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  1. Behind the TV, I have quite the big gap so plenty of ventilation. Only disk I own is Lego Dimensions so not like I'll be popping stuff in and out that often.
  2. i wonder how that works for people who have the base game and nave unlocked a few operators in-game currency. I guess only way to find out is delete and re-install from gamepass.
  3. I plugged mine in to do some cloud saves a few years back as when I booted up the orange box it had no save. Spent and hour doing it and actually broke the hard drive, as I was hammering through them too fast. so probably worth doing if you’d like peace of mind about saves, if not just enjoy booting up the new console and see what surprises you have!
  4. Ageed, no friends feed so cant easily see mates videos after a good night multiplayer and cant find achievements. Will miss that All over remote play though - I've been waiting years for that even tho the use case is diminished now thanks to lockdown!
  5. Its almost invisible, if you leave it in standby - only the odd game needs you to manually kick off the update.
  6. Ok, i spend about 20000 on buying healing stuff towards the end of A as im getting my arse kicked in these battles but perhaps more chip capacity and pod upgrades will help that, will make a start tonight!
  7. I think I will, played a little of it and was getting hooked back in. Still no idea how to increase my chips and even use them properly but having a great time with it.
  8. My son asked me can he be the first person to power it on. Sure, if it arrived after you get home from school!! To be honest I don't want to put him thru the misery of watching updates, downloads and copying of games to SSD. That's for a parent to take on the chin.
  9. I’ve finished ending A and am trying to decide and push on or move to another game in the pile. Took about 14 hours, is each play thru as long or do they get shorter?
  10. Any chance of the ‘museum’ mode in this? Kids liked it in Origins and are now doing Vikings in school but not really up for letting them play it due to the violence.
  11. There was certainly an app / step in setting my one X up where you could hook one S up via Ethernet and copy games across. ive just copied all I need to a regular external Usb drive so will just swop over.
  12. I’m expecting it to run warm/hot. No big deal to me as I value quiet over heat. I’ll be playing in a 1930s living room with 3 windows in the bay and no insulation so it’ll be welcome in the winter
  13. its a real shame, I couldn't bring myself to delete Battlefield Bad Company 2 videos. Filter by size/4k as i had some from when i got my one x and they are massive.
  14. No but I’d say you’ve set the forum off on a flurry of refreshing their Microsoft email.
  15. has anyone started playing with these? Got teh starter pack for one of my boys and was hoping you could buy a luigi starter pack or standalone but nothing like that released? Even a standalone mario for the 2nd kid without having to buy 2 starter packs.
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