immediately. https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/xbox-series-x-s-3-year-warranty-at-microsoft-for-ps39-3596892
  9. https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/xbox/forum/all/known-issues-on-xbox-series-xs/221c9d7f-dc91-4067-ba81-33ab671179b5 Useful list of the issues that are being tracked - the controller audio issue and quick resume on there amongst others.
  10. I had intended to put the X behind the TV but quite like it there. Plus my wife did the comedy “oh where is it?, did it not come?” routine which made me laugh. She’s nonplussed by it being there and it’s handy to lift and bring into the other room to play on the other TV occasionally.
  11. My Pleasure @Onze @cowfields I just played valhalla, then bought the app and configured and went back into it and it sounded really nice. I then launched a few demos on the dolby atmos app and they all sounded fantastic so happy enough for a tenner.
  12. They are affected by the audio breaking up with the new controller like lots of headsets at the moment. if you are idle on the controller, after 20-30s the audio crackles until you move the controller. Previous controllers are not affected, hoping a fix will be released. I love how they are not connected to the controller, they appear as their own device. I'm not an audiophile but they sound great. Fairly popular mid range headset, most of my monday crew have it.
  13. Atmos £9.96 / DTS £8.37 I think i'll get the Atmos as a check on Turtle Beach website says the 600 support Atmos so going for it.
  14. I see that Dolby Atmos and also the other DTS app are on sale today. I was thinking of picking one up for a nosy. I used the atmos trial app a few years ago and was impressed. I have Turtle Beach Stealth 600 which says its compatible with Atmos - just wanted to make sure that the DTS app isnt 'better'? I do play at night with headphones, Valhalla at the moment. Just go for Atmos?
  15. Welcome to the club, get the downloads in early before the yanks!
  16. Tried to play this tonight with friends in a convoy for the first time. Got everyone in but no matter what race event the host chose, it would just timeout on ‘allocating server’ - happened all night. Thankfully we just set waypoints and raced, was a great laugh. is that a common problem? the only thing I can think of is the host and one other player hadn’t fully played through the opening seasons. If I tried to host a convoy they’d get an error about completing something.. can’t recall what. So im Hoping it’ll work when they get the opening section out of the way?
  17. nope, it looks lovely on both. I started on the 1X for an hour or 2. Would have been happy enough. But the SX feels nippier and nicer not that I could really tell you why!
  18. Holy shit just thought I’d try testing quick resume, loaded it for first time tonight on the X, I’ve played a little on 1X. Eyeballs nearly melted at the speed, did the taxi race against the jet and was just grinning. Looking forward to more of this.
  19. They haven't even mentioned it on the Series X yet as far as I know. Its not in the windows version by default yet and not a mention of it at this years minecon. Bit disappointing for my kid - we've watched the videos on youtube and I think he may have got ahead of himself in the playground boasting about the S X this week!
  20. All i wish for is a way to disable completed events on the map, that would make it a bit nicer. Thanks for the post @Pob a good read. I just use it as a chillout game really, haven't yet played on my series X, its downloading now!
  21. I salute you! Fucking dead right to take it into your own hands.
  22. Mine has arrived in NI from UPS! Do puppy Doggo is in the vet with explosive poo and vomit been up since 6am cleaning. So have a pic of him instead with my son. Vet just called saying he’s recovering well and pickup at 5pm so it’s gonna be a good 2nd half of the day!
  23. My mates one arrived from Argos / DPD as soon as I turned on my one X to get a look at Valhalla. Now he’s away skipping back to his car while I give up on UPS for the day.
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