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  1. Cleared the first 2 areas last night and even my wife was laughing at some of my dickhead activities! Can’t wait to go back for more.
  2. fattakin

    Gears 5

    Im really enjoying it. into Act 2 now and enjoyed the first one, the scene: Looking forward to more - the combat is meaty and enjoyable. I don't mind too much the static environments.
  3. I dont mind the xbox dash, but fuck me for the love of god could they not just make the 2nd tab 'Games' and then load the games you own? They can create a gamepass tab and mixer bullshit tab, but to get to my games, i still have to press X, My games and apps or use bullshit pins . Put it on the fucking front screen. Sorry rant over.
  4. fattakin

    The Punk Thread

    Thinking of going to see them tomorrow night, they play Belfast. They seem like I’d be a fun show
  5. Was easy enough as you said @Darhkwing, kids happy as they can play the same game. I had bought them all Minecraft digitally so that was £80. I dont feel too guilty as the 3ds is pretty much end of life now anyway, are we likely to see any new games on it?
  6. I think my mates managed 8 player with 2x PS2's, 2 TV's and 2 multitaps? some craic!
  7. fattakin


    Finished it last night and enjoyed it a lot. A gentle game in a well realised location, you could relax into it and let the story unfold. One for a wet sunday in the winter, the yellow and orange hues will warm your room! It ran really well until the last hour on the xbox x where it started to stutter a bit.
  8. fattakin

    Silver Jews

    Can’t believe the news today, so sad. I’ve really enjoyed the new record and was happy to see DB back on the scene will be playing these all weekend now
  9. Yeah was reading that. seems long winded but i'll give it a spin thanks!
  10. Any tips? I was looking at a reddit thread and its really long winded! Im after a way to play 3ds roms.
  11. fattakin

    Xbox Game Pass

    Is speed runners on there? Can’t remember if I got it on game pass or games with gold but we’ve had great fun playing that, gets quite competitive! I think overcooked is on there was well? browse the family section, loads of 4 player stuff I downloaded a load the other day in advance of a family session myself
  12. Actually that's close to where i stopped playing, just after the witches. Cant remember my reason, I think a new game came out. I have been toying with trying again so keen to see what people say to you.
  13. I hope they fix issues with enemy spawning mysteriously behind you. We were playing the Wildlands DLC 'fallen ghosts' yesterday, having a great time. I dont mind unidad calling in re-reinforcements but when you've cleared an area, have you back to a large wall, spin around and 4 identical guys have spawned on top of each other it sucks the fun out of a bit. Seen this happen at least 5 times during the 8 hours of the DLC.
  14. I’m slightly concerned at these ‘perimeter security’ devices at building sites in the city centre, why do they make me think of half life 2’s sentry guns . do I need to bring my crowbar to work?
  15. It’s certainly a win for 3rd party / small publishers. They can probably release online / cloud games for both platforms with a tick box for each console, surely that’s good news for them to keep prices down.
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