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  1. fattakin


    Ah yes forgot about that, yes Dialog overlaps, more and more as i tried to speed through it. the slow painful moving between environments was the most annoying.
  2. fattakin


    Finished it last night, slightly disappointing overall. The writing veered from intelligent to juvenile, there is little to no gameplay and the minigames launch you into them with no real practice. A lot of talking and I liked the general story but the game just clunked along and dragged. The drinking was fun. I loved oxenfree so would still try their next game.
  3. Don’t we all!
  4. So im not sure if i missed this in the opening few hours, but i didn't realise you need to goto a phone box to save you game? Fuck sake, played right up to the end of the opening section, when i finished i couldnt see anywhere to save game so assumed it was auto save. Went back last night and no save game. Raging! lost 2 hours and now not sure if i'll bother playing it again!
  5. That was a nice video, he seems to love making these games. I started 0 on the X last night, the intro videos were blocky as hell and looked poor but once the in game started, it’s lovely and crisp and looks nice. I’m digging it! Played about 90 mins and didn’t want to stop!
  6. Im assuming you got him eventually, but i hope my video of killing him helps! https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/fattakin/video/88805906 I play with @papalazarou and dont have much more to add. Just disappointing really, we put 35 hours into it and im sure 5-10 of those were spent just ferrying ourselves between erwon and a mission. All ground vehicles are useless due to the terrain being a pain in the ass. the map is so empty - yes the story shows people being rounded up at the start but there inst a single person walking about apart from enemies. couldn't give a fuck about the immersive mode, it was suppose to ship as an immersive game, its just a grind.
  7. fattakin

    Xbox Game Pass

    im about 2/3rds in and feeling deflated about it. There is zero game or puzzles which I enjoyed in oxenfree. I do like the dialog and characters but I just feel like it would have been a better movie, clerks style full of dialog and funny lines. Which I could watch while getting in with some actual gaming.
  8. The Cyberpunk delay is excellent news as I’ll save playing it until the series X lands. We have a launch game!
  9. fattakin

    Xbox Game Pass

    Ha i didn't see the wink, its only displaying in the quote for some reason
  10. fattakin

    Xbox Game Pass

    Have they? I think their relationship isnt what it once was so id be surprised? but happy
  11. fattakin

    Xbox Game Pass

    login to microsoft.com \ my microsoft account under your signin picture\ devices and delete it if its still there? Note if gamesharing you'll see your mates xbox, dont delete it
  12. boo just tried it, says it’s expired even though small print says 3rd jan!
  13. I wish it didnt even have a drive, i own 1 xbox one disk and 1 blu ray.
  14. fattakin

    Xbox Game Pass

    He can still browse the games from the gamepass tab in the dash but just has to jump out to the store once hes picked one he wants to install. Only a minor annoyance.
  15. fattakin

    Xbox Game Pass

    Hi, you can share gamepass fine, its just a bit fiddly. He just has goto the store on teh console and search the game he wants to play (thats on gamepass obv) and then install from there, you'll see a prompt to buy or install. to explain: My friend and I do family sharing. My xbox is set as his home console and his xbox is set as mine, so when we make a purchase, we both can play & install it. He upgraded his xbox live to gamepass ultimate. So he can use the app on his phone /dash to install, but I cannot. I have to goto the store, search for it and install from there.
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