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  1. Its annoying as fuck. I tested the beta on ipad and iphone when i was in London for work in January and it ran really well, Playing Halo while tipsy and full as fuck after a Bodeans! Plus im sick of waiting on local streaming on ipad app, sometimes would like to finish off a session in bed and cant be arse using the laptop.
  2. Fuck you BOB! 2 arcade highscores beat, im coming for you! .. later once my heart rate calms down.
  3. I’m loving it! Some of the platforming has driven me mental but just love the vibe and style.
  4. Just finished it. I actually think i'll take a month off games now as im drained. The relentless violence and tension delivered in such hyper real flashes started to wear me down. I enjoyed it, the combat was nearly always fantastic and the loop that everyone talks about is satisfying. It did seem to lean slightly more towards combat than infected but given the story, that probably makes sense.
  5. I found that almost always after shooting someone, they’d do the ooow move animation then immediately shoot back as if nothing happened, even after 2\3 shots. The whole way through the game.
  6. Agreed, this is the jist of the issue. The name Series X/S is fine but theyve already used the frigging letters in consoles that are already out there. Where is next in 7 years, Xbox Series 2 X
  7. I dont think a cut down console is a good idea when stacked against sonys surprise move of an all digital. Releasing a cut down model just adds flames to the playground arguments and comments in every review that it runs better on PS5/XSX. But then again I can see attraction to parents if it lands sub £300 for Christmas.
  8. Got that on X, loved it!
  9. I did play Shadow back then and enjoyed it but might skip and try guardian Ha yes we sound very similar. To be honest i had originally been planning to play TLOU2 and then give it back but now ive paid for it i might keep it and go through what is a great list of games, even if i dont get to them all before Cyberpunk / next gen I can dip in and out for the next year until ive played em all.
  10. Im 4K TV PS4 Slim 1080p I had just been playing COD Warzone on Xbox One X for 3 hours immediately before so maybe was a bit jarring dropping down.
  11. Yes, when it came out i borrowed same brothers PS3 to play it! I haven't really paid an awful lot of attention to this genre but do see it mentioned a lot so may as well give it a try.
  12. So I've picked up a cheap PS4 slim from my brother to play The Last of US 2. Last Sony console was PS2. I've grabbed Journey / Uncharted collection when free last month. I want to catch up on exclusives then sell before i get the XSX later this year I've planned to play: Journey Everyone Gone To The Rapture (£15 bit expensive) unfinished Swan (is that available?) Uncharted 3 or 4 (can borrow disk from a mate - just want to experience what the fuss is about) God of War (played 5-10 hours when i stayed at said brothers house, can borrow disk) I've only a passing interest in Spidey or Horizon, they look more like the big sony games that ive slightly grown out of? I hate that feeling you get when you realise you are wasting your life that these games sometimes give me.. leaning towards the more interesting exclusives... what else is there.
  13. I'm not surprised at all they dropped mixer. I'm not into streaming or watching so makes no odds to me. I think people are getting bit too worked up over facebook integration, the original article is only talking about xcloud and it seems like an ok move for both parties, gives facebook gaming a massive content boost and a platform for MS to open up to with xcloud and gamepass. I cant see it making a difference on the Fat console experience, they are making all the right noises about that as we've all mostly agreed?
  14. I've picked up a PS4 to play this, started last night. First time playing PlayStation since TLOU1 years ago on PS3. Fuck me pressing X is going to be tricky, so used to A on xbox. Really wish you could turn the film grain off, I think its hurting my head a little. I'm really impressed by the animations, so smooth. Hoping to get a few hours tonight to get into the swing of it.
  15. Agreed. Don’t give 2 toots about mixer or twitch, I just want so kind of VR on my XSX
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