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  1. Tried both and failed earlier but good to know! It was hectic and a laugh,looking forward to a 4 man squad. It was 2 and 2 bots ( they are generous with health and ammo! )
  2. I’m finding it quite hard, even on novice. For example the broken bridge / ferry bit. Should I be trying to fight the never ending horde or just legging it?
  3. Will it have console cross - play? as on xbox its dead already - ive played at 3 different times today and no more than 7 players, the rest bots. Granted its during the day. Its been nice tho as abut to get to grips with the slower pace.
  4. 4 man squads is annoying, I play in a group of 5 I played 2 full rounds today, the gfx glitches are embarrassing. why use a 6 month old build? should be last weeks FFS. Mostly found I was dying a lot, constantly. I'm pretty rusty at the moment as I've only been playing Fortnite for my shooter fix. Need to regain some speed!
  5. I finished this yesterday and absolutely loved it. The loop doesn't become repetitive as you don't have to repeat tasks you've completed. The game nudges you in the right direction so rarely was it frustrating. The script and story are really engaging and I'm all chuffed that I got the best ending and didn't even have to cheat or use a guide I'm not sure as I choose to accept it and it was my favorite bit in the whole game. I was playing late at night with headphones on and it was proper scary / spooky. I was hooked for sure from that point.
  6. Finished it this morning, my kids watched / played with me from the half way point so had a million questions and were pleased to see how it finished but disappointed we couldn't change clothes for the final encounter, they hadn't approved of my 70's Sun Ra space chic. I did bounce off it initially, having played Psychonauts 2 id had my fill of psychedelia but after a few days break i got into the chill out nature of it.
  7. That's the one time i nearly quit. Then i realized that i wasn't using the psi pops of the other one that gives you full energy. id been ignoring them the hole game. I beat the boss on my 2nd attempt but after that always kept those topped up.
  8. This season is the first time I’ve sat and played Fortnite, bought the battle pass along with my kids as a way to hang out over the summer. I’ve really enjoyed it. I can use my old school FPS skills and enjoy the fire fights a lot. I can’t build for shit so when I come up against a really good vertical builder I usually come off worse. But a handy jar of fireflies helps take em down! I’ve loads of wins in solo, duo, trio and squads so happy with that. I did find the quests addictive, I’m level 190ffs! Tempted not to get next seasons battle pass tho as I’m afraid I’ve nearly burnt myself out. I might just do the kids quests when they are in school. Just helping like!
  9. fattakin


    I think £50 is fair enough for an old band plus the price of touring etc. Anyway got sorted for Dublin! I saw pavement the day before Crooked Rain came out, they played Belfast. It was fantastic, we got to watch the soundcheck and had a chat with a few of the band after as they went to eat and we got stuck into our carryout while hiding from the cops behind a big billboard that used to be beside the venue.
  10. Is there a link to the ABS extension anywhere? seems dead. I wanted to install it on a new laptop / show it to @Gringo
  11. my mate has, not sure what brand but he likes it
  12. Completed it last night and like most people, enjoyed it a lot. The occasional platform frustration is long forgotten, the inventive and visually stunning levels will be remembered. The story was interesting throughout, each original psychonaut got their history fleshed out - Tim did a great job. I did play the original back in the day. I cant see me spending too much time afterwards in the levels, mostly due to time constraints and gamepass games I want to try (Hades is calling). In the olden days I probably would have. A quick mop up of any achievements, an uninstall and a gold star for Double Fine and MS.
  13. actually one handy way round that is if they have their own controllers, set the controller to auto sign in their account - removes the pop up choose account page and takes each kid in!
  14. Sign your account into both, will automatically add any family accounts when you sign into the S. For the least amount of hassle, set the One X as your HOME console. That means they can work away and your account just stays in the background, never needing to be signed in and they can play gamepass games that youve installed. The S will need to be always online for you to play anything sadly. You cant have be logged into both consoles at the same time. Saves will sync, but probably not when using Quick Resume. If you set the S as your HOME then the kids accounts on the one X cant play gamepass and they have to play as you. I think this is right.
  15. I enjoyed the cooking a lot but fuck me that boss did my head in. It just felt like it was going on too long and the constant chase for health that drop off the map did annoy me. Beat him 2nd time round when I was a bit more savvy. Love the game but it has its share of annoying bits!
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