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  1. fattakin

    Xbox One Console Thread

    Using the ethernet cable that came with the xbox ? i get my full 200mb connection when downloading..e
  2. fattakin

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    I'm pretty much ignoring everything and just playing the story missions (due to gaming time also) Is that ok? Just finished chapter 2 and enjoyed the last few missions.
  3. fattakin

    Lego Dimensions - RIP

    I live the idea of if but I really hate the game design, I can’t worknout how to restart the story we were in, how to find the levels we’ve unlocked and also the free roam areas. It’s a mess, just give me a select menu! Granted it’s usually 8am on a Sunday morning and I’m grumpy having to be up with 2 kids. Not that either marvel Lego game is much better that can be a total arse to sort out for my kids.
  4. fattakin

    Battlefield V - November 20th

    you goto http://cdkeys.com/fb and stick in an email address and it gives you a limited time code. So best to have item in your cdkeys basket and ready to go.
  5. fattakin

    Battlefield V - November 20th

    Thanks, £46.55 with the facebook 5%
  6. I hope it does well, have had many hours squad fun on Xbox. It may indeed have missed the boat due to fortnite and black ops streamlining it. But there’s still something ‘wasteland’ about it in those early games where you haven’t a clue what to do, backs to the blue.
  7. fattakin

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    Um, did I miss this bit in a classic game?
  8. fattakin

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    My wife reminded me today that shes going for a girls night tomorrow and staying over. I didnt even really like the last game but thats to gameshare with my mate Im looking forward to a few hours tomorrow night.
  9. fattakin

    Return of the Obra Dinn

    Console eventually? I could probably play on my laptop but cant be arsed.
  10. Figured that due to the BBC involvement.
  11. Can’t find a showing near me, is this likely to be on TV in November as part of the anniversary?
  12. fattakin

    Xbox One Console Thread

    Do you think we’ll see Dolby vision in games? My TV supports it and the Netflix apps defaults to it but I can’t tell any difference. It’s just nice.
  13. fattakin

    Microsoft’s xCloud Game Streaming Service

    Tell me more..? Link? Id certainly give it a go
  14. fattakin

    Microsoft’s xCloud Game Streaming Service

    I’d be happy if they just enabled remote play! Would love to catch up on slower paced games on my lunch, life is strange etc. If it’s has cloud sync to home console I’d certainly give it a whirl.

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