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  1. We've had some great late evenings playing this. I had dismissed this after the trailers and middling reviews, coming to it now when its been updated and it plays really well. Effortless co-op, spooky atmosphere and mental fights with big bastard robots.
  2. I’ve opted for a 2nd account on Kid B’s switch also, allowed him to connect to the Xbox/epic account ok and can see his battle pass etc. Couldn’t see an easy way to clear any cache on the switch to get it to re-run that setup screen, even after a full delete/download. No biggy it’s a simple solution that will do well.
  3. Connect button fails with the error above when you login with switch account, it tries to create an epic account, asking for user/name etc. I've just removed connected accounts from kid a's nintendo account created a new family member on switch launched fortnite connected account to his epic account went to browser and activated working! going to try kid b's but just delete any save info on the switch and see if i can use his proper nintendo account.
  4. Account originally created on xbox, then login on laptop to epic games using xbox credentials. Rest of account completed at that stage and I see the xbox connection Ok. Both xbox and epic games account shows same epic ID. the switch has a different ID. I wonder did they create some basic epic account when they played rocket leagues after christmas?
  5. yes, 2 separate Microsoft and Nintendo accounts. when i click on Connect on the page youve show me, it goes thru the whole progess until the end where it spits out the already associated error
  6. Need a bit of help sadly. Decided it was time to let the kids start playing fortnite as they've been well behaved in lockdown and some of their mates play it We setup on the xbox first, went online to epic and created the epic account and its 'connected' ok to xbox, then the bought the battle pass each. All good. Then downloaded it on the switch and I guess we didn't fully connect the accounts properly, we thought we did. So i guess they've had an headless epic account created based on their nintendo details. Kid A - we've went to epic website and tried t
  7. Moving out has a few handy assist options that make it much more enjoyable to play than overcooked. My family of 4 have finished it now, including my wife who only plays occasionally. We love it and will be buying the DLC. it only got really hard towards the end and even then we managed it usually first or second try.
  8. @Mr. Gerbik @metallicfrodo So yes indeed it does work. disable auto sign in for my account on the Series X enable auto sign in for my account on the one S controller link both the kids controllers to their profile on each console they can both play any purchased games online then, as long as fattakin stays signed in on the one S. It even let them play star wars battlefront 2, on the X via gameshare my mate bought originally and on the S via gamepass. Generally im not playing anything at the time so this will work great, its the afterschool slot. Should be even better once the
  9. No, minecraft is unique and purchases are tied to the account. So any purchases she makes will be playable on iOS / switch / windows etc (tho you’ll have to repurchase the game!) She will be able to play all your Xbox games on the Xbox and have her own saves etc / go online and join parties etc as long as your account is in the background. Tie her account to her controller to auto sign in etc.
  10. Worth considering the initial pain of setting up a child microsoft account now as it makes some things easy - screen time, purchases, profile on the computer as he gets older.
  11. That’s kind of what I thought but thanks for that. I see on Twitter earlier that alpha ring testers are getting a build with FTP enabled so I guess I’ll maybe just buy a 3 month XBL code command should be fine till that lands. It would only be used for minecraft, fortnite and roblox and the main Xbox for everything else.
  12. Question. My mate and I gameshare so have the standard setup, his xbox series x is my home and my xbox series x is his home. No issues works well. We both also have our own separate Gamepass Ultimate separate subs stacked for 3 years. My Bro in Law has an unused One S that I was considering borrowing and hooking up to a monitor so my kids can play minecraft / roblox etc in the same room at the same time. If i login with my account and just leave it there, will their accounts be able to play online the way they can on the main series X? I don't really want to go down the route of
  13. Typical Microsoft? Try your own version (mixer) give up then buy something. I’d rather they spent 10 billion on a few more studios if I’m honest.
  14. iPhone app updated this morning and achievements are back!
  15. Also noticed the same screen tear at 4k but its very brief. if it bugs me i'll drop to 1080p. What the purpose of the tournament? I have mostly been playing online with mates and a little single player. It gets a monthly update? Its just to keep you playing after you've completed the career?
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